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The Marriage Pact (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Regrets Only (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Baggage Check (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Every Other Saturday (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
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M.J. Pullen sometimes known as M.J. Manda Pullen is a romantic women’s fiction novelist who is best known for the “Marriage Pact” series of novels.

She published “The Marriage Pact” her debut novel in 2011 and has not looked back since. Pullen now has at least half a dozen works of fiction to her name.

As for her roots, M.J. grew up in the Atlanta suburbs in a highly dysfunctional but very loving household. Given the complexity of her family, she often found an escape by writing and reading all manner of terrible stories.
Most of the works she was interested in during that time were self-help books and horse-related fiction.

When she was in her teenage years, she harnessed her angst into bad poetry and caustic humor, since she was an overweight redhead with no discernible athletic talent and bad skin.

When M.J. was older, she went to the University of Georgia, where she studied business and English literature and at some point, took a break to backpack for six months across Europe.
Following her graduation, she met a friend and out of nowhere, the two decided to get married, even though they hardly knew each other.

What she knows is that marriage seemed like a good idea and she had a weakness for mix tapes and no one could make better mix tapes than her new friend.

The two moved to San Francisco, Portland, Oregon, and then Austin. In Austin, Pullen found a job working as a fundraiser for a non-profit, even as she wrote educational materials and freelance articles on the side.
Following her mother’s death, she divorced her husband and moved back to Atlanta to study at Georgia State University, where she specialized in Professional Counseling.
It was while she was living in Georgia that she became a convert to Judaism, met the love of her life, and got remarried.

After working in the corporate space for years, she got out and began to practice psychotherapy, before he quit to spend time raising her children and writing her novels.

Over the several years that she has been writing, M.J. Pullen has become known for creating redeemable, flawed but very relatable true-to-life characters.
She loves to explore all important elements of relationships from battles between mortal enemies to romantic entanglements and everything in between.

She writes and reads across many genres and has often said that she takes something from everything she reads.

But regardless of what she is writing, M.J. that there is nothing more adventurous than love and that there is nothing hopeless about hopeless romantics.
As a relationship junkie, she loves everything about reading and writing love stories, and binge-watching series romances, and romantic comedies.
Even when she used to practice as a mental health therapist, her favorite work often revolved around relationships and couples.

M.J. Pullen’s novel “The Marriage Pact” is the perfect introduction to “The Marriage Pact” series of novels. It is all about a group of thirty-something women who make surprising discoveries about love, friendship, and happily ever after.
Marci Thompson had a dream of what she would have by the time she turned 30. She expected that by that time she would be living in a cozy and large suburban home with two brilliant children and a charming husband.

She also knew that she would have become a celebrated author complete with a summer book tour and mahogany shelves. To add to all that, she would have her family by her side and a life full of adventure.

However, she now finds herself living all alone in a tiny 480-square-foot room that was once a motel space, hundreds of miles from family and friends.

She had taken a temporary accounting job only to find herself working it for nine months out of necessity. The only bright spot in her life is the illicit affair with Doug her married boss.

But then an old friend comes back onto the scene and opens a long-forgotten door. He immediately blurs the lines between wrong and right, happiness and heartache as she has to make one of the most difficult choices in life.
It is a delightful work that will have you crying, laughing and completely falling in love.

“Regrets Only” by M.J. Pullen is the story of Suzanne Hamilton who is a thirty-three-year-old with no regrets.

She has been very successful as an event planner and now lives in a hot Atlanta neighborhood in a very swanky condominium. She also has a long list of men who are clamoring to win her heart and a close group of friends.

At the beginning of the novel, she just got the contract for an event that will take her to the next level. However, everything changes when she has a freak accident her career in tatters and humiliated, she has lost her self-respect and her business too.
Nonetheless, she still has the support of Dylan Burke the sexy country music star who is her newest client. While she knows it is not the best decision, she takes the contract to plan a wedding for one of Dylan’s sisters.

However, she soon realizes that her strange and devastating accident was anything but an accident. She is questioning everything but has a long list of exes whom she suspects of sabotaging her.

Set a few years following the events of the debut, Pullen raises the stakes and delivers an absorbing romance novel.

M.J. Pullen’s “Baggage Check” tells the story of Rebecca Williamson, a thirty-five-year-old who sees happy endings all around.

Marci and Suzanne her friends are having a fairytale lifestyle in Atlanta. However, despite her best efforts, Jake Stilwell her adorable college friend broke her heart and slipped through her fingers.
When her mother calls her from Alabama in a frantic mood, she heads back to the tiny town she had always wanted to leave behind.

She now has to confront the past once again and that includes dealing with Alex Chen, who no longer thinks of her as just the kid sister to his best friend from childhood.
M.J. Pullen once again raises the stakes as she poses the question what if everything we are looking for is sometimes right where we started?

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