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Macy Greeley Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Macy Greeley Mystery Books

The Mercy Greeley Mystery is a series by Karin Salvaggio, a West Virginia native and it includes books such as Bone Dust White, Burnt River, and Walleye Junction. Being the child of a military man and a homemaker mom, Karin moved around and as forever anticipating the next move, the hours spent on the road and the start of a new life in a new pace. Karin has lived in places such as Florida, Alaska as well as outside the country in places such as Iran and California. Karin graduated in 1989 from the University of California Santa Cruz and is currently a resident of London in England. She also holds a Masters degree in Creative Writing from Birkbeck, University of London. Her attest book in the series is set for publication in May 2017.

The Macy Greeley series is a detective series and revolves around the life of detective Macy Greeley who goes to great lengths to solve mysteries including leaving her young child with her mother. The first book in Macy Greeley Mystery series is Bone Dust White (2014). The second novel in the series Burnt River was published in 2015 while Walleye Junction was released in 2016/

Bone Dust White (2014)

Witnessing the murder of a person is tough. It becomes more difficult if it is the death of someone you know every well as compared to that of a stranger. This is what Grace; a young, troubled and vulnerable woman in Collier, Montana had to go through one evening. It started with a frantic knock on her door and when she goes to check she sees a strange woman who is walking along the trails of her home.

Before Grace can do anything about it, a man emerges from the shadows, stabs the woman and retreats into the woods. Grace immediately calls and while anticipating their late arrival, rushes over to the stabbed woman and is quite shocked to find that it is her mother whom she last saw when aged seven.

The shock is just too much, and Grace ends up in a hospital. Enter detective Macy Greeley, who is heavily pregnant, and she is back to the small town where she once solved a case. Her mission in the city is to find the killer and find out the relationship between the murder and the young woman. Collier is a town riddled with many secrets with some of its top residents having different faces. Some of the problems in the town include trafficking of young women and children being exploited. In her quest to solve her case, Greeley has to re-open old wounds, and she will also encounter people who are hell bent on holding secrets to protect themselves. Salvaggio has started her series with a sizzling mystery that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Burnt River (2015)

Eighteen months after giving birth to her baby, Detective Macy Greeley is sent to Wilmington Creek in northern Montana by her boss State Police Captain Ray Davidson. This time, it is to solve the case where Afghanistan war veteran John Dalton who has been shot outside in an alley just outside a local bar.

On reaching the ranching community, Macy expects to solve a straightforward case but shock on her when it seems that the friends of the victims Tyler and Dylan as well as Jessie, his twin sister are hiding some secrets. Just as things start becoming more complicated, the area starts experiencing wildfires and heat waves that are taking a toll on all the town resources of the area.

The water level of Darby Lake have dropped to a record low and with the problems caused by the fire Police Chief Aiden Marsh is very busy but still, finds time to help Macy with the case. On the other hand, Jessie is quite uncomfortable with the current situation given what could be discovered if the rains do not return to the valley as soon as possible. She is still undecided as to whether hindering or helping with the murder investigations is the best move. Macy is also finding it difficult navigating the politics of the Dalton clan as well as those of the small town.

As the murder investigations rage on, Macy is also facing her personal problems as she is not happy about having to leave young son back home in Helena. Her relationship with the father of her son, Davidson is not any better, and so far all Macy has managed to get from him are let downs and many empty promises. Despite her personal problems, Macy can separate issues and starts piecing together various aspects of the case, but the question is will she solve the case in time to prevent more victims from getting hurt.

Walleye Junction (2016)

The remote town of Walleye Junction is the scene of Detective Macy Greeley’s latest case where the outspoken host of a radio show is kidnapped and then murdered. In this book published in 2016, Macy has to leave her son with her mother and help to solve the crime that is believed to be a result of a radio show that Long dad on the increase of far-right militias within the state.

A few days later, the tow kidnappers are found dead, and the police are ready to shut down the case. Macy, on the other hand, is not willing to close it as the answers seem so obvious. Also, the son of the kidnappers has run away, and anonymous emails are now turning the investigations towards the abuse of prescription painkillers.

Meanwhile, there is also Philip’s daughter, Emma, who left Walleye Junction twelve years ago after losing her friend to a drug overdose and on her return discovers that not much has changed. Emma is dismayed and uneasy as the status quo stirs up memories that she would rather forget. With all these happenings, Macy once again finds herself deep in the murky waters of a small town with all its intrigues. Will she be successful in the search for the murderer of the controversial radio host?

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