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Madman’s Daughter Books In Order

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Publication Order of Madman’s Daughter Books

The Madman's Daughter (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Dark Curiosity (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Cold Legacy (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Imagine living in a world where you live with doubts of those close to you. What do you do when your only surviving parent, who you have for long believed is dead, is said to be alive and a complete psychopath? Would you search for him? Just what do you do if you discovered you are no different from him? How far would you be willing to go to find out secrets in life or what would you do to keep the secrets? This is a series of quests that drive the characters in the trilogy.

The author Megan Shepherd, driven by her love for the series ‘Lost’ and inspired by ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’ by H.G. Wells writes The Madman’s Daughter. This is a thrilling horror about a teenage girl who leaves her poor life in London to look for a disgraced and absent father. Megan initially wrote The Madman’s Daughter to be a stand-alone title. The book had a cliffhanger ending which gave room for more on the thriller story in two more books.

The author

Megan Shepherds grew in a bookstore. She has had a strong reverence for authors and their works. She was Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal in literacy projects that involves collecting tales. This moved her to producing literature herself. She has won various honors in the American Booksellers Association. Her series was highly demand after its trailer was shared.

Main character

Juliet Moreau is the main character in Megan Shepherd’s trilogy ‘Madman’s Daughter.’ Juliet, a sixteen-year old in 1894, has lived like an orphan. After her mother’s death, her father who is a loved scientist and doctor in London disappears and is believed to be dead. Juliet Moreau builds her life as a maid in London. She is subject to a life of poverty but is determined to let go the past. Her life takes a different shape when she learns that her father was still alive and continued with his experiments. She sets out to find the truth behind the rumors of how her father gruesomely experimented on animals. Juliet is decisive as she sets on her journey to the island. This changes when she meets her father who tries to win her. She is curious about the experiments by her father but retains a high intellectual level and is courageous throughout the series.

The series

There are three books in this series the first one being The Madman’s Daughter. The mysterious series is full of romance science, grotesque and deformed animals. It is full of mystery and fun in a horrifying manner which qualifies if for the madness in its title. The second book is based off Robert Louis’ Jekyll and Hyde and the third one on Frankenstein. The story is the same in the series and maintains the same places, scenes and characters. The series has been praised by New York Times bestseller describing it as a beautiful writing.

Plot outline

The story is set in London from the year 1894 and is “told” by Juliet Moreau, the main character.

She is accompanied by her father’s young assistant Montgomery and a castaway who they meet along the way, Edward Prince on a journey to the tropical island inhabited by her father. Here she comes to reality with her father’s madness: he performs experiments on animals and vivisects them to behave resemble and talk like humans. She is determined to end her father’s insanity then escape the island but she finds herself torn between the horror of her father’s creatures and her scientific curiosity. Sparks naturally emanate between her and the two gents who are into her. The boys’ attraction to her becomes another dilemma for her as the story develops. The island falls into chaos and it is here she realizes the extents of her father’s madness in her own blood.

The second book in the series is ‘Her Dark Curiosity’. When she returns to London, Juliet works on rebuilding her life and forgetting her father’s legacy however something or someone still remembers her and could be following her. Months pass when people close to her are murdered by a killer who she fears is one of her father’s creations who might have escaped the island. The murderer leaves three claw slashes on the victims. Juliet purposes to find the killer before Scotland Yard which means reviving a past she wished to forget. Her life is a total mix-up, obsessed to find this killer and a cure for herself. Her romantic dilemma remains as she has to choose between Montgomery who is faithful and tormented and Edward who juggles the line between being beast and boy. The mysterious nature of love has her doing all she can to save Edward for his own sake. She later unveils a conspiracy stretching in the society from the people she knows to those ranking high in the society. She finds herself again in the midst of a world of dangers and scandals.

The story develops with mysterious surroundings and twists and Megan introduces new characters giving readers a new experience. Juliet has to discover more than her father’s secret experiments as her friends keep so many secrets too.

Age of readers

This series is definitely written for people aged 13 and above. The horrifying writing takes over the fun and romance in the story. The explicit nature of the creatures in the story could be a little horrifying. It is especially an excellent piece for people intrigued by the mystery of science.


The series is a clear work of horror fiction. It is mixed with romance and science.


The series is currently available in print only but a script on a movie on it has been written by Roberto Aguirre- Sacasa. Paramount Pictures together with Fake Empire have optioned the movie rights for the series. Soon there will be a movie on the series.

This thriller series will keep you reading through and through without letting go. The plot maintains tension that keeps you moving on to the next page. The author applies skill in the prose and the end of one book will get you searching for the next book in the series.

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