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A Thousand Yesteryears (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Cold Tomorrow (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Desolate Hour (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Food For Poe (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Macabre Sanctuary(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mae Clair writes Suspense, Mystery and Thriller novels. She is a member of the International Thriller Writers and Mystery Writers of America and loves writing character driven fiction stories that vary from mythical to contemporary. Her father, an artist, inspired Clair to create worlds where anything is possible. Clair became a published author in 2012 when her first standalone novel Weathering Rock was published. In 2016, the author published A Thousand Yesteryears the first book in Point Pleasant series.

A Thousand Yesteryears

A Thousand Yesteryears is book one in Point Pleasant Series written by Mae Clair. The story introduces us to Eve Parrish who lost her father and a friend as a child in a tragic bridge collapse. One and half decades later, Eve returns to Point Pleasant to settle her dead aunt’s estate. Even though much has changed regarding the once thriving river community, the memories of the tragedy are still fresh in her mind and still weigh heavily on the small town as well as the rumors of sightings of Mothman, a local legend.

When Eve finds shocking information regarding the death of her aunt, the legend could be in danger of becoming too real. One of the survivors of the bridge collapse is Caden Fylnn, who still blames himself for persuading his younger sister out that fateful night. For the fifteen years, he has carried the guilt burden unaware of the darker events haunting the town. It is not long before Eve Parrish’s arrival brings to light an old secret- one that put her and Caden in the path of a ruthless killer.

A Thousand Yesteryears is a brilliant read from Mae Clair; the story features lots of different elements to it. First, there is the mystery aspect but is integrated with some paranormal and supernatural as well as bits of romantic suspense where Eve meets up with her childhood friend who she had feelings for. The two characters team up to solve the mystery together and finally unravel the identity of the killer haunting them. Overall, the debut novel is a brilliant read and an excellent start to a captivating and intriguing novel series. The author does a fantastic job when it comes to the characterization. The characters are all likable in the narrative while reading the book you will feel a strong connection between the characters whether they’re the protagonist or the antagonists.

The key ingredient that make Point Pleasant series one of Mae Clair best works is the fact that she actually did extensive research including visiting the setting (Point Pleasant) on more than one occasion in order to familiarize herself with the place, its people, the history and the urban legends that are associated with the site more so that of the Mothman. There are no shortcuts when it comes to Clair’s writing, as she has skillfully crafted her research findings into a highly recommended and remarkable suspense filled, paranormal and murder mystery.

A Cold Tomorrow

A Cold Tomorrow is the second novel in Point Pleasant series by Mae Clair. In this installment, we are introduced to Katie Lynch, whom one evening, while headed back home, comes across a car parked off the road. She stops to check if anyone inside needs help and finds Jerome who is in a trance only speaking one word “cold.” Katie knows that the young man requires help and she is relieved when a police officer passes by, and she leaves her neighbor to be given medical care by the officer.

The following day, Katie makes a call to the local sheriff office to speak to her friend officer Ryan to enquire about Jerome’s condition. Katie discovers that Jerome had never been admitted to the hospital and that there had never been a cop by the name “Brown” in the station leads the two (Katie and Ryan) to find out the mystery that Katie had witnessed that fateful night. Along with the reports of strange lights seen in the sky and the local cops finding mutilated animals, again the small town of Point Pleasant finds itself in the midst of a mystery.

A Cold Tomorrow is a brilliantly written second installment in Point Pleasant series. The story is set again in the small town of Point Pleasant in West Virginia where one and a half decades ago there had a bridge collapse that causes massive fatalities. The rumors are that supernatural entities caused the bridge collapse. The small town of Point Pleasant is full of different sightings and mysteries such as the rumored creature Mothman, mysterious men in black and UFO’s. The story picks up shortly after the end of the first installment, but there is an addition to the cast.

This book has a great mix of elements integrated into it. For instance, there is an incorporation of mystery/thriller aspect with a combination of paranormal and supernatural.

A Desolate Hour

A Desolate Hour introduces Quentin Marsh who was a musician until when a fatal accident changed his life forever, leaving him with a crushed hand to a point at which he could never play the same again. Working in the family line business with his twin sister, he finds himself in Point Pleasant WV upon the request of his sisters to investigate more about their bloodline. Quentin sister discovers that she is pregnant and expecting twins. A psychic had just warned her that twins in her family lineage have all been cursed and after Quentin’s fatal accident, they just cannot ignore the warning the psychic gave them.

Sarah Sherman is a local historian in the small local town of Point Pleasant. When Quentin arrives, he is directed to her to find out more about his family line. Even though many people find it strange and think that Quentin is crazy, Sarah is well familiar with the dark history of Point Pleasant the town that endured disasters day in day out including the winged creature- Mothman. As the two (Sarah and Quentin) dig deeper into their history, their search angers the ancient mystics surrounding the small town. As destruction and chaos befall the residents of Point Pleasant, will the two beat the clock and break the curse before the mythical creature- Mothman takes his revenge?

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