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Publication Order of MacKayla Lane/Fever Books

By: Karen Marie Moning, DavidLawrence

Mackayla Lane or Mac is the name of the main character in the novel series named ‘Fever Series’. The series consists of five novels published from 2006 to 2011. All the five novels are based on Paranormal Romance and Dark Fantasy genres and are written by the New York Times bestseller author, Karen Marie Moning. The series depicts the character of MacKayla Lane as a normal girl in her twenties, who lives in a small town of Georgia, USA. She travels to Dublin in order to track down a criminal who murdered her sister while she was studying in Ireland. She realizes that the bedtime stories that she used to listen during her childhood were true and a war is about to take place between the Light(Seelie) and Dark(Unseelie) factions of the Fae, who are powerful and dangerous. She also discovers that she belongs to the Sidhe-seer community and has the ability to see and recognize the Fae, who cast themselves as humans and that she has to fight against them to save the human world. As the series progresses, MacKayla learns that her sister’s murder is connected with a mysterious and dark book named ‘The Sinsar Dubh’. The book is missing and contains knowledge about the magic of the King of the Dark faction. It also contains the power of creating life. Further, it is revealed in the series that many are attempting to find the book. Those include Jericho Barrons, who is very wealthy; Prince V’lane of the Seelie; the powerful Lord Darroc and many others. Mac is required to identify friends and foes from a mix of people who look for their on gain in order to avoid the fate of her sister. She also has to take care of a new identity as a sidhe-seer and protect it. The central characters of the series are as follows:

MacKayla Lane, nicknamed as Mac is the protagonist in the Fever Series. She is 22 years old and is able to see the immortal and ancient Fae people. She also has the ability to hunt the Sinsar Dubh – a dark book full of magic. MacKayla is a healthy person and has green eyes with long blonde hair. She appears like a Barbie to Jericho Barrons, who makes her dye her hair black and cut it short. She can not only see the Fae realm, but can also freeze them for a short duration. MacKayla has an elder sister named Alina Lane, who gets murdered in Ireland. She gets devastated after hearing this and decides to find the criminal herself. MacKalyla has adoptive parents, Raini and Jack Lane. She used to live in Georgia and had taken college courses.

Jericho Barrons is an antiquities collector and a bookstore owner in the series. He is very wealthy and is hunting for the Sinsar Dubh. Barrons is very old and has long black hairs. His skin is tanned and eyes are black in color. Barrons does belong to the human race and is immortal. He can transform into a dragon-like monster and is extremely powerful.

V’lne is the Seelie Prince and a Queen in the high consort of the Fae realm. V’lane is very sexy in appearance and pretty erotic too.

The first novel of the Fever Series is titled ‘Darkfever’ which was published in the year 2006. The plot of the novel introduces the character Mackalyla Lane. She is shown as a girl full of life with great friends and decent job. She thinks that she is an ordinary woman of this century until something happens and her life is turned upside down in no time. Her sister, Alina is murdered in Ireland where she had gone for studies. She discovers some voice messages from Alina on her phone before getting murdered and decides to leave for Ireland. When she reaches Ireland, She is drawn into an altogether different world. She discovers that the good and bad are wearing masks alike and that she has a unique ability to see beyond the human world and recognize the dangerous Fae, who appear to be human. As she goes deep into the inspection, she is shadowed by dark mysteries. A man named Jericho Barrons watches all her moves.

As MacKayla strives to find the truth, she is shadowed by the ruthless V’lane. Later, she discovers her true mission of finding the Sinsar Dubh, a magical dark book that contains all the powers and he who finds the book first has control over both the worlds. The novel was very well received all over the world and the paranormal romance in it was appreciated by one and all. The fellow writers of the same genre enjoyed reading the book and praised the efforts of Karen Marie Moning. She was motivated to write few more installments in the series. A film adaptation of the novel was about to be made when the rights were acquired by Dreamworks in 2011. Touchstone Pictures were to distribute the film. But Karen bought the rights back and the film is still in the talks and is expected to come soon.

The next installment of the series was titled ‘Bloodfever’ and was published in the year 2008. The novel is a continuation of the first installment and shows the life of MacKayla Lane, which took a strange turn in Ireland. She is still in search of the Sinsar Dubh and it has made herself pursued by the assassins of the Fae community. She is surrounded by mysterious entities who cannot be trusted. On top of that, MacKayla finds herself locked between the two deadly men: Jericho Barrons, who is alluring as well as mysterious, and V’lane, who is capable of arousing sensual obsession in women. The shadowy realm of Fae has coexisted for centuries with the humans and a war is about to happen between them. MacKayla is the only thing standing between them. This novel too was appreciated by many. The story and plot of the novel were found to be quite interesting to read. After this novel, Karen Marie Moning completed the series with three more novels and also wrote two more series based on the same characters.

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