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Publication Order of Mac Travis Adventures Books

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A spirited and vibrant American author of action packed, suspense filled stories Steven Becker has been making waves within the literary industry for quite a while now, all thanks to his exciting fast paced narrative filled with edge-of-the-seat tension, all written in a fun and lively style, as he clearly knows and understands the genre well, making the most out of its many tropes and, ultimately, moving it forwards in the process. Taking a lot of his own life experience he is well known for his passion for scuba diving, something which features heavily within many of his novels, as many of his various series takes to the open seas and the vast expanse of the ocean. This then gives his stories and their characters a certain degree of authenticity, something which his many readers have also come to appreciate him for over the years. In regards to his characters as well, he crafts strong leading protagonists that resonate on a human level, as they grab the attention of the reader, plunging them head-first into their world. Providing a sense of escapism amidst all the adventure and excitement, Becker is also known for his down-to-earth grounded style, something which allows readers to relate to it at an even deeper level. This coupled with his warm sense of humor and wit is what makes his books so irresistible, ensuring that their difficult to put down, with many of series finding legions of fans worldwide. Creating much loved series he continues his franchise for readers of all varieties, all helped by his universal appeal, and broad themes and ideas used in them. One particular series that he’s well known for is that of his ongoing ‘Mac Travis Adventures’ series of novels, as it follows its eponymous protagonist, as he attempts to live the good life in Florida Keys. The only issue is, though, that he keeps finding trouble along the way, as he attempts to make a living from salvaging in the waters of the keys along with fishing and diving there. Finding all sorts of mysteries awaiting him under the water there he’s constantly finding himself up against the elements as he gets himself entangled in the mystery. This then leads to all sorts of adventures allowing Becker to not only use his knowledge of diving, but to also create a series of mysteries that are both enthralling as they are exciting. The character of Mac Travis is also well drawn too as he manages to attract all kinds of unwanted attention, something which tests and challenges him over the course of the series, as he’s come a long way over the run of them all so far. Taking cue from a lot similar adventure series, it manages to find its own style and voice, something which its many fans have also come to appreciate as well. Making the most of the genre, Becker has really come into his element here, as the world of Mac Travis and Florida Keys has grown, thus helping to explain why the series has been so successful.

Running for over eight books so far and counting, this series has come a long way since the release of its first novel back in 2013 with the title ‘Wood’s Reef’. He’s also brought out an omnibus edition with the first four books being collected together all in one compendium, along with a short-story spin-off called ‘Wood’s Ledge’. All of this goes some way in showing how far the franchise has come in relatively short amount of time, whilst it also shows no signs of stopping, as it has plenty of potential to carry on growing into the foreseeable future.

Wood’s Relic

Brought out through ‘The White Marlin Press’ publishing label in 2014, this was first released on the 6th of August, thus setting up the first in the ongoing series of ‘Mac Travis Adventures’ novels. It would also introduce the character of Mac Travis himself for the first time in the chronology as well, ultimately giving the reader a glimpse into his life and who he is. Knowing the world and all that it entails, Becker wastes no time in getting straight down to the action, giving him his first adventure and challenge to deal with, as he solves the case and the mystery.

All Mac Travis wanted to do was get away from it all and head down to Florida Keys for the good life for some diving and making ends meet through salvaging and fishing. Things don’t go quite as expected, though, as he discovers an artifact that is sought after by the local real-estate tycoon, as well as the Native American chiefs running the local casino and a Jersey mobster. On top of that his unhinged ex-girlfriend is in town looking for him. Will Mac be able to escape her? Why do so many want the artifact so bad? Can he keep out of trouble long enough to discover the mystery of Wood’s relic?

Wood’s Reef

Getting released through ‘The White Marlin Press’ publishing house once more, this jumps straight back into the action, picking up from where the last left off. Marking the second title in the ‘Mac Travis Adventures’ series, this was originally brought out in 2013 before the chronologically first novel, as it gave the second adventure first. Published on the 24th of November, it wasn’t released long before ‘Wood’s Relic’ was released, thus not keeping them waiting all that long between adventures.

Whilst spearfishing Mac Travis discover a secret that could change the Keys forever. His drunken crewman then foolishly lets the secret out. Now a corrupt presidential candidate wants to keep it a secret whatever the cost, plus it looks like a local con man and an exiled coke dealing terrorist want to get in on the action too. Is Mac Travis in over his head? Can he get to the bottom of the mystery before it’s too late? What lies in wait in Wood’s Reef?

The Mac Travis Adventures Series

It’s definitely clear that this is a world that Steven Becker knows, as he writes about it in a confident and articulate manner, allowing it to carry along at a brisk pace. Vivid in his portrayals of this world he never leaves the reader behind either, as he gets straight down to the action, whilst simultaneously never substituting character either. Combining the two he has created a fun action packed series that will live on into the future, with many more titles to come from this series yet.

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