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MacCarrick Brothers by Kresley Cole is a series of contemporary romances by one of the best young adult, contemporary and paranormal romance authors from the United States. Cole is a New York Times bestselling author who has three Romance Writers of America (RITA) awards and was also instated into the RWA Hall of Fame. She has also appeared in many bestseller lists in the United States and around the globe. Her novels have been translated into more than 23 foreign languages. Among her other series include the paranormal romance “The Immortals After Dark,” “The Erotic Game Maker,” the young adult “Arcana Chronicles,” and the historical romance “The Sutherland Brothers” series. Cole is a master’s graduate and former athlete who loves traveling. Her experiences traveling across the world inform a lot of her memorable settings and characters. She currently lives with her family in Florida.

The MacCarrick Brothers series is a set of novels featuring three Scottish brothers whose lives have been cursed to be intertwined with death. As dark warriors, their fate is to be an assassin, a mercenary, and a spy that can never have families, homes or futures. They inhabit a shadowy realm on the edges of society, where they are damned by their actions and fates. Nonetheless, they are fiercely possessive and are prepared to do all in their power to protect and defend their loved ones. The lead character of the first novel of the series “If You Dare” is Courtland MacCarrick a barbaric, brutal, fierce, strong, commanding mercenary that could also turn on the compassion and kindness to those he loves. He loves the lady Annalia Tristan Llorente, a somewhat naïve though brave, strong headed woman that can hold her own when it matters. Hugh MacCarrick the lead in If You Desire is not as handsome as his brother but is the ultimate alpha with his gruff brooding, stubborn and tough deposition. He is a Highlander that works as a mercenary for the crown though he is quite a charmer and exhibits tenderness. His lover is Jane a tenacious, spirited, feisty, graceful and confident woman. While she is liberated and wild she comes across as daring and daring rather than eager or cheap as compared to many other heroines. Ethan MacCarrick the lead in the third novel of the series is an irresistible hero with his dangerous dark looks and his treacherous, bitter and unsociable nature. His surly demeanor, and hulking presence show a man that does not care about love until he meets Madeleine. Madeleine van Rowen is a woman who lives for the day she will get out of the slums of France. She is tenacious in her quest to find a rich man that will at last give her the life she thinks she deserves.

In “If You Dare” the first novel of the MacCarrick Brothers series, the story opens with the explanation of Celtic curse that had been placed on the brothers. We are informed that the MacCarrick Brothers will have a hard time in life, particularly when it comes to finding love. Court was the leader of a mercenary band that was waging war for the evil Reynaldo Pascal when he decides to rebel. The General orders him killed but he manages to get away, saved by Annalia, a beautiful woman. He had never once loved a woman but now finds himself falling for the beauty that had saved him from certain death. Given his curse he wants to be as far away from her as possible as any relationship will only result in pain for her, which is something he cannot let himself do. But then he learns that Annalia’s inner turmoil is deeply connected with his destiny and he knows he has to stay. On her part, Anna despises the brutish man she saved from the river as she thinks he is a Scottish mercenary that has been working for General Reynaldo. Reynaldo is holding her brother hostage and is planning to take over her country and hence she has cause to be suspicious of anyone associated with him. But given her good breeding and manners she knows that she owes the man a duty of care and furthermore she is not really sure of his identity. But then he improves and proves to be a boor of the highest caliber and she needs no more proof. She asks him to leave her home and Court true to his highlander nature would have none of it. What follows is a story of two reluctant partners evading the machinations of the General, even as they walk down a path of fated love and deep passion they never thought was possible.

“In If You Desire,” the second novel of the trilogy, we are introduced to Hugh, who has been in love with Jane since he worked for her father and she was a young girl. On the brink of womanhood, she had offered herself to him but he had walked away. He moved to a new town where he would be away from the temptation and kept himself busy working for a secret government agency as an assassin. But then he gets a letter asserting that his beloved Jane may be in great danger and he almost kills himself dashing back to protect her. Jane is in danger from a man that was once his colleague who wants to take revenge on Jane’s father by harming his daughter and Hugh too if he can. Jane is delighted to see the man she had always loved as no other man had ever measured up to the high standards he set. But since he had left her heartbroken when he left, she is still angry with him though she soon forgives him. Hugh had come back to deal with the danger and go back to his jib since the reason he had left in the first place was that he did not want Jane to get hurt. As a man cursed to never have love or family, he thinks any romantic relationship with her would ultimately cause her a lot of pain. But then he has no out when her father insists on marrying them off so that she can get out of Dodge. Could he protect her and not ignite love or will the love in his heart overpower his instincts to protect.

“If You Deceive” the third novel of the MacCarrick Brothers series is about Ethan MacCarrick, a man that has been seeking revenge for the better part of a decade. He wants revenge against Von Rowen, who that had tortured him and viciously scarred his face for allegedly sleeping with his wife. He used to make the women swoon with his handsome face but now they turn away from his with disgust. He has hardened his heart to love and romance and had gone after Rowen who he had successfully bankrupted. But bankruptcy and exile are not enough for Ethan as he waits patiently until Madeleine his daughter comes of age. He intends to seduce and ruin her then dump her once he is done with her. But she is a different kettle of fish and unlike any other woman he had ever met. It is not long after he seduces her that he becomes confused by his feelings for her and he is unable to carry out his mission. For Madeleine, he is simply a rich man that would pave the way out of poverty and possible prostitution in the slums. But then she learns of his story and she is so devastated that she wants to leave. It is now up to Ethan to decide if his desire for revenge and his anger will be enough to get the woman who he loves more than life itself. It is the ultimate story of Beauty and the Beast with some of the most intriguing characters in the series.

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