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Publication Order of Madd CrossFit Books

Lani Lynn Vale is a best-selling author known for writing contemporary and romantic suspense works.

Vale has hit the tops of the charts for publications such as USA Today and the Wall Street Journal for her works. She is well known for the love that she has for anything having to do with romance.

The author met the love of her life early in high school. She says that the reason that she fell for him was because at the time, he was wearing baseball pants. The two of them are now married. They share three children and a cat that they call Demon, which is an apt name since the feline friend tends to wake the author up at all times inconvenient during the night.

The pair reside in what Lani Lynn refers to as the ‘greatest state in the world’, referring to Texas, of course. She spends her time hanging out and taking care of her family, making sure that her husband and children have things to eat and drink. When not busy with that, you can find her sitting in front of the computer typing away and writing more of her fictional characters’ lives and the world that they live in.

No Rep is the first novel in the Madd CrossFit series by Lani Lynn Vale. If you are looking for a new romance to read, then check this one out!

Main character Taos is tired of things. He’s tired of all the things that have to do with living, every single one of them. He isn’t exhausted of these things to the point of being suicidal, but he is tired to the point where he just does not really care about all that much anymore.

Taos has been through more than the average person thanks to his job. Working as a police officer for several years of his life, he has seen lots of the ugliness that this world has in it. He probably spent too many years on the job, to be honest. But he managed to find a way out of it. Once Taos discovered a way that he could keep his spending and budget the same that did not have to involve dealing with criminals or having guns pointing at his face, he quits the job and walks away without looking back.

The only catch is that now that he’s left his job for something new, he finds that old habits are hard to shake. This includes falling for women that are beautiful and make him feel better. In particular, a gorgeous young lady that makes his heart feel much less broken than it is. Then there’s Fran.

Fran has gone through a lot in her life, and not all of it positive. She survived a horrific attack that almost took her life in the process. After that, she has found it hard to leave the house. She stays up there hidden and it has become her main comfort zone. Maybe it’s post-traumatic stress disorder, but Fran feels that if she goes outside it might end up being the last thing that she does.

Luckily she has people in her life that can help her get out of her comfort zone, or Fran might never leave the house. Her sister means well and convinces Fran that she needs to face her fears head-on. She thinks it’d be good for her to do something outside of the house, so Fran decides to join up with Madd CrossFit. She’ll be facing her fears and getting some exercise and feeling good in the process.

While there, she suddenly encounters a familiar face. It’s a man that saved her life just one year ago. She is surprised to see him there, but then realizes that he has no idea of the relationship that he has to her. Fran is immediately crushing on him and thinks that he’s everything that she thinks a man ought to be. But it appears that he doesn’t want that much to do with her. Maybe he’s anti-social?

Fran realizes that she is going to have to do something to get him to look at her. She really likes him, so she’s going to find a way to catch this man’s attention. She just didn’t realize that may involve almost getting killed for this guy to realize that she exists. Can she survive whatever encounter’s coming her way and get the man of her dreams to notice her? Read this book to find out!

Jerk It is the second novel in the Madd CrossFit series by Lani Lynn Vale. If you like a good romance, check this book out!

Mavis always thought that she would be in the hospital set up with some good drugs when the time came for her to deliver her baby. She never thought that she would deliver a child randomly in the middle of a road with only the town mechanic for company– who hates her. However, that’s exactly what ended up having.

Mavis was delivering a rock star’s infant, with no one by her side except an individual that had never ceased to hold back on telling her what an awful person he thought she was. But it’s okay, because the important thing is that she has Murphy’s baby.

She first met Murphy when she was eight years old. The two became best friends, and even back then, she knew that he was destined for something big. Then things changed when her grandma fired his mother. This led to them having no home and having to live on the streets. Murphy wondered whether they really were best friends.

Murphy had loved Mavis when he was younger, but then he felt she betrayed him. Once he believed that, he stayed away from Mavis as much as possible, never getting too close to her. Despite the fact that every part of him desperately wants to be around her. So when he comes back into town having been gone for five years, he does what he can to keep his distance.

But when he sees Mavis at his CrossFit gym, he realizes that the feelings he had for her are still there. Is there a chance for them to be together? Or will some health news ensure that he and Mavis never get their happily ever after? Read this book to find out!

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