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MacKinnon’s Rangers Books In Order

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Publication Order of MacKinnon’s Rangers Books

MacKinnon’s Rangers Series

The American author of romance novels Pamela Clare is well known for her intelligent and well written bestselling books. With an eye for historical settings too, she really manages to evoke a strong sense of the period that she’s writing about with care. Knowing her audience well, she pushes each and every concept of hers to the limit, making the full use of their potential. This has worked extremely well for her, allowing her to find scores of readers from around the world, with readers far and wide singing her many praises.

One series that she’s become particularly well known for is that of her Mackinnon’s Rangers collection of novels. Set in the past of America, they’re romances combined with a grand sense of adventure, focusing on Scottish Highland warriors forced to take up arms alongside the British Crown in the American colonies. This is because they’ve been charged with a crime that they did not commit, as they must fight the French while being allied with the Indian tribes.

Taking place over the course of three books, the series would start out back in 2006, continuing into 2012. There would also be spin-off novellas and short-stories, such as a 2012 Christmas special titled ‘Midnight Beneath the Mistletoe.’ This would all establish an inventive and highly compelling series of novels, keeping readers hooked continually all the way.


This would first come out in 2006 on the 28th of February to much critical acclaim, setting up the first title in the ongoing ‘MacKinnon’s Rangers’ series of novels. Establishing the characters and the world for the first time, it creates a compelling self-contained romance set within it. The story is a strong one, and would be brought out as a Mass Market Paperback, gaining a RITA award the following year in 2007.

Forced to battle the French in an all out war, the MacKinnon brothers are a proud group of extremely skilled warriors. That’s when Iain MacKinnon finds himself compelled to save Annie from the death at the hands of the Abenaki tribe. Now Iain finds that he has feelings for her, as he attempts to hold back the passion, which is chemistry that they both share. Can they both manage it though, will Iain discover Annie’s secret, and what will become of them both as they give in and surrender?

This is a great first entry into the series, and an exciting passionate introduction to the overall world of the characters as a whole. It’s got a lot of compelling ideas running throughout, making it an extremely engaging book on many different levels. Setting itself apart from other books in its genre, there’s definitely a lot here for both fans of the author, and of the genre to invest themselves in.


Coming out in 2008, this was first released on the 25th of November, and it would be the second book in the ‘MacKinnon’s Rangers’ series. Following on with the same premise as before, it would look at another of MacKinnon brothers, as he must also deal with being wrongfully imprisoned. Fighting for the British Crown too, it’s another romance that really does stand on its own, whilst also paving the way for more books to follow.

Morgan MacKinnon would never betray his own men, despite being forced to lead them in a war serving for the British Crown. That’s when he’s captured by the Abenaki and threatened with death, as the tribe are allies of the French, but he finds himself fighting for freedom. Following the passionate look he shares with French woman named Amalie who’s convent-bred, the two of them find themselves longing for one another. Will they be able to escape from the war though, can they overcome the hardships in their way, and what will become of them as they find themselves untamed?

Capturing the tone of the first whilst also bringing plenty of exciting twists and turns of its own, Clare really does deliver here yet again. Clearly confident with the series and in her element, she takes the reader on a journey, making for a very engaging story once more. The characters are all interesting, allowing both them and their world to really come alive for the reader, drawing them in.


Released on the 3rd of July in 2012, this was the third book in the ‘MacKinnon’s Rangers’ trilogy of much loved novels. Providing another romance set in the same world, this features another MacKinnon brother once again, as he finds himself in a romance. There’s a lot of passion here, as well as a lot of attention to detail, really making sure the historical setting is depicted with a sense of accuracy.

Despising his commander Lord William Wentworth, Major Connor MacKinnon is ordered to rescue his niece Lady Sarah Woodville from the Shawnee tribe. Meeting her he is surprised to find that she’s not arrogant, but brave and beautiful, as he must defeat the Shawnee warrior to save her. A long way from the safety of London, Lady Sarah soon finds a growing attraction towards Connor, as the two of them share a chemistry together. Will they overcome the many perils in their path though, can they break free happily together, and what will become of them as they find themselves otherwise defiant?

It’s easy to see why this was nominated for another RITA award in 2013, as it doesn’t fail to deliver, making for an excellent example of the historical romance genre. A truly immersive and engaging experience, it’s a story that definitely does not hold back at any single stage in the proceedings. There’s plenty of genuine surprises that really catch the reader off-guard, making for a book that really is a strong third novel.

The MacKinnon’s Rangers Series

An extremely well written and fun engaging series, this makes the most of it’s compelling concept on every single level. Knowing the genre well, Pamela Clare really is a gifted author when it comes to engaging the audience, and giving them exactly what they want. This is one book that definitely knows what it’s about, allowing its story to come alive on every single page, along with the characters. Continuing to find audience with readers from all over, it will carry on building a following with every passing day.

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