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Publication Order of MacLarens of Boundary Mountain Books

The MacLarens of Boundary Mountain book series is an exciting series of historical romance, western, adult fiction, historical fiction, and erotica novels. It is written by a renowned American writer named Shirleen Davies. The series is comprised of a total of 9 books released between 2015 and 2019. Shirleen has set the books of this series in California and has depicted the main characters as indulging in love affairs and going on to cherish their passionate romance against all odds. The stories are usually shown revolving around the members of the MacLaren family. Some of the essential characters mentioned in the novels by Shirleen Davies include Colin MacLaren, Sarah MacGregor, Brodie MacLaren, Quinn MacLaren, Sam Covington, Heather MacLaren, Nate Hollis, Caleb Stewart, Emma Pearce, Ira Greene, August Fielder, Jack Perkins, Grant MacLaren, Thomas Covington, Levi Abrahams, Alex Campbell, Miranda Harris, Fletcher MacLaren, Bayard Donahue, Suzette Gasnier, etc. Every book features the love story of one member of the MacLaren family.

Shirleen Davies is a noteworthy American writer of young adult, historical fiction, romance, erotica, and suspense novels. She is known to have written several successful book series in her writing career, including the Redemption Mountain series, MacLarens of Fire Mountain series, Eternal Brethren series, MacLarens of the Boundary Mountain series, etc. Shirleen hails from Southern California. She studied at the Oregon State University and has obtained degrees from the Maryland University and the San Diego State University. During the daytime, Shirleen Davies works as a business consultant and uses her spare times to write emotional stories of revolving around flawed people, who discover redemption through love & acceptance. Currently, Shirleen resides in northern Arizona, where she lives with her loving husband. Her husband and family members support her writing passion and like all her work. She considers them her first critics. Shirleen has her first home in Arizona and a second home in California. Her five sons are all grown up and have their own distinguished careers. Shirleen says that except for finding some more time for her writing works, she doesn’t want to change anything. Her life is full of adventure and new happenings and she is quite satisfied with it.

The debut book of the MacLarens of Boundary Mountain series is entitled ‘Colin’s Quest’. It was released in 2015 by the Avalanche Ranch Press. The book opens by mentioning that Colin MacLaren undertakes a journey in a wagon train to head west. He hopes to experience adventure and a little bit of danger on his journey. However, he meets a girl in an unexpected manner, whom he ends up loving forever. But, things take a different course when Colin learns his love interest is the daughter of the age-old enemy of his family. Being a MacGregor, Sarah is forced to side with her family instead of Colin. Colin decides to give up his anger and requests Sarah’s father to let him marry her and forget the enmity that the two families share. But, he doesn’t listen to his sincere request and refuses vehemently. Eventually, Colin and Sarah get separated and are forced to live apart. They remain away from each other for a period of five years. In all these years, Sarah seems to have not forgotten Colin. She also remembers the promise that Colin had made about coming for her.

Sarah still keeps the brooch close to her heart that Colin had given to her as a symbol of their secretly performed betrothal. As Sarah watches the trails of California eagerly and hopes for Colin to return and claim her, her father discloses that he has other plans for her. On the other hand, Colin MacLaren is determined that nothing can prevent him from getting back to Sarah and making her his own forever. He does not worry about the runaways, outlaws, or the vast stretch of difficult trails leading up to California. Subsequently, it is found that reuniting with Sarah is just the beginning of the problems in Colin’s life. The two are required to gather their courage and fight all the obstacles that intend to keep them apart. They are all geared up to take on the challenge of uniting their independent hearts.

The second volume of the series is known as ‘Brodie’s Gamble’. It was also published by the Avalanche Ranch publication in 2016. The lead characters of this novel include Brodie MacLaren and Maggie King. Initially, it is mentioned that Brodie MacLaren dreams to wear the stars, protect the innocent people and help serve justice by imprisoning the guilty. He is very firm in his beliefs and doesn’t like to bend any rules. Brodie does not different men and women when it comes to punishing the guilty. Maggie King thinks that her life is a nightmare. She wants nothing more from life than to live each day peacefully and recapture her stolen life. Every day, Maggie prays to find a way to escape from the clutches of her married life. She takes a shot at the only chance she gets and lashes out. However, she seems rather unprepared for the consequent panic and finds that her husband is lying motionless in front of her.

Brodie acts as per what he sees and does not believe that he is the one to decide guilt and innocence. And when Maggie’s story of abduction and abuse unfold, Brodie’s orderly world of black & white goes for a spin. When nothing seems to add up and Brodie continues to get attracted to Maggie, he feels doubtful of the events unfolding in front of his eyes that he is not willing to embrace. Later, Brodie MacLaren wonders if having a lifetime of belief in absolute right & wrong can bring a change in his heart. Maggie King feels that she got rid of one captivity and became a victim of another. She consumed by absolute thoughts of escaping the captivity of the handsome lawman Brodie in spite of developing feelings for him. As time goes by, Maggie realizes that she has to fight more than the attraction of the unyielding lawman as someone is looking to silence her forever. Brodie feels that he is facing a challenge on multiple fronts. He decides to take a gamble that poses the threat of destroying his heart or changing his life.

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