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Publication Order of Macduff Brooks Mysteries Books

M.W. Gordon is an author. Before he was a writer, he worked for decades teaching law. Along the way, he was the author of many articles and books.

Gordon decided to stop teaching and change his focus. As a result, he had a major change in his lifestyle. He became interested in fly fishing and was able to build Osprey, his wooden drift boat. He eventually chose to guide people through fly fishing for a job, something that he shares with one of his characters.

When he isn’t writing, he is splitting up his time between Montana, Florida, and Wyoming. He enjoys the salt marsh flats of St. Augustine and the rivers and creeks of the big sky country and Wyoming and has taken his wooden boat on a number of their water ways and rivers. Along the way he has had a variety of adventures and rescued some children and their father when their drift boat sank on Jackson Hole’s Snake River in Wyoming.

In Montana, he has spent time to help others working with a project takes vets that have been disabled in combat and takes them out on Yellowstone River to go fly fishing. Even though he spends a lot of time in different states across the United States, he calls Summer Haven, Florida home. He resides there with his wife Buff, who is also an author, as well as Macduff, their dog.

M.W. Gordon is the creator as well as the author of the Macduff Brooks mystery series. This fictional series kicked off for the first time in 2012 with the publication of the first book, Deadly Drifts. If you love fast paced mystery thrillers, then check out this debut novel in the series! There are several more books in this series, so if you love action books, check this series out!

Deadly Drifts is the first novel in the Macduff Brooks series by M.W. Gordon. In this book, readers get to meet the main character of Macduff Brooks for the first time. His life used to be so together, but as he has found out along the way, sometimes things just fall apart. He would give anything to go back to his old life as a professor of law.

Brooks used to be known by the name of Maxwell Hunt, and he taught law in Florida. That was another lifetime and an entirely different existence– and one that probably never will come back again. However, he would do anything if he could just get it back and be Maxwell Hunt once more. That was the last time that he was truly happy.

Hunt fell into a deep depression after the tragic loss of his wife. El was in Wyoming on a boat in Snake River at the time. The accident was likely terrifying, and it would have been a horrible and lonely way to die. He couldn’t be there, and he could not do anything to stop it. The loss of his wife and the way that it happened keeps him up at night.

Going through the stages of grief, this widower had no idea what he should do with himself. He was never expecting to lose El, and even though it was always a possibility, he just doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions. Hunt tries to lose his feelings in work, accepting offers of work for federal agencies that perhaps he never would have taken before.

In Guatemala, Hunt ended up being nearly dead and he was reported in the paperwork as having passed away from a stroke. Then he goes into an entirely new life as he is placed in federal protection. The program gives him a new name and career guiding people and taking them fly fishing. Hunt moves to Montana where no one knows him and into a brand new home and identity.

Even though he has taken on a new life (and name), Hunt can’t entirely escape the past. The people who assailed him in Guatemala do not believe that he was really killed. It turns out that they may have followed him all the way out here and want their revenge.

His worries about the matter are confirmed when on the drift boat with a client and the client winds up dead. With one client killed and finding out that his cabin’s been set to blow up, it is seeming that a fresh start is not in the cards right now.

On top of being pursued by Guatemalans, Brooks has to navigate a personal matter that is starting to be more important to him than he would have thought. The lady that owns the ranch next door to the cabin is nice enough, and he’s starting to fall for this beautiful and smart investment banker from New York.

He’ll do anything that it takes to protect her, but is he simply up against too much? With his new life and others in jeopardy, Brooks will do whatever it takes to end this once and for all. Want to find out what will happen? Read to the end to find out!

Crosses to Bear is the riveting second installment of the Macduff Brooks series. Brooks just went through one of the most action-filled moments of his life in Wyoming when he got into a Snake River shoot-out.

Still a fly fishing guide, he was on Montana’s Yellowstone River when he finds a body. The woman that shuttled his trailer and SUV is dead, and it looks like murder.

The more that he looks into it, he thinks it may have been a drug lord. Or it could have been a local group that is against recreational angling. It could have been the local developers that want to construct a dam in Paradise Valley.

Macduff is being looked for by two individuals that nearly killed him six years ago. He had to go into witness protection– and now they’re back again. With his loyal dog by his side and a female friend to protect, he’s got to solve this case and get out. What happens in the end? Read this book to find out!

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