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Macronomicon is the pen name used by an intriguing author from Alaska to write fantasy, science fiction, and apocalyptic stories. He is well known for writing the popular apocalyptic series called Systems of Apocalypse. Additionally, Macronomicon has written a couple of single books, Wake of the Ravager and The Outer Sphere. Author Macronomicon likes to think of himself as a writer who has a passion for writing E-pubs and web novels with entertaining stories. His novels have fared very well and have helped to establish himself as a noteworthy author in the internet world. The place where he lives is quite scarce in population and civilization. There are not many opportunities to earn livelihood there, the closest job being more than 60 miles away. Even if Macronomicon wishes to enjoy a refreshing glass of soda, he has to travel fifteen miles. Such limitations forced him to look for other ways of earning a livelihood. And when he gave a thought at the idea of doing something from the comfort of his home, nothing seemed to fit better than turning his passion for writing into his profession.

Another reason for him to try and look for ways to work hard and come up with interesting stories is that everything in his region is very expensive. Be it gas, plumbing, or food, nothing comes easy and lighter on the pocket. So, every dollar spent on his day-to-day activities and needs makes him write more. A few years before, Macronomicon used to take matters into his own hands and get down to repairing things in the freezing weather. Very soon, he realized that it is not his cup of tea and it is better to spend some money to get things done rather than toiling himself without achieving satisfactory results. This made Macronomicon make up his mind to keep writing exciting stories to make money and pay for his expenses. Also, his passion never let him sit in peace. He claims to have a hyperactive brain where interesting ideas keeping popping up every now and then.

Macronomicon feels he doesn’t get enough time to put all those stories on paper. So, he keeps noting down things as and when possible and then tries to give them the shape of a story at the end of the day. He has been enjoying the process for the last several years and hopes to keep doing it for many more years to come. Author Macronomicon has an account on the website, He uses this site to post various things, including rough drafts, finished products, latest updates, upcoming books, release dates, etc. Some of his materials are available for free, while the viewers are required to pay to get access to his original content. Over the years, Macronomicon has developed a huge following of patrons for himself. Very often, he likes to give special access to a few selected ones. In the unique access, he makes available excerpts from unpublished content, early looks, etc. He even makes his patrons indulge in brainstorming and polls that have a big impact on the overall development of the story.

Author Macronomicon loves to know that he was born and brought up in Alaska. He likes the place very much and wishes to explore every inch of it in the times to come. Macronomicon is in his thirties and is happily married. During his spare time, he likes to be active on social media platforms and interact with fans and followers. Macronomicon loves to get acquainted with new people and make new friends. His special interest lies in meeting artists and creators and talk to them about his work. Getting feedback from them makes him pumped up and full of energy to improve his future work and hone his writing skills. Macronomicon feels proud to know that his works are hailed with kind words from critics and fellow writers. He takes every suggestion and criticism with all seriousness and uses them to bring improvements in his writing talents. Author Macronomicon looks forward to writing a lot more entertaining books in the coming years and make them available for his fans all over the world to read and enjoy. He also wishes to broaden fan-following to a much greater extent and get included in the list of the most celebrated authors of all time.

An exciting book written by author Macronomicon is entitled ‘Apocalypse: Generic System’. It was released in 2020 as a Kindle book. The central character featured in this novel is Jeb Trapper. Initially, it is depicted that Jeb Trapper tried to commit suicide with a gun, but it got jammed and did not fire. A couple of months later, Jeb enrolls himself in the underground experiment of ecstasy for the treatment of his PTSD. Things seemed to be going great until the Generic System gets installed. This forces Jeb Trapper to choose his tutorial’s difficulty. But the problem is that he is high under the influence of the drug and everything seems possible to him. This book offers an awesome read from start to end. It keeps the readers engaged and intrigued. Macronomicon has described a pretty good magic system. There is a fresh breath of air in this story with fun characters and an interesting storyline. The standout aspect of the novel is its main character. Macronomicon has given great pacing to the story and has also provided a satisfying end. All these factors give an excellent reading experience to the readers.

Another mind-blowing book written by the author is known as ‘The Outer Space’. It was published by RoyalRoad in 2018. The book’s story revolves around the life of the primary character named Garth Daniels. In the book, the author has depicted a fantasy world in which the earth’s population is at war against monsters known as the Kipling. Initially, Garth Daniels is introduced as a man running out of luck. He lives in a quiet town located at the center of America. Garth appears to be running away from life as the universe is engaged in a war between hopping monsters feeding on the flesh of earth’s living creatures. Garth feels humans are the new layer in this war. The monsters seem unstoppable. When it is learned that the only way to defeat the monsters is with the use of specific physics, Garth thinks there has been an assimilation of the universe to give humans a fighting chance. He decides to set his knowledge of things aside and think about ways to adapt to the nature’s new laws if he wishes to survive and save the human race.

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