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The Light Between Oceans (2012)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

M.L. Stedman is one of the noteworthy authors from England, who is famous as a bestselling author all over the world. Her novel, The Light Beteen Oceans, is very much popular. Its success has helped author Stedman become a popular author. Originally, she hails from Western Australia, but has been living in London for many years. Initially, she began her career by working as a lawyer. In fact, she was involved in this profession for a number of years. It was in the year 1997 that she decided to try her hand at creative writing. She even tried to find a writing tutor in order to test and improve her writing skills. But, author Stedman did not find any success at that time. During the course of the next few years, she kept herself busy with several writing courses. At no time did she think of giving up her desire of becoming a novelist. In the meantime, she was able to get a few of her short stories published in a few anthologies. Then came the time when author Stedman was finally able to complete her first book and get her published. She says that she drew the inspiration for writing her debut book from the landscapes of the native Western Australia. Although, much of the research and writing work for the novel was done by her at the famous British Library. The book’s success knew no bounds when it was released publicly. Very soon, it became the talk of the town and wishes and appreciations from one and all began reaching author Stedman. The United Kingdom publisher of the novel saw off bids from a total of 9 different companies to secure the publication rights of the Commonwealth in the run up to the Frankfurt Book Fair, which is believed to be the largest trade event of the book world.

In the book, author Stedman has described the main characters as Tom and Isabel. Tom is introduced as a survivor of the trenches of the Ist World War. He enjoys his post war life by working as a lighthouse keeper. He goes on a journey to the mainland and meets a woman named Isabel, who becomes his wife. On one fine day, the couple comes across the dead body of a man on the seashore. Beside the body lies a small baby, who appears to be alive. Both Isabel and Tom knew how desperate they were to start their own family and arrival of the baby was like a gift from God who seemed to have listened to their sincere prayers. Subsequently, the couple decides to take the baby as their own child and begin their life as a complete family. After the success of the interesting depicted in the book by author Stedman, she went on to give a few interviews in which she has talked about her experiences while visiting the lighthouses while doing the research work for the novel. She has also spoken why she has set most parts of the book in a limited space, and also the dangers related to being protective towards the characters that are very close to her heart. As a part of her planned research work, author Stedman visited the Cape Naturaliste and the Leeuwin Lighthouses. She even spent some time in the National Archives of Australia in order to have a look at the older correspondence and log books of the lighthouse keepers.

Stedman also went to the Trinity House located in London, which looks after all the lighthouses in the UK. Also, most of research was spent at the British Library. Author Stedman says that she wrote some part of the book at the library, some of it on her sofa, and a major part in the little cottages where she stayed at the time of her research works. The overall research related to the book was very much captivating for author Stedman. She also says that she is extremely satisfied with her work and considers herself lucky to have got the chance to work on such an interesting idea. In the book, author Stedman has described Tom as a lighthouse keeper on Janus Rock. According to her, it was not a very difficult job for her as the place was already there in her imagination. It was just a matter of time for her to bring it down on paper. She had a lot of freedom at the time of describing and exploring Janus Rock, and always felt that there was something still left to be described about the place. Author Stedman was even more satisfied after the response of the readers, who loved it from start to end. Whoever used to meet her in public places after the release, used to congratulate her for describing the interesting world of Janus Rock.

The Lighthouse Between Oceans written by author M.L. Stedman was published in the year 2012 by the Scribner publication. It is set in Australia at the time of the year 1926. At the start of the book, author Stedman has introduced Tom Sherbourne as returning to his hometown in Australia after serving for 4 years in the War. He gets the job of a lighthouse keeper at a place called Janus Rock, which is located at around half a day’s travel from the coast. The island seems to be very much isolated. Even the supply boat comes only once every season and the shore leaves are given every alternate year. Tom decides to bring his young and loving wife named Isabel to the island so that he could have someone to stay with him at the lonely place. Isabel suffers from a couple of miscarriages and seems desperate to have a baby of her own. One day, she hears the cry of a baby near the shore. When she goes nearer, she finds a wrecked boat with a dead man and a crying baby inside it. Tom, who is known to be a man of principles and to carry out his duties as a lighthouse keeper sincerely, thinks of reporting about the baby and the dead man. But, Isabel gets attached to the baby once she breastfeeds her. And after thinking about their situation, Tom decides not report about the baby and adopts her. The couple named her Lucy. When they come back to the mainland, they come to know that their decision to keep the baby has affected her original mother devastatingly. The overall story of the book appears very mesmerizing. The readers found this beautifully written novel quite compelling and interesting to read. They were swept away by the extraordinary characters, and the unforgettable and exquisite story by author Stedman.

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10 Responses to “M.L. Stedman”

  1. Heather: 3 weeks ago

    I assume that it was a very deliberate choice to name the lighthouse island Janus after the two faced god. For all the conflicts in this book there are two aspects to them or two solutions. Am I right? The book group to which I belong absolutely loved the book and the ethical dilemmas that it raised.

  2. shauna steadman: 2 months ago

    LOVED YOUR BOOK!!! I ran across it while browsing my local library in West Virginia USA. We could have shared some long ago family pedigree. Dad always said the Stedmans were Jewelers (in SLC) and Steadmans (in Utah) were dairy farmers. But everyone knows through immigration, we probably share some blood. Irregardless, please keep writing as I am an 82 year voracious reader and love English historical (especially WW2 everything) novels from the English perspective. I BELIEVE that you have got something here. Thanks
    (dad’s family was from Kent UK primarily)

  3. Lorein Guillon: 5 months ago

    Just finished this book and watched the movie twice and each time I end up sobbing, such a beautiful story

  4. Hannan Hazel: 6 months ago

    I loved this story it’s a story that you don’t forget it’s wonderfully written work and I recommend it to all reading friends.
    Just searching for another book from her.

  5. Ann Bone: 1 year ago

    Didn’t want the story to end so had to limit myself to a certain number of pages per day!
    Loved, loved, loved it.
    Please write another, please.

  6. Jenny Thomas: 1 year ago

    Discussed book at our club, we all loved it. You have a special gift, thankyou for sharing.

  7. bernadette: 2 years ago

    would love to see her write more books, thoroughly enjoyed this one

  8. Joyce Quinn: 2 years ago

    What else has she written?

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      M.L. Stedman has only written the one book at this time.

  9. Dani Hitchenson: 5 years ago

    M L Stedman, Sir you have always inspired me to be the best person I can be.


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