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Publication Order of MacKenzie Family Books

The MacKenzie Family book series by one of America’s best authors Liliana Hart is an entirely loveable series which depicts a family in the United States with a lot of hilarious tales of the family’s lifestyle. Since the start of the book series, there has been an ever widening readers base and this serves to justify the stated fact that the MacKenzie Family book series is a lovely book for many if not most of the readers. With a lot of books in the shelf on the same series and others having projections of near future release, the books from the author Liliana Hart have become a darling of many readers and therefore worth this review.

In depth reading from Liliana Hart’s description of this family depicts clearly to the reader that the MacKenzie Family series of stories emanates from Cole MacKenzie who together with his wife named Elizabeth made settlement at Surrender in Montana back in the year 1866. Cole MacKenzie reportedly had a brother named Riley who was an outlaw while we know well that the former was a US Marshall, it would be necessary to note that according to the author, this is a sideline story however, having brought the background of the MacKenzie Family as clearly to the reader, then the real MacKenzie Family story begins.

The MacKenzie Family books series start with the book ‘Dane’ as the first release book of the entire series. Dane MacKenzie was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. MacKenzie with the rest of the siblings being daughters. In the MacKenzie Family series books Dane, the main character Dane is a bad boy who left home a whole decade a go to go and find a living and at least make a name for himself. While leaving Surrender in Montana ten years a go, Dane reportedly had to part ways with the woman he loved and basically abandoned her for that long period of time without writing or any form of communication to her. In this specific book edition of Liliana Hart about the MacKenzie Family, it comes out clearly that on his return back home, one thought filled Dane MacKenzie’s mind to capacity. This is the lovely thought of getting his golden chance one that he had waited for, for all those years that he had been away from Surrender Montana; that of getting back to the woman that he loved but whom he had left for so long. The author brings out this story quite well and being a reader, she leaves you with so much expectation and want that you can not help but pursue the whole series so as to get a first hand story of Dane MacKenzie especially as depicted in the first book of the MacKenzie Family series ‘Dane’. Further into the first episode book of the MacKenzie Family series, the author creatively helps the reader to note that Dane who is recorded as a bad boy in the book is determined to win back the love of his life Charlotte but as it is to be realized in the book, Charlotte Munroe has no desire for her former love Dane because Dane deserted her and left her with a pregnancy that she had to carry and nurse all alone for that long time.

True to his thoughts and anticipations, Dane manages to get back to the woman that he loved. This is found in the second sequence of the MacKenzie Family books series named ‘A Christmas Wish’. In the book, it is found out that even though Dane has previously made grave mistakes, like any respectable and responsible young man of character he is more than ready and willing to do more good so as to gradually overwrite the mistakes that he had made. In A Christmas Wish, Dane has happily got back, to the love for his life Charlotte but as it was, Charlotte had given birth to a boy child just after Dane had deserted her in Surrender, Montana. The boy child was Dane’s and after ten years of absence, the reuniting is good for Dane but he has to handle the tricky situation of a son who he never knew a thing about. Deeper into the second book of the MacKenzie family, we find out that things are not yet moving to Dane’s expectations because as said in the previous sentence, Dane knew not about his son with his love but worse is the other part of the son not knowing Dane and having yet to come to terms with the change of situation and recognizing Dane as his father. This situation troubles Dane the most because as a reader, one can imagine how sad it would feel not to be recognized by your own son although for this particular point we know that the father had been absent for the better of the child’s boyhood. Apart from this, Charlotte has been proposed to by Dane but she has remained reserved on setting a wedding date for the two of them a situation that makes Dane get more perplexed.

Basically, in the second book of the MacKenzie Family series by Liliana Hart we find out that love is the main theme and as it is depicted, what Dane wanted for Christmas was a complete reunion with his family so that they can live together happily and this would help him write off his past mistakes. Dane’s Christmas wish was eventually achieved by a carefully planned seduction of Charlotte in line with an old legend and with the help of an ever supporting family.

The Liliana Hart written books about the MacKenzie Family are one series of a book that any avid reader would not afford to miss in their library. Apart from Dane and A Christmas Wish, the other books are great too and the storyline is well maintained a fact that makes reading the books more worthy, interesting and enjoying. Each book seems to be a perfect continuation of the latter while each latter book end makes a reader get an unending craving for the next one.

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