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Magdalene by Kristen Ashley is the series of romance novels by one of the best authors in the genre. Ashley was born in Gary Indiana and asserts that her mother nearly died giving birth to her and that she herself also nearly died since she had her umbilical cord entangled around her neck. She loves to joke that she was already accessorizing even before she took her first breath. She spent most of her childhood in Indiana in the small town of Brownsburg, though she has also lived in the West Country of England and in Denver Colorado. She has family and friends all across the globe most of who are loopy, which makes for a good story. In fact, she was raised in the country on a small farm in which she lived with a large multigenerational family. Their neighbors in the country were the likes of Whitesnake, REO Speedwagon, The Everly Brothers, and Glenn Miller. Needless to say, she grew up in a house full of love, which means she has a very good understanding of love that she translates into her bestselling romances.

The Magdalene series is set in the fictional town of Magdalene in Maine, that a set of sexy alpha males and sassy heroines call home. “The Will” the first novel in the series features Josephine a cool, beautiful and cultured woman. While she seems cool, calm and collected, beneath all that she is a smart, fun, feisty woman with a beautiful personality and big heart. Her love interest is Jake an alpha with a bossy attitude though he can also be the gorgeous lover, father, and badass fighter. However, above all, he is a wonderful man that cares for his family and would do anything for their happiness and safety. In the second novel in the series, we meet Amelia Hathaway a 47-year-old woman that is heartbroken from losing her marriage and her children. She is bitter and angry at her husband of 15 years that has destroyed her life by cheating on her. Nonetheless, while she has her moments of vulnerability, she is a caring, sweet and kindhearted and sassy heroine that often gives as good as she gets. Her love interest is a 48-year-old man named Mickey Donovan that is also divorced. Just like her, he loves his children to bits though he still struggles with relationships having been hurt badly by his just ended marriage. However, he is a great father and great man that often turns on the alpha charm being attentive, patient, loving and caring with the women in his life. The leads in the third novel of the series Coert and Cady that met at a party two decades ago before losing contact. Coert is the epitome of an alpha male being a stubborn, possessive and strong man that could also be caring and protective. Cady is an amazing heroine with a fragile side though she does not hesitate to showcase her tenacious and strong side when needed.

In “The Will” the first novel of the Magdalene series, we meet Josephine Malone, a woman that has grown accustomed to being alone. She spends much of her time traveling with her boss, a famous photographer that she has been working for, for more than two decades. She is enjoying her life as she has her friend and boss Henry and her grandmother, what more could she need? The only good thing about her childhood had been her grandmother who always wanted her to find someone special to spend her life with. She wanted her to be with Jake Spears who she first meets at her Gran’s funeral. He had attended the funeral alongside his three children. Just like Josie, he has been unlucky with relationships and has several failed marriages to his name. Gran had been there for him when he was struggling with his gym and had no one to take care of his children. As such, she was as special to him as she was to Josie. While Gran never mentioned Jake, he is the only person there at the reading of her will in which she says that she wants them to be together. She is hesitant at first as is to be expected but then decides to give the man a chance for the sake of her grannie. As she gets to know him and his children she starts to think that maybe it is time she set down roots and settled at Lavender House.

Amelia is the lead in “Soaring” the second novel of the Magdalene series. She once upon a time had a perfect life as an American heiress with two children and a husband that she loved. She had everything she ever wanted until her husband messed it all up by cheating on her, then divorced her to get married to the woman he was cheating on her with. The betrayal had torn her apart which was not made any better by the people in her life encouraging her to act in a distasteful manner. She had made some public scenes that were so out of character which made her lose the respect of her children. But the wakeup call was when her ex-husband took away the children and moved across the country. She realizes that she had not been living her life as she should. Seeking to win back her children and live her life to the full she packs up her bags and moved after them determined to heal her relationship with them. But she never planned on meeting the gorgeous and smoking hot Mickey Donovan, a firefighter who lives next door. She had met him when her husband had treated her despicably when she had arrived in town. Mickey had come out of nowhere to save the day by defending her.

“The Time in Between”, the third novel of the series is about the love affair between Cady and Coert that began more than two decades ago. They had an instant attraction and fell deeply in love though her older brother and parents had never approved. Coert was known to associate with known criminal elements in town but Cady was too in love to listen to what anyone said. But then he learns a terrible secret about him which sets off a chain of events that sends both of them on different paths. Two decades later, they are living their separate lives but their hearts have remained the same. As such, when Cady moves to Magdalene, she does so deluding herself that she is doing it for the love of the property. The truth is that she hopes there is still a chance that she could reconcile with Coert. However, all is not well as Coert is extremely hostile and antagonistic towards her. She starts questioning why she moved to Magdalen in the first place but over time he begins to mellow. Soon misconceptions are laid to rest and important truths from the past come to light. Could they rekindle the spark that once flamed two decades past?

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