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Patrick Robinson was born in Britain on 21 January 1940. He is a renowned columnist and fiction novelist especially his naval thrillers touching on world economic politics. He has written numerous books including a resounding biography of Sir Sandy Woodward. Patrick currently lives and works in Cotuit, Massachusetts.

Mack Bedford Best Books
Diamondhead #1 Mack Bedford
Iraqi radicals using the latest tank Diamondhead war rockets fiercely attack and slaughter Mack Bedford and his Navy SEAL officers. Mack retaliates for the brutal deaths by gunning down the then-unarmed assailants, later receives a stern court-martialed, which kicks him out of the Navy for his barbaric actions. To intensify the situation, Mack discovers that French mogul and notorious lawmaker Henri Foche sold the Diamondhead rockets unlawfully. Mack presumes that Foche will prevail in his battle to end up noticeably the following French President, and fears that his race will bring about the spread of global psychological warfare.

The dethroned hero returns home to a residential community in the U.S. territory of Maine, not a long way from Bath, city of the world acclaimed Bath Iron Works. Mack’s young child Tommy is battling with a rare, blood infection that is virtually untreatable. He may not live to see his next birthday if the doctors do not find a cure. In any case, a medical facility in Switzerland dealing with rare diseases charges one million U.S. dollars to treat the ailment with some likelihood of success. Mack’s naval force will not take care of the expense, and the banks won’t credit him the cash. However, Mack’s best friend Harry Remsen, proprietor of a little shipyard, thinks of a solution.

Harry’s shipyard relies on the cash made from building French frigates. The chief aspirant in France for its new President is a “France First, champion. If he wins the elections, he will wipe out any future business for Harry’s shipyard. This enrages both Harry and Mack in light of the loss of American employment as a rule, Maine specifically. They will probably procure hired killers to carry out the activity. At the point when circumstances dictate some drastic action, Mack does not believe the general population they have enlisted and offered to carry out the operation himself for two million dollars. A similar amount Harry was eager to pay the hired soldiers.

What a fast-paced book! It will keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the ends. Indulge your senses with this book as Mack tries to accomplish his only goal despite the seemingly insurmountable conflict in unfriendly territory. Here is a hero right at the center of top action heroes of creative writing from one of the best fiction writers.

Intercept #2 Mack Bedford
A leftist court judge frees four of the most menacing al-Qaeda oppressors from Guantanamo Bay, and CIA field operatives track them back to the outskirts of Pakistan’s northwest mountains. Disaster overwhelms them and the four men vanish, to enlist in the fiercest training program prepared by Osama Bin Laden in the high Arabic plains. These are men with disdain in their souls, with scorn for the United States and Great Britain; pledge to hit back at the USA, which detained such a significant number of their most important soldiers.

A critical correspondence from the mountains of the Afghan side of the outskirt reaches Britain’s secret surveillance base stationed in Cyprus. Al-Qaeda is more likely arranging another hit on the US territory. The CIA is perplexed, every one of their trepidations raising some uproar. They know there is just a single man who can stop them—resigned Navy SEAL Mack Bedford—and he comes in at the last minute to assist the CIA. Bedford names his cost, and immediately, his respectability spins into a fantastic action-packed novel.

The Delta Solution (Mack Bedford #3)
The Delta Solution is a beautifully written action novel dwelling on cruel Somali pirates working off the North Eastern part of the rebellious Eastern Africa republic on the Indian Ocean. For three long years, these vigorous armed ancestral rascals have terrorized and captured numerous loaded ships, particularly oil tankers, and fiercely demanding large sums of cash as docking fees on Somaliland seaside. Pilfering in the small town of Haradheere has turned into an exceptionally lucrative, unsafe business, to such an extent that the city has its unique Stock Exchange with a rumored at a whopping $78 million, all in fresh $100 bills, in the town vault.

Furthermore, each time a proprietor pays enormous cash for the arrival of their ship, the privateers instantly extortions the ship owners, incensing the Pentagon more, by the day. The pirate’s heydays come to a staggering halt when the Sea Pirates commit a significant error, seizing at gunpoint two US ships and demanding $15 million as docking payoff. Saint Mack Bedford, an old Intercept, and Diamondhead are conveyed to SEAL Team 10 to surround The Delta Platoon. His target: decimate the Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean, no matter what, for the last time.

Power Play #4 Mack Bedford
The year 2018 is an exceedingly unstable atomic world where Israel has demolished the profound underground nuclear weapons base prepared by Iran. The United States has crushed North Korea’s insolent atomic facility. Against this foundation, the Russians have increased the stakes in the most recent politically influential antagonistic way CYBER WAR. This act belittles America to vulnerability: a three-strike missile assault on their NSA at Fort Mead, Maryland, while at the same time penetrating the best secret electronic access key to America’s atomic dispatch framework—the nuclear football. On the off chance that it proves useful, Russia would brush the United States off the nuclear-powered radar.

The British Royal Navy, once a world super power, is quickly disintegrating, leaving the United States without its fundamental remote overseas partner when on call in times of political distress. As this geopolitical fight becomes visible behind close entryways dealings and dark mysteries, it is dependent upon Mossad spymaster, codenamed the ‘Golan,’ to deflect the Russian plan, and there is just a single man he like this can trust to take care of business: US Navy Seal Mack Bedford. It is up to Bedford, the legendary experienced Delta interceptor, and Diamondhead, to devise a strategy to stop the Russians and their digital weaponry, the dispatch site of their comprehensive approach. Furthermore, with the whole nation’s destiny in his grasp, Mack and his skilled hard, prepared, outstanding SEAL Team 10 must not, cannot fail in this crucial mission.

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