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Publication Order of The Blue Willow Brides Books

Deeply Devoted (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twice Promised (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Perfectly Matched (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Heart of the West Books

No Place for a Lady (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Jewel of His Heart (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Love of Her Own (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Virtues and Vices of the Old West Books

The Trouble with Patience (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sweet Misfortune (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trusting Grace (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Maggie Brendan is a bestselling American author of inspiration and historical romance books. She is the winner of the 2013 Laurel Wreath Award, the 2014 Book Buyers Best Award and a finalist for the 2013 Heart of Excellence Readers Choice Award and 2013 Published Maggie Award of Excellence. She is a Georgian resident. The first in Maggie Brendan’s Heart of the West book series, No Place for a Lady, introduces us to Crystal Clark. Her father recently died, so she leaves everything she has built in Georgia to begin a new life on her aunt’s ranch in Aspengold, Colorado. Upon arriving at the ranch, she meets the ranch’s foreman Luke and immediately falls in love with him.

However, feelings are immediately thrust as she discovers that Luke isn’t a believer. Another problem arises in the form of April McBride. April’s father is one of the landowners nearby and is determined to do whatever it takes to get Aunt Kate’s land, and April has her eyes set on Luke. Crystal is forced to deal with heartbreaking situations while staying at Aspengold. Still, her determination is set so high that she would eventually becomes stronger than ever. While Luke works as Kate’s foreman, she considers him the son she never had. When encountering Crystal, he thinks of her as the normally prim and proper southern lady with no backbone. But as soon as disaster strikes the small ranch, he discovers how tough Crystal can be, and even though he hasn’t dedicated his heart to God, he later learns that God has not forgotten and forsaken him.

Maggie Brendan has done a fantastic job of weaving characters that are both interesting, easy to connect with and likable. One of the most notable ones is Crystal Clark. She is a pampered southern belle with all the graces, airs, morals, and social traits of the city and the South. Her determination to learn the customs and the hard work of her aunt’s ranch is unshakable. Although she begins as a weak character, we get to see her grow as a character, and it’s interesting to see her personable character and well-mannered coming face to face with the hillbilly ranch hands. We also have Luke Weber, a tall and dark handsome boy who intends to marry April McBride because she has a rich day who will give him a piece of land in exchange. For some reason, this reflects badly on April, who is also materialistic. He is also comparing April to Crystal. April McBride is a rich and insecure girl. She hates competition, especially when it involves Crystal and eventually becomes engaged with Luke despite him being a gold digger. There are plenty of other supporting characters, and Maggie Brendan does a fantastic job of detailing all of them and establishing their characters with affection.

Deeply Devoted is the first book in The Blue Willow Brides series by Maggie Brendan. As she travels to America to begin a life with her husband, Peter Andersen, Catharine Olsen puts the sadness of her past behind her. Little does he realize, however, that Catharine is carrying much more than just her mother’s Blue Willow China. Both parties want their relationship to succeed, but Clara, Peter’s nosy mother, will go to any lengths to establish that Catharine has hidden agenda regarding marriage. Secrets were kept, and the prospect of drought and pestilence could be the final straw in their fragile relationship.

From the first page, Deeply Devoted will have you hooked as you watch the romance between two people who fell in love through letter develop and blossom into something more significant. In most standard mail-order bride stories, the love story gradually unfolds, and by the end of the story, they get married. This trend is predictable in most cases, but that’s not the case with Deeply Devoted. Every last detail in the novel is tastefully done, and the story gets better as it advances. The supporting characters in the story are as equally interesting as the main cast. Catherine’s sisters, Anna and Greta, cause their fair share of troubles but do whatever it takes to support their elder siblings just like any other sisters would. In the later books, you will easily connect with the two sisters and want to know more about their whereabouts.

Trouble with Patience is the first book in the Virtues and Vices of the Old West book series by Maggie Brendan. Patience Cavanaugh, a 25-year-old single woman, is trying very hard to manage a boardinghouse she acquired from her grandma. She suffers from poor self due to her family’s lack of encouraging remarks and love. She does not consider herself attractive or slender enough to attract a man’s attention, but she does. Marshal Jedediah Jones was a former member of an organization of street thugs who fought with “road agents” in Montana Territory before the law was formally established. They hung a lot of men, which Jed regrets. While he desires a bride and children, he considers himself too old and ugly for Patience to give him a second glance, yet she does.

In Trouble with Patience, Maggie Brendan takes the readers back to the Montana gold rush boomtown, where thieving rustlers, cattle ranches, and handsome cowboys roam the streets. Patience Cavanaugh has tragically lost her fiancé and her hopes and ambitions with him. She chooses to restore a run-down boardinghouse out of a desire for seclusion and a long break from her authoritarian, icy mother. Considering herself overweight and repulsive, she stays single and relies on a small income to support herself. Her intentions, however, go awry when two attractive men begin to compete for her hand: Cody, a beguiling ranch hand, and Jedediah, the local marshal, who is too good-looking for his good! Nonetheless, both men are wrapped in dangerous shadows from the past and the present, threatening to demolish their fragile, blossoming relations with Patience forever.

The author has crafted an engaging and heartwarming story with something that every reader will find satisfying. Plenty of romance, betrayal, suspense, and handsome cowpokes all live underneath the pictures that pique Montana’s sky. Patience is the epicentre of beauty and graciousness but undergoes a fair of struggles that most ladies out their wrestle most of the time. She often compared herself with other women; her self-esteem always diminished despite her talents and beauty.

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