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Publication Order of Sarah Tolerance Books

Point of Honour (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Petty Treason (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sleeping Partner (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Stone War (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Daredevil (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sold for Endless Rue (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Isaac Asimov's Aliens & Outworlders(1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 1991(1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Starlight 3(2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lace and Blade 2(2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mad Science Café(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whitehall - Season One Volume One(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Madeleine E. Robins is an American published author.

Robins was born in New York City. She has held a variety of jobs including an actor, a teacher, a nanny, an administrator, a stage combatant, an editor of comic books, baker, typist and clerk, repairer to damaged books, editorial consultant, and writer.

Madeleine enjoys writing because it gives her an outlet as well as the chance to be able to focus on many of her passions. These include history, cities, swordplay, researching diseases and their history, as well as the future of humanity and historical infrastructure and costuming.

The author attended Connecticut College, graduating with her degree in the field of Theatre Studies. She also happens to be one of the founding members of an online resource called Book View Cafe. She resides in San Francisco.

Madeleine E. Robins is the creator and the author of the Sarah Tolerance series. This fictional series became available to readers for the first time in 2003, when the debut novel was released. The sequel came out shortly after. In 2011, The Sleeping Partner was released and made the series a trilogy.

Point of Honor is the first book in the Sarah Tolerance series. In this debut story, readers get the opportunity to meet the main character that the series is named for!

Sarah Tolerance ran away from the life that she knew when she was just sixteen years old. She left home and ran away with the fencing master who used to instruct her brother. But when he passes away, she decides to come back to England. The only problem is that she is a Fallen Woman.

Even though it’s not a desirable position to be in, Sarah is not going to follow the path of other Fallen Women. Those who have been in her position often turn to becoming a courtesan to make ends meet. Sarah is used to shooting straight and has a pretty good handle on her pistol as well as her sense of mind. She is sharper than many other women of her age and in addition to being clever, she is discreet as well.

All of this is precisely what leads her to creating a new life for herself working as a discreet private investigator. As the only agent of her type working in London in 1810, she is a rare exception to what most women her age are doing.

The king at the moment is George III, while Queen Charlotte is the ruling regent. Sarah’s new position allows her the rare ability to navigate the different social levels of society and mingle with all sorts of people. As a result, she is able to find out quite a number of things that would be difficult for others to discover.

She is also able to find lost things and lose things that are too risky to hold onto. She is trying to make her living as an investigator, knowing all the while that it’s going to be hard work. Now a representative of an Earl has requested that she take on a case. The case involves finding an old gift, a fan that the father of the Earl gave to a lady.

All that is known about the woman is that she has brown eyes. Sarah is charged with discovering the secrets related to the fan. But as she grows closer to solving the case, she finds that killers may be on her tail. They will stop at nothing to stop the Earl and Sarah from finding out the truth. Now this investigator is starting to catch on– this fan has another secret that may hold the key to England’s fate.

They are going to have to decipher the secret in order to save England. However, Sarah is finding that things are only growing more complex as she finds herself growing nearer to the Earl as the case goes on.

She is going to have to do her best to save the country. She’s trying to make the right choice, but will her instincts lead her to triumph or failure? You are going to have to read this book to find out!

Petty Treason is the second book in the Sarah Tolerance series. This sequel picks up right where the first one left off. The year remains 1810 and King George is still ruling with Queen Charlotte by his side.

Miss Tolerance remains working in private investigation. She is the only type of inquiry agent to be found in London, and as a result, is finding her services in increasingly high demand. Her original goal was to be able to track down lost objects and trinkets while being able to send stray husbands to their homes and wives and even provide answers or protection to wealthy people.

As much as she tries to keep business simple, she finds that it is pretty inevitable that she will be drawn into deeper plots. Now she is facing down a case that is more puzzling than any she has ever taken on. It is a murder mystery and one that is most interesting.

French émigré Chevalier d’Aubigny met a horrible end. He was killed through beating, and in his very own bed, to add insult to fatal injury. His retainers discovered him dead the morning after, but all the windows and doors in the house were sealed.

The case is challenging, but Sarah knows that she can solve this murder if she tries. But as she takes it on and begins to start interviewing suspects and witnesses, she finds that things are increasingly complicated. The man that was murdered had far more foes than he did friends. There are many people who could have had the motive to murder him.

Worse than that, there are plenty who did wish him dead. The list of potential killers is long. Sarah takes on the case and it will take her to a variety of places that she never imagined. From the brothels of London’s underworld to perhaps the royals themselves, Sarah must find the truth in the perilous corridors of Regency London.

Will she be able to catch the guilty party? Pick up this book and read to the end to find out!

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