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M.P. McDonald is a thriller and post-apocalyptic fiction novelist who is known for penning novels with a reluctant hero and a psychic twist.

While she is now a very well-known author, she still holds a day job as a respiratory therapist. She makes use of her many experiences as a therapist treating patients with life-threatening injuries and illnesses to provide a realistic touch to her stories.
McDonald published No Good Deed her debut novel and the first of the Mark Taylor series of novels in 2012. She has now published more than fifteen titles and continues to write. In addition to several series, she has also published single-standing novels, collections of short stories, and novellas.

She currently makes her home in Southeastern Wisconsin in a land full of snow, ice, and abominable snowmen. When she is not writing her novels she can usually be found with her nose in a book beside the pool where she often takes a dip in the summer.
M.P. McDonald is also a novice but enthusiastic gardener who loves to cultivate pumpkins, sunchokes, watermelons, and sweet potatoes as she usually draws parallels between the development of her stories and her plants.

M.P. McDonald was born and raised in Waukegan, Illinois, and was the fifth kid among eight siblings. Since she lived in a very busy and large household, she found that hiding away with a book was an effective way of spending some quiet time by herself.
She continued reading all through her childhood and into her adult years but never thought of becoming an author until much later. But once McDonald published her debut in 2012, she knew she had found her calling as her books flew off the shelves.

Her work has often been compared to the works of the likes of William Forstchen and Stephen King who have been some of her favorite authors. Besides those two, she enjoys the works of indie author Lou Cadle, particularly her “Gray’ series.

She usually avoids reading any post-apocalyptic fiction as most of what she likes to read is historical World War II fiction. McDonald does most of her writing in sprints with other writers since she finds it hard to write alone.

She also works better with deadlines, which is why she loves to come up with preorders to create the deadline and battle her procrastination.

“No Good Deed” by M.P. MacDonald is a work that introduces the lead as photographer Mark Taylor. He has a magical camera that usually takes pictures of future events and then dreams of them and tries his best to change them for the better.

At the opening of the novel, he is dashing into an apartment to prevent a kid from drowning when his mother is distracted by a phone call. He manages to save the kid only to be arrested as a suspected terrorist. He had earlier predicted the September 11 attacks and he had been treated like a terrorist at worst and at best crazy.

He was then interrogated by intelligence services and was freed due to lack of evidence. Following his release, he finds out that he has lost everything including his photography equipment and now needs to start over with just a few hundred dollars given that his accounts are frozen.

However, everything seems to go full circle when he gets back with his magical camera and his girlfriend who is a police detective. But things turn interesting when his camera takes photos of another horrific event from the future.

In M.P. McDonald’s “March Into Hell,” it has been years since Mark was last interrogated by US intelligence as an enemy combatant after he was suspected of being involved in the Septemeber 11 attacks.

He now has to face an even more troubling circumstance and he is targeted by the media who are trying to get to the bottom of his mysterious powers. Uncomfortable in the spotlight, he believes the prophetic magic is testing him, and dealing with self-doubt, he needs to keep his secret or risk certain death.

One night, he comes across a terrifying scene of a cult ritual in a desolate warehouse. He saves the day but this makes the people of Chicago and those of the cult believe he is some kind of messiah.

He now finds himself in a horrific nightmare as he has to confront the magical powers of his camera which are getting out of control and a cult who wants to sacrifice him in the last satanic ritual and the powers of his camera.

It is a graphic and dark story with some detailed descriptions of the treatment of victims by the cult which makes for some intense reading. McDonald writes a very engaging work that is particularly disturbing and in some places very creepy and bone-chilling that will keep you engaged right from the first page to the last.

“Deeds of Mercy” by M.P. McDonald is the third novel in which Mark continues on his adventures with his unusual camera.

In this outing, a friend from his past shows up intending to commandeer the camera to commit several felonies. Mark once again finds himself in a bind and even gets a hard punch from his friend as they engage in a heated argument.
With the story progressing well, the author draws you deeper into a dangerous web that his enemies have been weaving. This will put him on a dangerous path that will also threaten thousands of lives.

He has lived long enough to have seen betrayal and now knows that the man he believed was his good friend is nothing of the sort. He begins to wonder if there is anyone he could ever trust again.

At some point, he gets information about a terrorist plotting to kill many innocents and heads to the scene where he gets some nasty injuries. He begins to doubt himself and is afraid of his family and confidants, even as he races against time to keep the city he holds dear safe from an atrocity.

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