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M-E Girard is a writer who lives outside Toronto in Canada. This is where her time is spent writing Young Adult fiction books but although this is her passion it is not as the only job this talented woman has at night she works as a pediatric care for as well.

Her writing journey started by writing loads of chapter 1’s, story outlines and maps to cities this was her passion but she would never progress further and gave up her writing passion for going to college where she became a pediatric nurse she has stated that it was also something she enjoyed doing.

But in 2009 the writing bug bit just once more and this talented female went to a few writing classes, she admits that the first manuscript she wrote was not good at all or in her words “sucked”. She then went on to write a second manuscript and this gave her literary representation this also helped to get her selected for Lamba Literary Writers retreat for emerging LGBT Voices she was a fellow in 201 and this gave her the opportunity to work with author Malinda lo writer of ash, huntress and more.

She returned in 2015 and this time worked with author Sara Ryan writer of bad houses and also empress of the worlds.

Then her big announcement came in January 2015, she would be releasing her very first debut novel which was named Girl Mans Up this would be published by harperTeen/HarperCollins and HarperCollins Canada in September 2016.

Since her book release, she is going to events to speak and also to facilitate workshops. She is doing book signings and is also on social media’s.

In the book, girl mans up Girard writes about a girl-who is used to people staring at her and trying to figure out what her “deal” is. She is not your typical girl she wears her brother’s clothes and she is comfortable in it but ever since she started doing that she has been treated differently by everyone around her. People just thought of her as a tomboy, she struggles to figure out what people actually think of her. The books tell the story of how pen struggles with the new feelings she faces at the start of junior high and although she is supported by her brother Johnny and also of her long term friend Cody her parent who are Portuguese immigrants are not so supportive.

And with the new school year comes new complications in the form of a crush on a girl named Blake. In the book, she states that she wants to be a boyfriend who is a girl.

Pen has to face whole new sets of issues, ways of life and all the other struggles associated with it when Blake seems to show her interest.

In the book pen is always ready for all the bad to happen, it is different when she and Blake are alone but all that changes when they go into public together. Through these connections, pen builds up her confidence that is required to live the life she wants to live even though it might mean to deteriorate relationships with not only friends but also family members.

This is a great book to explain how some teens might feel in situations like this and great reviews are being written about the book whether it is someone going through a similar problem or just someone who read it and appreciates the perspective.

Girard hopes to show people how teens in these situations feel and also hope that instead of being judgmental they will be helpful towards those teens.
M-E Girard is an excellent writer and has the ability to let you experience a day in the life of her characters or as in this book lets you experience every emotional struggle a character goes through. When asked why she uses sexist expressions like “man up” her reply was that she writes regarding real people as well as real people aren’t always all that cute to take note to or even watch. Lots of people utilize these words without realizing that they are saying it. So she decided to incorporate it into her story. She says she wanted to show awareness when it comes to language and words used by the society which is planted into the character’s recognition. Pen man up and about had nothing to do with her drama like a man. It was more about the decisions she made and had to stand by to be happy this included her clothing and behaviors. Manning up is not a gender thing. She hopes people who read the book will see her attempts to make difficult a number of of the bigot and misogynistic conditions and words. In this book words are experienced on their meaning and also they are getting new meanings aspen will experience throughout her life and through this she will decide what is factual plus what isn’t. Pen’s whole planet is shifting plus element of that shift definitely includes the language used by her and people around her on a daily basis.

M-E Girard is definitely a writer with a bright future in writing and hopefully will publish more books, she has made quite a good name for herself in the previous few years and will still be talked about in years to come with her unique writing style nothing less can be expected from her.

She is on social Medias and also has a website of her own which will have all her tour dates on it and also has a bit about her interest on it. She also has a blog to follow with news about all upcoming events and where her book is being launched next definitely worth checking out.

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