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M. Robinson is an American USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling romance author popularly known as the Queen of Angst. Her romance books feature sweet romance that promises a rollercoaster ride of emotions that will leave you yearning for more. When not writing, you will find Robinson shopping and living her best life on a boat in Florida with her loving husband, Bossman and her pet lobster. She also enjoys Starbucks coffee, taking her dogs on a walk, reading good books or spending time with her family. Robinson is best known for her 2016 novel El Diablo, a standalone that features a character from her 2015 The Good Ol’ Boys series.

El Diablo is a dark but delicious romance book full of romance, suspense, action, angst, intrigue and passion. It is the story of Alejandro, a ruthless mob boss. He’s an alpha who doesn’t disappoint, first introduced in Crave Me, the final book in Good Ol’ Boys series. It’s important to note that this novel is a standalone, but reading the Ol’ Boys series will give you a better perspective on the characters’ arc.

Alejandro was once an ordinary man- he wasn’t the devil he is today. He was once a brother, friend and son, but his coming of age and trying to learn to become a man would finally change him. Regardless of his mother’s tenderness and good heart, it would not take much longer for him to be swept up into the family business. Like the old saying, “like father, like son,” Alejandro finds himself under the shackles of his overbearing father and is thrust deep into the intricate web of the crime world. And despite his father’s attempts to keep Alejandro in the mob world, his son is madly in love with a girl from the wrong side of the mafia world. Alejandro also cares for his sister and tries to protect both of them from all the surrounding dangers in the mafia world. But soon, he’s about to discover that there’s nothing he can do to protect them from the evil to come. With that said and done, even the devil himself deserves some goodness in life, right?

After losing the love of his life a couple of years ago, Alejandro grows hard. The darkness inside of him throws him deep into pits swallowing him in whole, and it seems that nothing will ever pull him out of the darkness. But love has a way of changing, mending broken and softening hardened hearts, and that happens when Alejandro meets a ballerina named Lexi. Her bright eyes seem to spin his world off the axis, making him grasp a glimmer of light. And even with so many secrets, gut-wrenching moments, and missed opportunities between the two, Alejandro may never escape the tormenting darkness.

Narrated from a dual point of view, El Diablo is a story that spans several agonizing decades. As the plot unfolds, plenty of twists and turns will leave you holding for your dear life. Alejandro’s character’s evolution is characterised by pain and heartbreak, something that every reader will relate to. M. Robinson does a fantastic job of exploring his character development expertly, noting every little detail to allow the reader to connect and bond with him. On the other hand, Lexi is the perfect counterpart for him. Her tenacity and spunky spirit are pretty impressive—the two share an explosive epic ride full of passion, joy, and heartbreak.

Overall, El Diablo is not a story for the fainthearted, as certain parts of the story are pretty shocking and heartbreaking. But that proves Robinson is always committed to seeing her characters through, and the more pain they experience, the sweeter the joy at the end of the story. Even though Alejandro is a mob boss, most of the story instead focuses on his quest for love and allowing himself to be loved.

Complicate Me is M. Robinson’s The Good Ol’ Boys series debut novel. We meet Alexandra, aka Half Pint, who spent her childhood around boys. She is an only child but never needed sibling love since the boys she grew up with always provided her with love and protection. Of the four boys, Lucas is the only one who has a special relationship with her. The story spans as they all grow up together, spending time climbing up on trees, attending school dances, puberty, etc.

But Alexandra always wanted to be like one of the boys. She would always fight anyone who treated her like a girl, but when she soon realizes the nature of her feelings towards Lucas, there’s nothing more she wants more than for him to stop entertaining the presence of other girls. Lucas is a dominant alpha. He is handsome, outspoken and truly adores Alex. As a child, he always struggled with his feelings for her and thought of her as his girlfriend. As they all grow up, the reader cannot help but notice their intense connection, which goes beyond ordinary friendship.

When the two become of an appropriate age, the other boys still think of Alex as their little sister, and they don’t entertain Luca’s Casanova tendencies as they don’t want Alex to be heartbroken. On the other hand, their parents want them to experience life before they can advance their friendship into romance. But as the old saying goes, “the heart wants what it wants” both Lucas and Alex find it impossible to suppress their feelings. And as time goes by, everything around them only becomes complicated.

The beauty of Complicate Me lies deeply in how unpredictable the story is. The angst level in this book will keep you on the edge of your seat, and you will most likely end up devouring this book in a day. The author does a fantastic job in the complexity of the characters, which adds to the story’s intensity besides the romance aspect. The characters’ friendship and family dynamics also add to the story’s realness. Overall, this is a beautiful summer romance book.

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