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Isle of Blood and Stone (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
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A Death-Struck Year (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Year of the Reaper (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragonfruit (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Maakia Lucier is widely known for her historical fiction novel, A Death-Struck Year, which is set during the 1918 Influenza Epidemic. Apart from being an established author, Lucier has degrees in library sciences and journalism from the University of Wisconsin and University of Oregon. A Death-Struck Year is author Lucier’s debut novel. Thanks to her unique writing style and creativity, A Death-Struck Year has gathered so many positive reviews from accomplished critics and readers alike. Publisher’s Weekly refers to the novel as a powerful and disturbing read, while Common Sense Media describes it as a compelling and believable story. Due to her brilliant style of writing, A Death-Struck Year became a finalist for the top book prize in Germany and the Sakura Medal in Japan. Furthermore, the American Booksellers Association named A Death-Struck Year as the Best Book for Children. Currently, Maakia Lucier resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with her family.

Maakia Lucier Best Books
A Death-Struck Year
A Death-Struck Year is a brilliantly written, teen historical novel by author Maakia Lucier. It is a historical fiction centered on the 1918 Influenza epidemic, that claimed the lives of so many Americans. The Influenza epidemic continues to frighten and fascinate Americans even in the 21st Century. A Death-Struck Year opens up as author Maakia Lucia, introduces the readers to a 17-year-old orphan girl, Cleo. After the tragic death of her parents, Cleo’s brother and her wife decided to take her in, considering she was still young and in school. When we meet with Cleo, she is a high school student attending an all-girls boarding school in Portland. During the initial pages of the novel, the epidemic begins to spread throughout the United States like wildfire. Despite the fact that the Influenza epidemic was spreading at a much faster rate, Cleo feels safe at home, mainly because she believes that she is more than 3,000 miles away from the epicenter of the outbreak.

Nonetheless, it does not take long before a train filled with soldiers brings the disease home. The influenza epidemic spreads throughout the town, and as a result, many facilities and institutions in the town are shut down, including Cleo’s school.With the school shut down, many of the girls who do not have anywhere to go, are allowed to stay within the school premises. Without telling anyone at the school that her brother and his wife were out of the town, Cleo manages to escape from her school so that she can stay at home until the housekeeper returns. The housekeeper does not return, and thus Cleo is all alone in the house. After brainstorming for a while, Cleo decides to put herself in harm’s way by volunteering to work with the Red Cross, who were taking care of the sick at the makeshift hospitals.

With that said, apart from the Grim details, A Death-Struck Year is a narrative about the humanitarian effort made by individuals who stood up for the dying and sick during the 1918 epidemic. A Death-Struck Year is a book that celebrates the Red Cross members who decided to help set up temporary healthcare facilities and to take care of many the Americans who had nowhere to go or families to attend to them. Taking care of the sick is where the character of Cleo shone. Apart from being strong, she was also brave, because she deals with saddening and depressing scenarios at a tender age. Despite everything that she has to face, Cleo decides to soldiers on and accomplishes something that she had never thought she would accomplish in her entire life.

Apart from being brave, Cleo is also dedicated to her; thereby nothing could distract Cleo from her course including the feelings that she has for Edmond. Readers should be aware that author Makiia Lucier does not focus so much on the romance between Cleo and Edmond.

Reading A Death-Struck Year will make the readers appreciate the efforts of those individuals whom we take for granted or are overlooked by the society. A Death-Struck Year is a compelling and well-researched book, which will appeal to readers who are 13 years of age or above. In A Death-Struck Year, Author Maakia Lucier manages to paint a realistic picture of the Influenza Epidemic which was extremely hard on children, teenagers and the elderly. Throughout the novel, Lucier does not spare the readers feelings at all, as she vividly describes some of the gruesome details of the epidemic and thus, readers should be prepared for a roller coaster ride. A Death-Struck Year is highly recommended for young teenage readers who are looking for a read beyond the normal dystopian and paranormal novels.

Isle of Blood and Stone
More than 18 years ago, two princes, their royal guards, a personal maid, an explorer and a royal mapmaker were out on a picnic. Along the way tragedy strikes, as all the royal guards and servants are poisoned. Lord Antoni, the maid, and the princes disappear without a trace. The disappearance of Lord Antoni, the maid and the two princes dissipated war with the neighboring kingdom, as many locals and leaders believed that the neighboring kingdom had something to do with the tragedy. The war ended with Del Mar emerging the victorious kingdom. However, despite winning the war, the missing were never found. After the end of the war, author Makiia takes the readers 18 years down the line, where she introduces the readers to Elias, Lord Antoni’s son. Just like his father, Elias is an explorer and a royal mapmaker.

Elias is the best friend to the newly appointed King of Del Mar, Ulises and the cousin to King Mercedes. When the trio discovers two maps, believed to be drawn by Lord Antoni, they decide to study the map deeply, to establish whether it contained any coded messages. After examining the map for quite some time, they discover that the map contains clues related to the mysterious disappearance of the two princes and Lord Antoni. However, to find out what exactly happened on that fateful day to the princes and Lord Antoni, the trio must first interpret the secrets and clues contained in the map. With that said, readers will enjoy the Isle of Blood and Stone. The overall pacing of the narrative was great, such that it will leave the readers wondering what clues or secrets the trio would uncover next.

Author Makiia Lucier has done a great job of ensuring that the readers have to wait until the big reveal to find out who the villain is. Isle of Blood and Stone is full of adventure, royal intrigue and lots of secrets. The descriptions will jump off the page into the readers head, thereby making the readers feel as if they are in the kingdom with the main characters. Apart from being unpredictable, the plot is also dark, fast-paced and political. Unlike many novels, author Makiia Lucier avoids a perfect ending.

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