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The mageri series are one of the best fantasy and fiction books that most people would love to read. This is an adult rated romantic fantasy story of a young woman whose life’s journey is filled with immortality and is full of unpredictable events that seem unnatural to her.

These series give the reader an imaginary view of the old lifestyle of people who lived their lives extraordinarily. The series gives one the ability to logically relate past events with the current ones. However, it has moral teachings about what readers are expected to do in their day to lives as far as relationships, immortality and betrayal and love are concerned.


This is the story of Zoe Winter Merrick, who thinks that her name alone is ironic since, going by the meaning of each, they contrast each other. This is a youthful lady who does not think she has any worthwhile purpose in life due to her daily life experiences. She argues that having a good life is something that is out of the equation for any living creature and that living is the hardest thing to do.

She lived an ordinary life full of immortality. She has a best friend, Sunny, whom she terms as a partner in crime. Sunny is a flirtaholic lady. They share so much in common in their immoral lives. They have had several relationships with men who turn to be of no use to them later on in their lives. However, their lifestyle put them in so much danger that sometimes leaves Zoe angry and full of fear. At one time she gets attacked and left half dead. She survived the attack but fate leads her to a man, Justus De Gradi whom she thinks is handsome but inhuman. She falls for him and he is the person who completely changes her lifestyle. Though a stranger< she has to stick to this man. TWIST TWIST gives the story of Silver whose past life is full of what a normal human has never undergone. She tries so hard to live the normal ordinary life as other people do, though she is living under strict laws. She is a mage and her life should be a secret. Through this new lifestyle that she is having, she bumps into Logan Cross. Her meeting with her exposes her to an urge to really want to know who she really is. The anxiousness of the identity of the mage that discovered the extra ordinary power she possesses will not just leave her. Not until she finds out about her real self being. She searches for answers as to who this man really is and tries as much as she can to find out more about him before he does the reverse. In this process, she finds out the truths about her life which is at stake. She realizes that she has some unique powers and the passion to know more will not just leave her. IMPULSE Silver is destined to live a normal life but she is attacked by a mage. In the previous book, twist, she searches for answers about her real personality and she comes to know that immortals exist, with her included. She lives under strict laws from her guardian in Cognito, a city that is full of darkness and supernatural powers. The guardian is always keeping an eye on her though she is having an affair with her personal enemy, Logan. Logan has a blood brother and an adopted brother. She thinks that no one can offer her protection from some unrevealed truths that are caged in a box. Silver seems to have dark blood since she finds herself in trouble even unexpectedly if she is not looking for it. She is caught in a love triangle. As rivalry rises in this episode, she struggles to gain control of her life so as there are no barriers within the relationship between her and Logan. During these events, lives are lost while others are saved making it hard for Silver to trust anyone that revolves or has a part to play in her life. She has a feeling that everyone is hiding a secret from her. GRAVITY GRAVITY is full of drama, romance and passion. Silver’s past life has left her a broken woman. She has lost her trust to anyone. She has been in love with one of the most dangerous men she knows, Logan Cross. Silver is trying hard to regain the confidence she has for him and for everyone else. Logan tries to convince her that even the most feared and dangerous people can have a second chance in life and even lead better lives that are very different from their past. He makes her understand that he can change to be better person, regardless of her past experiences with him. However, their relationship comes at logger heads when an old nemesis appears and turns Silver’s world inside out. Logan is left to make a choices about the fate of their affair. In this episode, Silver discovers some of the underlying secrets about her past life and she is torn between choices that she has to make. She clearly understands that each decision that she has to make comes with consequences but she has no other choice but to make a decision she thinks will work best for her since there are no chances of turning back. SHINE Shines brings out the fact that Love is infinite and Hate is absolute. Within a year or so, Silver has changed her life from being a mage and has known the truths about her physical attributes. Logan, whom she thought to be an enemy to her, turns to be her immortal lover. She still has to live in fear since there are threats she is going through. The Mageri are being attacked by a man who happens to be a friend of hers, one who she thinks cannot be stopped. One of her closest people is arrested for treason and she discovers that she cannot protect everyone from life’s fate, not even her guardian. Undiscovered secrets are made open and Justus seeks for he think is best for him. Someone is ready to sacrifice everything in their lives all in the name of love. As this series come to a conclusion, silver is destined to live a happier life as she turns over a new leaf. The Mageri series are what to go for, for one to discover the occurrences of a life full of love, hatred, romance, passion and betrayal.

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