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Publication Order of Maggie Devereaux Books

Maggie Devereaux is the name of a series of books written by American author Stephen Penner. Penner, whose is an attorney, is currently domiciled in Seattle, Washington. Penner’s literary work encompasses various genres which range from fantasy to supernatural to legal thrillers.

Margaret Devereaux, which is truncated Maggie Devereaux, is, as the title of the series proclaims, the featured protagonist in the Maggie Devereaux series. Maggie Devereaux is a youthful American woman who is aspiring to travel to another country to pursue a PhD program. Her destination is Scotland and she is looking forward to learn Celtic languages. What’s more, Maggie is the beneficiary of her late grandmother’s estate, something which augurs well for the wherewithal. Her grandmother was called Kate NicInnes Ingram. The first book in the series, which has since been produced in several different formats and editions, was initially published in January 2011 and is titled Scottish Rite. The said series is shelved under the mystery and paranormal genres.

The protagonist in the first book in the serialized Maggie Devereaux, Scottish Rite, has traveled to Scotland wherein she has been admitted to the University of Aberdeen. She acknowledges her deceased grandmother for whetting her appetite on the sought-after Celtic languages. This followed hard on the heels of character Maggie Devereaux being proffered several Gaelic books by the elderly relative. While we are at it, the adjective ‘Gaelic’ denotes any of the several Goidelic languages (originated from Ireland), most notably the Celtic languages and spoken predominantly in Scotland.

Once abroad, Maggie Devereaux gets back in touch with or befriends various people. They include relatives Alex and Lucy MacTarry; these are also her hosts. There is a fellow American woman called Kelly Anderson, and two Scottish citizens named Ellen Walker and Fiona FitzSimmons; she befriends them while at the university. There is also a clever and attractive man called Ian who worked for a family business previously. However, the turning point of the plot is when she paid a visit to the university’s library in accordance with her studies. In this facility, she found many Gaelic books which ranged from those written in ancient to medieval to modern times.

In the underground room of the facility, she chanced upon an aged and dusty book which was bound with leather. The room was poorly lit and she strained to see in vain. Worse still, it was also written in an older version of Gaelic language. However, after a few days, she eventually realized what the title meant. The book was all about black magic. The information contained therein serves Maggie Devereaux in good stead when her fellow students are killed and, based on the way their corpses are sprawled; it is an out-and-out pointer of ritual killings.

Based on the information contained in the aforementioned spellbook, Devereaux soon recognizes a similarity. The nature of the murders is not just random. Why, pray, the murders have all the hallmarks of the gory systematic procedures used in ancient times to beckon to demons. If Devereaux is to cushion herself against the possibility of being the serial killer’s next casualty, she must embrace the realism aspects of the spellbook.

Best Books in the Maggie Devereaux series
There are currently three books in the Maggie Devereaux series. The following are the best books in the trilogy. One of them is titled Scottish Rite and has been discussed previously. Incidentally, the second entry in this series is more or less a sequel of the first book. The second one is called Blood Rite. This book, which is the second in the Maggie Devereaux series, was published in 2011; it is a continuation of the first book. Basically, this book revolves around a missing baby who is the apparent heir to Clan MacLeod; for starters, the Clan MacLeod is a clan which is found in the highlands of Scotland and predominantly comprises of two parts, namely the MacLeods of Harris/Dunvegan and the Clan MacLeod of the Lewes/Raasay.

According to the opinion of authorities, the said heir has been a victim of a kidnap-for-ransom scheme. But protagonist Maggie Devereaux has a different idea; to resolve the disappearance case, she uses her knowledge of black magic. Devereaux gives scant credence to the impacts of her efforts and, unfortunately for her, it might cost her dearly.

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But the investigators soon realize that there is a serial murderer on the prowl after a single mother turns up dead; the case has been assigned to sleuth Theophilus Blackwell; when the victim’s photo and an accompanying code reaches an intelligence agency, it behoves the police to team up with the intelligence agency in a bid to net the culprit behind the series of murders. Another cripple who has been murdered and his corpse is accompanied by a coded message; these case, plus a stabbing incident calls for a collaboration between the police and the intelligence agency.

The second one is titled Samantha Spade series of books penned by Merline Lovelace. This trilogy is related to military activities; a lieutenant and his team chance upon the remains of two people while conducting an experiment in a desert. By and by, there is a pointer to organized crime–illicit arms trade. Elsewhere, a militarywoman spots a marksman aiming at a comrade during an experience; the sniper is taken out, prompting a high-profile sleuthing. A robotic test being conducted in a desert culminates in the shooting dead of criminal in the watch list of the FBI.

Another notable series is called Horse Lover’s Mystery and is written by Michele Scott; it revolves around horse racing-related tragedies. Michaela Bancroft, who is the featured protagonist and trains horses, is faced with a series of murders wherein he is a person of interest.

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