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Publication Order of Mac Fontana Books

Black Hearts And Slow Dancing (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Help Wanted: Orphans Preferred (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Morons and Madmen (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Going Crazy In Public (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Horse Paint Company (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Mac Fontana series is a very popular book series of mystery, thriller, and suspense novels. It was written by a famous American novelist named Earl Emerson. The series is comprised of a total of 5 books, which were released between the years 1988 and 1996. Each and every book of this series depicts the lead character and chief protagonist in the form of Mac Fontana. He is described as the chief of firefighters and a part time deputy sheriff. The books’ plots are said to have taken place in a fictional town known by the name Staircase, located in Washington. Throughout the whole series, Mac Fontana is seen indulging in events related to arson investigation. He seems to have the knack of getting involved in numerous mysteries, which he finally manages to solve and overcome one after the other. Each book shows Mac Fontana chasing a different mystery in an attempt to unravel it and help the town’s authorities nab the criminals. Author Earl Emerson began writing the Mac Fontana series in the year 1988 and also released its first book in the same year. After the successful release of the fifth book of the series, author Emerson decided to give the series a break. But now, it is learned that he is working on a new story and is about to finish the writing work very soon. This new book based on Mac Fontana mysterious adventures is expected to hit the market any time soon.

The debut book of the Mac Fontana book series written by the award winning author Earl Emerson is entitled ‘Black Hearts and Slow Dancing’. This novel was released by the Avon Books in the year 1997, after its initial release in 1988. The chief characters shown in the book include Mac Fontana, Maureen Costigan, Satan, etc. At the start of this book’s story, the readers are introduced to the character of Mac Fontana. He is depicted as a former firefighter. Previously, he was employed in the fire department of an Eastern city for a period of 18 years. But now, he has started working as the fire department chief in Staircase, a town located in Seattle’s eastern direction. Mac Fontana appears to be a tender, good looking man, but is also very tough in nature. His job is not like a usual firefighter. He is made in charge of the team of volunteer firefighters in Staircase. This means that he and his team are not paid well or on time. In some cases, they are becoming so unlucky that they do not receive the payments at all. As Mac Fontana has moved to Staircase recently, his closet seems to be filled some skeletons. In the new town, Mac has decided to give his life a new start by turning over a new leaf. In addition to being a tough firefighter, Mac Fontana is also a proud and loving father. He has the determination of providing his son the best upbringing and quality education in Staircase. The plot also introduces Maureen Costigan’s character in the later part of the story. Maureen is shown in the role of the mayor of the town. She shows the willingness to use her power and make Mac Fontana keep the posts of chief firefighter as well as the sheriff of Staircase. As the story proceeds further, Maureen Costigan is seen approaching Mac Fontana to offer him the sheriff’s job. At first, he seems to be a little bit reluctant towards accepting her offer. However, Maureen succeeds in luring Mac into accepting the offer. Mac feels sad for Maureen Costigan when she tells him that her boyfriend was brutally murdered. She wants Mac Fontana to investigate the murder case and put the culprit behind bars. After taking up the twin roles, Mac not only vows to protect the town from fire, but also from criminals. After a few years Mac gets fired from his primary job because he gets very close to a wealthy developer suspected of laying down a scheme for conducting arson. Following his dismissal from the force, he gets targeted and beaten up on multiple occasions. Sometimes, Mac Fontana is even left to die. His situation becomes so bad that he begins to wonder whether he will keep taking up beatings or stand up and fight against his attackers.

The next popular installment of the series is called ‘Help Wanted : Orphans Preffered’. It was also published by Avon Books in 1991. This book too is set in Staircase, Washington; and shows Mac Fontana dealing with a psychopath who is murdering his firemen one after another. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Mac Fontana continues to carry out his dual duties as a sheriff and fire chief. He looks puzzled and shocked when some strange things begin to take place in his life. It is cleared by Mac Fontana that a homicidal psychopath is targeting the members of his firefighting team in the fire department of the city. In fact, the maniac is not just attacking, but killing them one after the other. As Mac Fontana tries to work out the mystery of the serial killer psychopath, he gets involved in a romantic relationship with a paramedic’s wife, who also works in the same city as Mac Fontana. This new serious involvement of Mac Fontana goes on to result in the revelations of many things and eventually changes the story line’s course. Throughout the course of this book, author Emerson seems to have successfully infused his unique and trademark writing style. This in turn gave a much required edge to the story line. Along with Mac Fontana, all the other characters in the book and in the whole series are very well developed. Their description is given in such an interesting way that they seem life like. The readers were able to relate to all the characters and this proved quite well in favor of the sale of the boomand its overall success. Some of the secondary characters that were noticed by the critics and readers as perfectly depicted by Earl Emerson include Claude Pettigrew and Wanda. They look perfect in every sense and also turn out to be memorable and remarkable in comparison to some of the other characters in the entire series. Overall, the series is quite enjoyable to read, provides an al lround entertainment, and ended up being one of the favorites mystery books of the fans.

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