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Author M. Verano has been looking for signs of paranormal activity for the majority of his career. He is one of the associate professors of history and he works as a curator of historical text collection in North Idaho. His research is focused on magical and occult societies, new religious movements, and the supernatural folk histories of both America and Eastern Europe.

The scholarship he has has made its way on Transactions of the Continental Society for Hermetic Studies, Memoirs of the Frances Yates Academy, and Archiv fur Altrelgionsgeschichte. At one point, he even edited some first person narratives that documented para-psychological activity.

The author writes the “Diary of a Haunting” series, where in each book, it focuses on a different young girl who deals with certain paranormal things that happen with her. The books are written as a collection of journal entries, blog entries, and letters that make the whole thing feel like a found footage film (but, of course, in novel form). The first book, “Diary of a Haunting”, was released in the year 2015.

“Diary of a Haunting” is the first novel in the “Diary of a Haunting” series and was released in the year 2015. Paige is the diarist, narrator, and main character of this book. Paige moves from Los Angeles to Idaho with her younger brother and mother (who is an aging actor and kind of New Age) after her parents’ high profile divorce. She thinks she will hate the life that she will have after, it does not help that the small town they are in does not disappoint. To make matters worse, the mansion they rent is full of different kinds of bugs; things like spiders and flies and some other pests that Paige simply does not want to spend time thinking about.

She considers it simply part of the rural surroundings, however, the odd things happening around the house are harder to ignore. There are things like one can of raviolis becomes twelve and unreadable words show up on the walls. Soon, Paige’s brother starts walking around the house at all hours, not to mention that there is something strange about the downstairs neighbor. It would seem this neighbor knows more about things than he lets on.

Things get creepier for her as she learns about the ominous cult that did some experimental rituals in the same mansion about a century earlier. The more she looks into things and the further she digs, it becomes more clear: the thing that is doing this has no intention of stopping, it will not back down without a fight.

The book is made up of photos, letters, and journal entries that Paige left, and this was found after everything happened.

Fans of the novel liked the writing and how the author was able to capture a teenage girl writing down her thoughts in an online diary. He is able to capture the voice someone would have while writing down someone’s thoughts of their day. Even though some had expected to be creeped out, the book still did a great job in making them jump, even if they were not reading the book.

“Possession” is the second novel in the “Diary of a Haunting” series and was released in the year 2016. Laetitia Jones is the diarist, narrator, and main character of this book. All Laetitia Jones wants is to be a star, it is more than ambition, she has always known that she was put on earth to do great things. She has known this deep down inside.

That changes when a roadblock is put up for her, it takes the shape of an illness that she gets. It is undiagnosed, doctors have no idea what it is; most days she stays home and documents her symptoms. They start with her being chilled and fevered, but then get stronger and weirder in the form of odd bodily reactions.

The only escape that she can find is in the news reports. Mainly the race riots that are getting closer to where she lives. Horrific visions invade her thoughts, and she cannot become distracted from things. It makes her wonder: is it biological or something else, something more?

The voices she is hearing and the notes she finds that match her handwriting, are they signs she is going insane? Or is something much more evil and demonic happening? Maybe it is something more holy or benevolent.

Laetitia always knew that she would become famous, but she had no idea that it would occur this way.

Fans of the novel found themselves engaged and the plot was fast moving. Some liked that the book was not really what they thought it was going to be. Parts of the book feel as though the events are happening right there in the room with you. The ending makes readers see the changes that happens with the main character in the novel. It makes you reflect on the entire book, when you finish it. Readers hope that this series continues for many more installments, as they give a much different version of paranormal activity than is seen in movies and books.

“Book of Shadows” is the third novel in the “Diary of a Haunting” series and was released in the year 2017. Melanie is the diarist, narrator, and main character of this book. Melanie wants a simple and blank book for her to keep her private thoughts in. While looking around in a used bookstore, she finds the perfect one; it has gold embossing, some odd symbols in it, and smooth black leather. Once she gets it home, however, she is far too intimidated to write her trivial thoughts down in the vellum pages.

She has a Wiccan friend, named Lara, that tells her the book it is meant to be used as a magical spell book (which is called “The Book of Shadows”). Melanie is not well versed in such things, but Lara, Lucas (Caleb’s friend), and Caleb (Lara’s girlfriend) help her write their spells in the book. They do not expect a new spell to show up in the book; it was written in a handwriting that they do not recognize.

They figure out that the spells “The Book of Shadows” suggest do work, but they wreak havoc on four teenagers’ lives.

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