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Publication Order of Detective J.T. Ellington Books

Heartman (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wendell Patin's Pork Pie (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Standing In The Shadows With The Ghost Of Emmett Till (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Through The Night (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Restless Coffins (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sinner's Prayer (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Traitor to His Blood (With: Ben Onwukwe) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

M.P. Wright is an English bestseller author of Crime novels. He was born in Leicestershire, the United Kingdom in 1965. Wright served several roles in the music industry before serving as a private investigator. The author retrained in 1989 and spent the next two decades in the mental health and probation services in the United Kingdom specializing in risk assessment. A self-confessed addict of music, film, real ale and a dad of two Wright lives with his family and their two dogs, Dylan and Tiff. Wright became a published author in 2014 after Heartman the first novel in JT Ellington series was published.


Heartman is the debut novel in Detective J.T. Ellington series by M.P. Wright. The story introduces the readers to JT Ellington, a retired police officer with a broken heart and a tragic past. He leaves his native home in Barbados in search of a good life in the mother country. Unfortunately, Bristol in the 1960’s is far from the Promised Land for JT as he faces hostility not only from the people but also from the weather itself. Then a local top dog, Earl Linney approaches JT and request him to find Stella Hopkins, a young disabled West Indian lady who is reported missing and who the cops are not interested in searching for. With no job and rent due in a couple of days, JT has no other option other than to accept the offer.

Depending on his shrewdness and his not so reliable cousin Vic for assistance, JT soon finds himself tossed into a murky world of kidnapping, prostitution where no one can be trusted and where each single clue reveals a more complex mystery. Which connection does Linney have with the missing girl? Are there more women who have vanished as well? What could be going on behind those closed doors in the Erotica Black Negro Club?

Facing prejudice and hostility as well as fighting his demons from back home that he thought he had escaped, JT must uncover the complex conspiracy in a deadly and unfamiliar world. The first book in the series is an interesting one; JT is a complex character with a complicated history. He has just made his way in Great Britain all the way from Barbados. He has a family in Bristol, England but has left much problems behind him, including his disreputable discharge from his job as a cop and the loss of his daughter and wife.

He hopes that life in Bristol would be quite a relief for him but the life proves to be nothing close to what he expected and his troubles change from bad to worse. He is penniless, jobless and the only option he has to survive is to accept an offer to find the missing girl. The rest of the novel follows JT investigations into the missing girl and his re-adjustment. Wright has done the characterization in this novel brilliantly; each character is vividly described to give you the reader an insight into their past, their present and how their past influences the decision that they make in their current life. The plot is fast paced, and if you fancy Chandler like thriller novels with loyalty and family, blood and guts, drama and tragedy of the 1960’s then Heartman is the novel for you.

All Through The Night

All Through the Night is the second book in Detective J.T. Ellington series by M.P. Wright. The former cop who lost his job, wife, and family back in the Barbados makes a comeback in this second novel. We find him now a private detective working on a new simple case of hunting down a native GP with a bad reputation and recovering a few of stolen docs from him. For the private detective, things are rarely straightforward as nothing is what it appears to be. Doctor Fowler is keeping a dark secret, and when he is shot outside a Bristol pub, his last words before dying send JT in hunt of a truly deadly and more disturbing than he could have ever imagined.

In this second novel, we are given a glimpse of a time when racism daily demonstrated and rarely addressed. The characters are not heroic as in most action packed or sci-fi movies but instead are more enduring in respect of their values and also their approach to life. Ellington was once a police back at his former home and sets himself up as a private investigator determined into helping those who Police may not be willing to care about. One day he is approached by a woman who runs a local orphanage and JT agrees to help, but his decision has a dire consequence. Through his investigations, JT ends up a meeting with a young girl, called Truth. The relationship that develops between JT and Truth is one that you will find it interesting and hard to forget.

Their relationship’s so endearing, Truth is a girl without a real family, but ends up putting all her trust in JT. The private investigator entanglement with the young lady put their lives in danger, and they end up on the run, and through their adventure, you as the reader will be taken on a dark and a dangerous journey with them.

This is a crime thriller that will steadily draw you in and then grab you by the throat as emotions keep on flying in each single phrase. Several characters from the first book still reappear in this second installment, and it is interesting to see them and learn how their lives have changed. The language and the dialect the author has used in the story bring these characters alive such that you will find yourself relating some of them to real life people.

The main character, JT takes the case against his gut instincts and what starts off as just a simple case of missing documents turns into a deadly frenzy and with a young girl to protect. Motivated by the sufferings from his past, JT is determined to finding out the truth regardless of the cost he might incur. If you like Crime novels then Detective J.T. Ellington Series is the ideal series for you.

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