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M.T. Edvardsson is a teacher and writer from Trelleborg, Sweden that has become a bestselling author of several children’s fiction works and at least half a dozen mystery fiction novels.

The author made his debut with the publishing of “A Nearly Normal Family” which was a psychological suspense novel that came out in 2018 and would almost immediately become a runaway success.

Edvardsson would then push on from there to have commercial and critical success with the domestic noir work “The House Next Door,” which would be translated into English as “The Woman Inside.”

It was from the success of this second work that Edvardsson would establish himself as one of the leading voices in the domestic noir genre. Since then, he has gone on to publish several other works of fiction that have been just as popular.
The author has come to be known for his relatable characters and addictive storytelling after being declared the master of domestic noir. His works have now been published in more than thirty countries all over the globe.

Swedish writer M.T. Edvardsson never went to a creative writing class and used to write in secret until he published his debut work.
It was only when he became a bestselling author with many of his works published internationally that he would become more public about his writing life.

Even though he wrote in secret for years, he had fallen in love with stories and books when he was still in school. Aged only five, he began having dreams of one day becoming a professional author.
Still, he never told anyone except for close friends and family. Since he has always loved writing, he does not need much motivation as he just loves to write whenever he can find the time.
For years, M.T. worked a day job as a teacher in addition to having small children at home which made writing very difficult.

It was from this that he learned that he needed to take any chance he could to write which he now does anywhere and anytime.

M.T. believes that this is the secret to his success as compared to other writers who need to wait for motivation to write and often write from one specified location.

Mattias Edvardsson got the idea for his debut novel “A Nearly Normal Family” while he was trying to sleep one night.

He was then the father to a three and six-year-old daughter and began to think about what would happen when his daughters would be going out downtown with friends and doing other things on their own as teenagers in a few years.
M.T. imagined one of his daughters stumbling back home a few hours after midnight and him feeling that something was very wrong. He imagined heading down the stairs to find her daughter in the laundry room trying to wash blood off her clothes.
Asking himself what he would have done in those circumstances. He also threw in a complication of having the police accuse his daughter of killing a man and how far he would go to protect his child.

In interviews, M.T. Edvardsson has said that the highlight of his career has to be the major success of “A Nearly Normal Family.” When he first penned the work in 2017, most of his other works had only been modestly successful in Sweden.
His brilliant agent had a lot of faith in the book and sent out several of the manuscripts to publishers all over the world just before that year’s London Bookfair.

The same night after submitting, she called to tell him that his book has been bought by Caledon who wished to take up international and US rights and was offering some good money.

The following day, the rights for 14 different countries were taken up ultimately resulting in the novel getting published in at least 35 countries. It is fair to say that this was the book that changed his life forever.

“A Nearly Normal Family” is a thrilling page-turner that will force you to confront the many compromises we have to protect the people we love.

In this twisted narrative of murder and love, horrific tragedy results in a family questioning one another and everything they believed they knew about their life.
We are introduced to Stella Sandell, an eighteen-year-old who is being accused of the murder of a mid-thirties man.

She is your typical teenager who comes from a respected family and it is puzzling that she would be known to a shady businessman and even end up killing him.

Her mother is a criminal defense attorney and her father is a pastor who finds their moral compasses stretched to the limit trying to protect their daughter while also trying to determine how she came to be a suspect.
Edvardsson pens an interesting story from three perspectives. In fact, one of the best things about the novel is the comparison and contrast between these views.
This means that you will not get a definitive answer right until the very end making for a very intriguing read.

“The Woman Inside” by M.T. Edvardsson opens with Lund the posh town abuzz following the deaths of Regina and Steve Rytter. The big question is who would dare take down the powerful and wealthy couple?
At the opening of the novel, Bill is feeling desperate and lost and trying to make ends meet after he lost his job as a movie theatre ticket taker soon after the death of his wife.

He struggles to keep a roof over Saly his young daughter’s head and decides to take in a boarder to get some quick income.

Karla the new lodger is a law student who is thrilled to find accommodation outside campus where she can rest and study in the quiet evenings.

When she is not at college, she works for Steve Rytter a very wealthy man, and Regina his wife who Steve warns her is disoriented and ill.

He says that his wife needs to remain in her upstairs bedroom for much of the day but Karla thinks there is more to it than Steve is letting on. As Bill’s situation worsens. Karla emphathizes and now has to make a very difficult choice.
When her employers are found murdered, Karla is the main suspect and may have to make some major compromises and return to a past that is just too painful.

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