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Publication Order of The Conspiracy of Us Books

The Conspiracy of Us (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Map of Fates (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ends of the World (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Maggie Hall is an American author from Albuquerque, New Mexico best known for writing the Conspiracy of Us series of Young Adult novels. The former graphic designer turned professional writer likes to describe her Conspiracy of Us series as some type of teen DaVinci Code. She was born and grew up in Albuquerque in New Mexico and went to college at USC. Hall loves travel and has lived in different places in the United States and all over the world before settling back in Albuquerque with her husband. Her love for far-flung adventures and distant lands sees her traveling to the most exotic of lands throughout the year. Maggie Hall has been to Thailand where she has played with baby tigers, learned how to make homemade pasta in Rome, and been on a thousand mile train journey through the wild Indian countryside. Before she took to being a professional writer, she used to work as a marketing manager and bookstore events coordinator. When she is not on one of her many travels, she lives to spend time with her husband and their two cats in their Albuquerque home. Hall also loves to do graphic design and watch some USC football.

Unlike many other writers, Maggie Hall did not always know that she wanted to become a writer. In fact, she only came to learn that writing was something that people could make into a career in the very recent past. As a teenager, she was what you would call a snob when it came to books, given that there were not that many interesting young adult books as there are now. She would instead read many adult books, most of which were high school readers, before proceeding to mysteries/murder, adventure, and thrillers. After she finished her college studies, she worked in event marketing at an independent bookstore, which is how she got acquainted with writing as a career. But it was quite a perspective she got from her job, as it exposed her to the perils of the publishing industry. However, instead of discouraging her, she found it so fascinating and even considered entering the National Novel Writing Month competition. She never got to write the novel for the competition, but the idea that someone could make a career of writing even if they did not have the experience or connection in the literary world struck a chord. It was at about this time that she got into reading young adult fiction. She loved YA romance, travel, and conspiracy thrillers and was always frustrated that there were very few of such books for young adult readers. It was at this point that she decided that as the types of books she wanted to read were not on the shelves, she would write them herself.

The Conspiracy of Us series of novels is all about ancient secrets, romance, and glamour. The lead character in the series is Avery who is the long-lost heir to the secret society, The Circle of Twelve. The Circle of Twelve is composed of twelve powerful families that have influenced or been directly involved in all major world events going back millennia. But they are not simply a shadow corporation; they rely on each other and function like one big family ready to defend each other against the uninitiated. As Avery learns more about the Circle, she realizes that all the conspiracy theories regarding shadowy all-powerful organizations such as the Illuminati, the Masons, and The New World Order are connected to the Circle of Twelve. For her part, Avery is a strong-willed girl that always finds a way to defeat the bad guys. She is quite witty and has an arsenal full of snarky comebacks that she can unleash at any time. However, when thrown into a tricky situation, she can be unsure of herself, terrified, confused, and excited all at the same time. But when the going gets tough she will always find a way to take care of her loved ones and herself. Nonetheless, she is not your badass character with innate physical strength common to most heroines. Most of the time she will muddle through problems by sheer will, which is what makes her such a brave and personable character that light up the entire series.

Conspiracy of Us is Maggie Hall’s debut novel and the first novel in the Conspiracy of Us series. It is a fast-paced narrative full of romance, glamour, and adrenaline perfect for anyone that loves an international thriller. It introduces Avery West, the scion of a very powerful family that can order a bombing and start a war just as easily as they would shut down Prada so that they may shop in private. Her family is a ranking member of the Circle, an ancient secret society that believes that Avery is the key to the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy that would grant them even more power. But in a mysterious twist of events, some members of the society now want her dead. She now needs to unravel the mystery of who is after her life. To do this she recruits the magnetic and mysterious Jack and the volatile and beautiful Stellan two of the Circle’s employees to help her in the investigation. The quest sees her travel from the back alleys of Istanbul to the monuments of Paris, where she uncovers a conspiracy so intricate that if successful, would surely herald World War III. And now she had to choose between love, family, freedom, and saving the world.

Map of Fates the sequel to the Conspiracy of Us can simply be described as hot hot hot. Maggie Hall continues to write gorgeously and Avery the lead character grows and takes control. She now travels more, has grown mentally and physically, and is a huge character that you just grow to love even more. The novel opens to Avery West’s life changed in two weeks. After the events of the first novel, she is on a journey to uncover the darkest secrets of the secret society that will set her free to marry who she wants without looking over her shoulders. But the fact that she has fallen for Stellan, an employee of the Circle means she has to be extra careful, especially when her affections and connection with him grow stronger by the day. To add to the complication, she has learned that the Circle is also after her mother. A desperate hunt for clues takes her from the French city of Cannes to the Greek Islands where she stumbles upon a discovery that could collapse the world system, as we all know it. To make matters worse, she is not sure she can stop the Circle conspiracy.

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