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Publication Order of A Bewitching Mystery Books

The Trouble With Magic (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Charmed Death (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hex Marks the Spot (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Rest for the Wiccan (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where There's a Witch (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Witch In Time (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home for a Spell (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Madelyn Alt is a well known author from the United States, who like to write mostly in the science fiction, mystery, fantasy and thriller genres. She is one of the few national bestselling author and is particularly known for writing down the all famous Bewitching Mystery Series. She spends her days managing business and keeps herself busy writing mystery novels during the night time. Other than writing, Madelyn likes eating chocolates and is very fond cats. She has Siamese cats at her home and loves to spend quality time with them. She normally writes from her home in the northeastern Indiana. She has managed to design her home as the era of the 1870’s and live with a number of male members and a couple of Siamese cats. Madelyn says that she loves whatever she does and does it with full determination. Her passion for writing mystery novels can be efficiently seen from her successful novel series. Apart from writing novels, she likes to spend her time doing creative things like crafting and designing and loves to live a simple life. She describes herself as a quirky girl of her age, who loves to get herself busy in doing something or the other.

Madelyn is quite intuitive, a wonderful mother and a wife, a caretaker of her family and friends. She always strives to make the life of her family and friends better in every possible manner. Madelyn is also very curious about saving the planet Earth also likes to do things hat help her in the cause. Most of her mornings and evenings are spent in walking with her dog alongside the quiet and mist-filled roads of the city. She has developed the idea of shunning her four-wheeler vehicle and likes to travel on foot or on a two wheeler cycle or a motorbike, with a view to saving the planet from pollution from the exhaustion of fuel from her vehicle and its harmful effects. Her favorite bike is the Classic Cruiser 630 model with a basket and shining navy paint. She also likes to manage her garden and watch movies. Her favorite films include Pride and Prejudice, The Sixth Sense, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Love Actually and a few others as well. Madelyn likes to listen to music whenever she gets time from her busy schedule. Her list of favorite music includes Damien Rice, Flogging Molly, Loreena McKennit, Scottish Pub Band, David Gray among a few others. He is greatly inspired by the works of fellow authors J.K. Rowling, Jenny Cruise, Barbara Samuels, Jill Barnett, Barbara Michaels, Nora Roberts, and Anne Stuart.

The novel series ‘A Bewitching Mystery’ written by Madelyn Alt consists of eight mystery novels published between 2006 and 2015 by the Berkeley Prime Crime publishing house. The series deals with a simple, small town young girl names Maggie O’Niell. Her mysterious life around her Witchy boss and ghost hunting friends formed under the team, ‘N.I.G.H.T.S’. Maggie gets involved in investigating the paranormal disturbances along with the friends of her group, throughout the series. She and her friends show the determination to solve the series of murders that take place in the shadow of the paranormal activities. Maggie is depicted as a girl from Stony Mill, Indiana, who works as a clerk in an antique shop owned by her boss Felicity Dow. The series is described as a marvelous mystery with hex appeal. It seems to be enchanting, quirky and addictive to read. The author Madelyn Alt has done a great job in crafting a tale of mysteries with goodness. The first novel of the series was published in the year 2006 by the Berkeley Prime Crime publishing house under the title ‘The Trouble With Magic’. It features the main characters, Maggie O’Niell, Marcus Quinn and Felicity Dow, and is set in the hometown of Maggie, Stony Mill, Indiana, Unites States. The plot of the novel opens up with Maggie working as a clerk under the owner of an antiques shop, Felicity Dow. Maggie becomes weirded a little bit after finding out that her new boss was a witch. However, the situation takes a different turn when Felicity herself becomes a suspect in the murder of a local citizen. Now, Maggie starts believing that Felicity might have not committed the crime, although she was a witch. She begins to use her talent to save Felicity and serve the justice by finding the real murderer. Maggie takes the help of Felicity’s friends to find some clue about the crime by investigating the criminal activity privately. The novel wonderfully shows her attempts to save her boss and in the end becomes successful in catching the real killer.

The first novel of the series, ‘A Bewitching Mystery’ was followed by another successful novel titled ‘A Charmed Death’. This novel was also published by the Berkeley Prime Crime publishing house in the year 2006 and was set in the same town of Stone Mill, Indiana, United States. The second installment of the series also features the same characters Maggie O’Niell and Felicity Dow. The plot of this novel depicts Maggie as a small-town girl, who used to do some dead-end jobs. Now, she has joined one of the finest antiques shops in Stone Mill, Enchantments and has developed some new powers as being a new witch of the town. Even though she attains new powers as a witch, she finds it difficult to cope with it. She is also burdened with the job of keeping the records of the stock in her shop as well as organizing and remembering to tape the reruns of the show, Magnum as it is one of her favorite shows. Other than that, Maggie also works as a private investigator to investigate the paranormal activities taking place in the city. She witnesses an altercation between a teenage girl with another customer in he her shop Enchantments and later finds out that the girl is dead. The police seem to be unable to find the killer, which compels Maggie to do the investigation herself. She banks on the special powers of her charms, mystical intuitions and some other spells to obtain important clues about the murder. She is helped by her boss, Felicity Dow, who is also her favorite witch. Their determination helps them to dig deep in order to bring out the truth related to the murder of the teenage girl.

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