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Publication Order of MacCoinnich Time Travels Books

Binding Vows (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silent Vows (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Redeeming Vows (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Highland Shifter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Highland Protector (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

MacCoinnich Time Travel by Catherine Bybee

MacCoinnich Time Travels is a series of sci-fi/space travel books by Catherine Bybee. Bybee takes the reader into the magical and fictional world through a series of romantic, sad and happy happenings all through the series. Catherine has always been a book addict more so the romance novels from a very tender age. She derives her perfect balance from the creation of worlds combining passion and intrigue. She currently resides with her husband two sons in southern California.

Catherine is an author who has a stretch of books under the romance and the paranormal romance genres. Apart from the MacCoinnich time travels series she has written several other series and novellas. She clearly is an expert at her writing.

Binding Vows

Binding Vows is the first book in the first book in the MacCoinnich time travels. An evil Grainna is need of a druid virgin as her bloods is the only way to breaking her curse and reclaim her powers. From the sixteenth century Duncan and Finlay have come to the present to stop the Grainna, the evil witch from achieving her objective. The only way to stop her is through deflowering all the virgins whether druid or not for their safety. Tara McAllister is the perfect match for Grainna to break her curse, she is a twenty-five-year-old, just what Grainna needs. Duncan steps in to stop this from taking place and the only way to go about this through sleeping with Tara.

Tara is not ready to let this happen and instead goes to the renaissance fair that has been organized by the witch. At this fair, she meets with Duncan, and surprisingly she feels attracted towards him and immediately gets carried away. However, she is unwilling to give her virginity that she has saved for many years to a man that she meets at a fair. Within a brink of things, Tara finds herself in the sixteenth century in a druid marriage with Duncan.

Duncan has a task that will cost a lot. He has to make Tara forgive as she tricked her into going into the past of time against her wish. Grainna is also hot on heels after she discovers that Tara is the perfect match for her objective. Duncan has to give her what she needs and still deal with her temper.
The sweet time travel romance combines a great deal of characters and scenes to give that story that will leave you satisfied. The romance, seen in the chemistry between Duncan and Tara is also breathtaking. An addition of a little suspense makes it even better keeping you glued to the book.

Silent Vows

Silent Vows is the second instalment of the Macoinnich Time Travels. From five centuries ago, Myra is fleeing from an evil witch. She ends up in the hands of a cop in the twenty-first century. Looking at this lady, officer Todd Blakely can tell that a lot is hidden inside her but unravelling it is not easy. Falling in love with this lady puts the two into the crossroads of intrigue and mysticism.

Duncan managed to stop Grianna from attaining a druid virgin after he married Tara. Duncan, Tara the evil witch, Grainna, and Myra are in the sixteenth century, and this time Myra has targeted Myra. Lora, Myra’s mother through a dream is warned of the evil that hovers over the life of her daughter. Myra is sent to Tara’s time to stay under Lizzy until the danger passes. Instead of going to stay with Lizzy, Tara’s sister, she falls in the hands of officer Todd Blakely.

Todd knows that she is hiding something from the moment she arrives but still feels obliged to protect her against anything that can cause harm. However, she is still searching for Lizzy as the witch is still hunting her even in the present. It is funny though that Todd has lived a cynical life fearing to get committed but instead receives a responsibility. The two develop a bond that turns into love and a relationship that at first seems impossible between strangers.

The author puts in a reral sense of danger, and suspense crafting a well-paced plot with enough sexual tension on top of suspense keeping you turning page after page. Her choice of characters matches the events that make the book.

Redeeming Vows

The third book in the Macoinnich Time Travel series is Redeeming Vows. Fate takes Lizzy McAllister, a single mom, back in time and into the hands of medieval men who make her go against her will to serve them in the sixteenth century. Her only solution out of this trap is fin. Will they manage to flee from this evil time and more so the evil witch, Grainna?

Thrust into the sixteenth century, Lizzy finds herself serving the medieval men. She meets with Finlay Macoinnich and cannot resist the attraction that she feels inside her from the time they meet. Breaking the solid walls that she has made for herself is something that Fin has to do to win her heart. They agree to work as one to drive the evil witch out of Scotland.

Fin is willing to go to any extent to win her heart and joining hands to fight Grainna provides the perfect opportunity. Grainna cast an evil spell pushing them forward in time after she realizes that they have ranged war against her treacherous plans. Finding their path back in time will take a lot and could end up separating the two giving the witch an advantage to carry out her treachery. Their families are also at risk as Grainna has sufficient space to do whatever she pleases. The journey could also end up separating them along the way as they range a war on the witch.

Redeeming Vows is well written putting characters very different but who complement each other to develop a fantastic read. The romance, humor, suspense and sexy scenes are at their best making the story feel almost real.

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