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Publication Order of Maggie Novak Books

Don't Even Breathe (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Place Called Fear (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Child (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Only Regret (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Keith Houghton is a published English author and a playwright.

Keith first got started in writing back in the eighties. It was then that he sat down and composed his first novel in the fantasy genre. Then later in the nineties, Keith wrote Uth, a sci-fi novel. After that came three more stage plays, all comedies. He has written more and in different genres, including thrillers and mystery novels.

The author is known for writing thrillers that have twists and plots that will get your pulse up! Keith has had multiple books reach best-selling status in the Kindle Store and has had many of his works reach number one. On Amazon, he is one of the top fiction authors when it comes to the crime genre. They have also been published abroad in countries such as Turkey and Italy.

He has been nominated for Dagger Awards and more and has sold over a million books and many thousands of audio books at home and internationally in different countries! Keith has been published in the traditional manner and also published his works independently. He has had top-selling psychological thriller novels in the U.K., Australia, and the United States, and has been featured at different seminars and events as a guest speaker.

Keith is devoted to Lynn, his life partner. They have three children, grandchildren, and reside in the northwest area of England. He likes pizza, Italian food, chocolate, video games featuring first-person shooters, science fiction novels, traveling abroad on holiday, and spending time daydreaming.

Keith Houghton is the creator and the author of the Maggie Novak series of fictional novels. The series first got started in 2019 with the publication of the debut novel, which is titled Don’t Even Breathe. That was quickly followed by another in the mystery series, titled A Place Called Fear. The series centers around the main character of Maggie Novak, a homicide detective working in Florida that sees extreme cases all the time as part of her job. If you love mysteries, suspenseful stories, or thrillers, or are looking for something new and unique to read, check this series out and see if you enjoy it!

Don’t Even Breathe is the first novel in the Maggie Novak series of novels by author Keith Houghton. Maggie Novak is a homicide detective working in the sunshine state that has been witness to a ton of murder cases throughout her career. None of them have been particularly pretty to see. For better or worse, as a result she is able to handle these extreme cases having been exposed to so many and no longer being green in the field.

When they call Maggie out to investigate a body, she initially doesn’t think anything of it. It was a young woman and her body is totally charred. It at first seems like a horrible accident, possibly a Halloween prank, but Maggie being the one on the case is about to make a difference. That’s because they say that the body is Dana Cullen, a woman that worked as a counselor at the school. However, one mark on the body makes her look a little closer. Maggie could swear that it was Rita, her friend from school and who was supposed to have died two decades previous to this in a fire.

None of this makes sense, but Maggie is determined to get to the bottom of it. She’s looking for the truth in any way that she can find it to figure out who this person is. She also wants to discover what happened in the first place. Was this a mistake or was it murder? She soon has reason to be suspicious when an additional body appeared, making this a pattern and officially putting the community and possibly herself at risk.

Maggie’s trying to just get the job done and be professional and ignore the fact that she’s a little closer to this emotionally than she would like. She’s probably too close to this one for comfort, and starts to feel like she’s barely able to breathe. Can she find out who potentially killed the victim and why? Or will mistakes from the past end up derailing everything? Pick up a copy of this mystery novel to find out!

A Place Called Fear is the second novel in the Maggie Novak series of novels by Keith Houghton. If you read the first book and liked it or are a big fan of thrillers and mystery stories, check this sequel out!

Maggie Novak works in Florida as a homicide detective and has a lot to celebrate. The new year is beginning and she has happy news as her boyfriend proposed to her. However, all she can focus on is the news that Detective Clayton Young has disappeared. He is missing and she is desperate to get some positive news about it.

No true leads are coming in, so Maggie decides to hit up the spots he was last spotted, which means the supermarket. There she finds that security footage has horrible truths to reveal. The parking lot shows her colleague dead. With no time to grieve but devastated nonetheless, Maggie gets to work with the others on the homicide team on the investigation.

When they find out that there may be more targets and future victims than just one of their own, everyone’s thrown. It appears that any one of them could also be next. There’s no time to lose now when it comes to tracking down a killer. The squad has got to work together if they want to bring justice to a murderer and sleep a little safer at night knowing this nightmare has come to an end.

Meanwhile, Detective Andy Stucker was Clay’s assigned partner and now he’s not answering the phone. Maggie isn’t the only one thinking he might be linked to this death. When she goes through Clay’s phone, she finds a telling text addressed to his partner warning him that ‘they’ know something. Who is he referring to and what information is he talking about? The detective must work quickly if she’s going to catch a killer. Can she find them before it’s too late? Read this book to find out!

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