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Elizabeth Lowell or Ann Maxwell as she is also known was born on April 5th 1944 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Together with her co author who also happens to be her husband, they have so far written over 50 novels and at least a single fiction book. Their previous novel works range from science fiction based to historical fiction. They have also written a couple of romance and mystery suspense throughout the 40 years period they have been married. Today, there are slightly more than 30 million of their books in print and reprints being done in 30 foreign languages. Having begun her writing career back in 1975 releasing a science fiction novel at first, she has come a long way to presently where at least seven of her nine science fiction novels have been recommended for science fiction writers of America Nebula Award.

It is only until 1982 that Ann started writing romance novels as Elizabeth Lowell. It is equally worth noting that immediately she started writing using this alias did she have most of her work professionally awarded. Some of the professional awards which she received were for her romance books. In fact, she even received a lifetime achievement award from Romance writers of America back in 1994. Her work is unique in the sense that over the years she has written both contemporary, historical romances as well as western romance.

Looking back it’s been over 15 years since she released her first book. As strange as it may sound her first covers are becoming harder and harder to find. For instance, Reckless love which is part of her series Mackenzie-Blackthorn was the first to come out and since then it has become harder and harder to come across it. Fire and rain on the other hand as well as Outlaw, Warrior and Granite man followed though they started as Silhouette desire romances. It is equally worth noting that reckless love served as a harlequin historical in its first incarnation. Interesting thing about the series is the fact that with the exception of warrior and Outlaw, all the heroes featured were emotionally as well as verbally abusive to their heroines. Unnecessarily so, it has emerged as a trait of this genre that can’t be shaken off easily. Besides being one of the things which makes this particular series unique, it also doubles up to make it quite interesting to readers looking for such a story line.

Summary of the Series: Mackenzie – Blackthorn by Elizabeth Lowell
The main thing which makes the books featured in this series is the fact that they are very atmospheric. One thing which comes out very clearly in all the books is the fact that Lowell really excels at westerns. In fact, her writing shows a very clear understanding of exactly how grueling day to day living has gotten to a ranch. Personally, I was impressed by the tracking scenes which featured prominently throughout reckless love and warrior. The banter between ranch hands, Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts and Judith Krantz could never do that. Simply put, Lowell is extremely committed to bring out all her characters in the best possible way.

Throughout the series, there are a few bits which strike the ear as being a little off key. For instance, when Lowell opted to write witty banter, most people who have had the opportunity to read through have openly admitted that this part did not come off well. There is another instance in granite man where she brought out Mariah speaking and according to the plot, all indications are that the character was suppose to be witty. Instead her dialogue is brought out sounding like an approximation of wit and not a genuine wit.

The only explanation for such instances is that no writer is perfect. There is no writer whose work can come out perfect on all levels. The heroes I would just like to knock their heads collectively throughout the book. Reason being: their self absorbed stubbornness without apparent reason or better yet moderation. More specifically cash McQueen in granite man in particular. Personally I consider him to be such an asshole! In fact, on a personal level I saw absolutely no reason for Mariah to end up falling in love with him. Interesting thing is, this abusive relationship serves as a throwback to the 1970s Mr. Rochester mold of male. You have to admit that it would be rather hard to follow up on the story and enjoy it at the same time though such twists and turns make the story even more interesting.

Another interesting character in the series is, Luke. Though he is not brought out to be as annoying as his nemesis Cash, judging by his role, they seem to be cut from the same cloth.

After reading a couple of the books featured I this series I must admit that I fit perfectly in the story. Since I hate reading book series out of order, I made sure that I got all the books making up the series. You should also consider doing the same as this is the only way through which you are guaranteed a chance to be on the same page with the author.

Frankly speaking, all the books in the series are great. In fact, most of the books are nice quick reads expect form reckless love which is slightly longer. Funny thing I was so deeply immersed into reading that this I did not notice right until I looked it up later on. The only thing which I noted and wished was different about the series is Utah’s story. As far as I can tell and if I am right is that it was never well written. Apart from not featuring in any of the books, it was mentioned as the third brother and little of his past.

According to lowell’s forum, she puts westerns behind her by her very own admission. She also seems cheesed off by the fact that some people have come up releasing books about Utah blackthrone. So having read Mackenzie-Blackthorn, known that there will not be a book for Utah since EL has switched to other interests.

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