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About M.K. Lobb

M.K. Lobb is a renowned Canadian Young Adult fantasy author whose stories captivate readers. She crafts characters and protagonists that are complex and relatable, allowing her readers to connect with them on a personal level. Her stories are full of excitement and intrigue, carefully crafted to engage readers from start to finish.

Her masterful use of language allows her to create compelling stories with engaging narratives. She has a knack for placing her characters in situations that are both familiar and fantastical, allowing her to explore themes of friendship and love in a compelling way. Her stories often contain elements of the supernatural as well, giving readers a one-of-a-kind experience.

The stories she creates are are beloved by readers of all ages. Her incredible talent for crafting engaging stories, along with her flair for creating memorable characters, make her stories an absolute pleasure to read. Her gift for storytelling is evident in every page, and her books are sure to leave readers wanting more.

She truly stands out as a fantasy author, thanks to her remarkable imagination. Her stories span a wide range of topics, from complex characters to fantastical worlds, allowing her to explore a variety of themes. Her stories also often have a strong message running underneath, as she deftly uses her imagination to impart deeper ideas and insights.

Her ability to make small stories with big ideas is also noteworthy. She often takes a seemingly simple concept and builds on it to craft a fascinating story. Her ability to create stories on a grand scale is also impressive, as she crafts intricate worlds with vivid detail and lifelike characters.

Lobb earned a global reputation as an author due to the way her writing resonated with readers of all ages and from all walks of life. Her stories had a universality that enabled her to be read and appreciated by people from all backgrounds. Her writing style was simple enough to be understood by all and had a warmth that made her books enjoyable to read. Her work was so highly acclaimed that readers from around the world held her in high esteem.

Her stories are beloved by readers of all ages, thanks to her powerful imagination and her gift for creating compelling stories. She is a masterful storyteller and her stories are sure to leave readers wanting more. She is an incredibly talented writer and a true force in the fantasy writing genre.

She is also a master of character development, using her characters to draw readers in and keep them hooked. She creates characters that readers can truly connect with, allowing them to feel like a part of the story. Her protagonists are often complex, multi-faceted individuals, with both strengths and weaknesses. She also excels at crafting antagonists that are worthy of the protagonist’s attention, making the story all the more exciting.

Her stories are full of thrilling suspense and exciting action, and her characters are always at the heart of the story. She also has a talent for making her characters real and believable, allowing readers to truly connect with them. Her characters are full of life and energy, and her stories always remain compelling, even with the most complex of characters.

Ultimately, M.K. Lobb is an incredible storyteller. She has a gift for crafting characters that draw readers in and keep them hooked, creating engaging stories with compelling characters. Her stories are beloved by readers of all ages, and her imaginative approach to storytelling is sure to delight readers for years to come.

Early and Personal Life

M.K. Lobb has been a celebrated Young Adult fantasy writer for many years. She was raised in a tiny town in Ontario and was passionate about reading and writing from a very young age. She was inspired to pursue higher education in political science, based at the University of Western Ontario and then the University of Ottawa.

Nowadays, M.K. Lobb lives near a lake with her partner along with their cats. And, when not deep in her current book or writing her next story, she can often be found considering her next work, or in the gym. Despite her jam-packed schedule, she never loses sight of her love of writing, channeling her own stories and observations into her work.

M.K. Lobb’s writing has been gaining traction in the Young Adult fantasy realm. Her knack for spinning heartfelt and compelling stories has earned her a large readership across Canada and beyond. She is predicted to only gain more recognition in the future as she continues to grow as an author.

Writing Career

M.K. Lobb is a celebrated author who has achieved tremendous success with her two novels. Her first book, ‘Seven Faceless Saints’, made its debut in 2023 and was met with great enthusiasm. A year later, ‘Disciples of Chaos’ was released, also being met with much anticipation. Both books were published through Little, Brown and garnering a lot of critical acclaim.

Represented by Claire Friedman of InkWell Management, M.K. Lobb has made a name for herself in a short period of time. She looks forward to writing many more stories and continuing her success for many years to come.

Seven Faceless Saints

M.K. Lobb, a celebrated author in the Young Adult fantasy genre, released ‘Seven Faceless Saints’ on February 7, 2023 via Writers House, a well-known publishing company. The book was an instant success, and its success was followed by the sequel ‘Disciples of Chaos’, which was fast set to be released in 2024.

Roz and Damian were both victims of the oppressive regime of the city known as Ombrazia, but in different ways. Roz’s father had been killed by the military, while Damian was a captain of the Palazzo security, obliged to be harsh. But they must put aside their differences when a killer begins to wreak havoc, and work together to solve the mystery.

What they discover is an even more powerful, sinister force than they had anticipated, and they must hurry to save Ombrazia from destruction. To do so, they must grapple with their deep-seated emotions and join forces to save their city.

This enthralling novel is sure to keep readers spellbound until the end. The characters are engaging, and the story is gripping, making it a great choice for those who love suspenseful mysteries.

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