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Cassandra's Challenge (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Victoria's Challenge (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jacinda's Challenge (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stephanie's Challenge (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Her Commanders (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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True As Steel (By: Regine Abel) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saving The Cyborg (By: A.M. Griffin) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
His Cold Kiss (By: Michelle Howard) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hijacked (By: Lolita Lopez) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Cold Heart (By: Michelle Howard) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Her Cyborg (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Embrace the Romance(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

M.K. Eidem is a bestselling USA Today paranormal romance author that is best known for the “Tornians” series of novels.

She always loved reading when she was growing up and remembers taking novels from the bookshelves in her sisters’ room. She used to hide these books and would only return them after reading them cover to cover.

As she got older, she always wondered if there was a better ending to the stories she read. She thought about what if a character did not fall in love with a particular character or changed their mindset.

It was from this that she started writing alternative endings to her favorite stories and this is how she fell in love with writing. But it was not until both of her kids were out of the house that she got down to writing her own fiction.

Eidem published “Cassandra’s Challenge,” her debut novel in 2013, and now has more than two dozen works to her name spread across several series, single-standing novels, collections of short stories, and contributions to series by other authors.

As for how she came to be a writer, M.K. Eidem has said that she began her journey with loose leaf paper and a pencil that she had to sharpen every few hours.

As a young teen, she used to pen stories about the lead singer of the pop band she loved listening to who fell in love with her.

She began writing her debut work in 2012 when she watched a TV show and thought I could definitely do a better plot than that. It was from that she started writing her manuscript and she has never stopped since.

M.K has now come to be known for writing very realistic novels with amazing worldbuilding.

She has always been a huge fan of “Star Trek” and loved Captain Kirk hence it was not so surprising that when she started writing she would lean towards fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance.

M.K. loves to write her works in these genres since they are only limited by one’s imagination. Since she is a lover of the “History Channel” she hopes to one day venture into the writing of historical fiction.

M.K. Eidem’s novel “Grim,” introduces the most feared and strongest warrior in Grim Vasteri of the Tornian Empire. He is the blood brother of the Emperor and also the King of Luda.

However, his name will die with him if no woman joins him since he has been deemed unfit since he got scarred. The Empire has been on a slow but steady decline since a strange infection resulted in a significant decrease in female births.

Since that time, Tornians have been forced to find compatible females from other universes. When the Emperor found a slave that was compatible, everything changed.

He instructed Grim to bring her to him as she was the key to producing more compatible females.

On her part, Lisa Miller is a widowed mother who is responsible for Miki and Carly her two daughters. She had lost her husband twelve months earlier to cancer and she could not miss him more.

Her friends have been asking her to get back in the dating pool but she does not think she could ever love a man as she did Mark.

When she is found at Mark’s grave unprotected, she is kidnapped and bundled on an alien ship to be sent to an alien world. Her captor tells her he will protect and accept her children, if she agrees to join with him.

“Wray,” by M.K. Eidem introduces the emperor of the Tornian Empire Wray Vasteri. His house has been ruling the empire for centuries since the great infection but he now fears he may be the last king ever.

The number of compatible females has been fast dwindling and if they cannot find compatible females the whole civilization will collapse. For this reason, he agrees to go to Kaliszian space and the Kaliszian Empire to meet Emperor Liron.

It is for this reason that her ship which was leaving Tornian space crossed paths with a Ganglian spaceship and they discovered a small compatible female. The woman in question is Kim Teel who knows all about the hard life.

At nineteen, she realized that she had been sheltered from much of the challenges and vagaries of life and been spoiled that she now expected everything to come very easily.

She was determined to change her ways and went looking for her sister when she was taken by the alien Ganglians.

It is while she is captive that she learns that the Ganglians have been kidnapping females from other universes to repopulate their own.

Once Wray sets his eyes on the small woman who had been abused and beaten by the Ganglians, he is drawn to her helplessness and vows to make her his.

M.K. Eidem’s novel “Ynyr” was born the third among his siblings and even though he was a worthy and fit warrior, he was certain no woman would ever Join with him. Since his mother had refused to leave his manno most people despised his family.
He knew that his eldest brother Ull did not have such huge challenges given that he would one day become a Lord. Even Vali had a good chance of joining with a woman as the second son but neither Zev nor Ynyr had any hope of any success.

The best thing they could hope for was to loyally and honorably serve their house. But everything changed when some new females arrive from Earth.

Abby has had a rough life particularly ever since she lost all her family aged only 16. However, things have been looking up in recent times.

In less than a year, she believes she will achieve her dream of becoming a teacher so that she can make a difference in other people’s lives. Everything changes when she stands in for a friend and takes up a double shift at the library.

Abby and Ynyr team up in some bizarre ways but this is only the beginning of a special relationship.

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