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About Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith is an acclaimed American author and former psychologist from Wisconsin. After a successful career in psychology, Smith went on to found a nationally renowned art consulting company. Today, Smith is best known for her weekly podcast, ‘Hear Us Roar,’ which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google. The show highlights debut female fiction authors and their journey to publication.

She is a masterful storyteller and her characters are vivid, realistic, and full of life. Her work is praised by both readers and critics alike, and her stories offer a fresh perspective on the world. She has a gift for creating stories that are timeless and relatable, and her characters will stay with readers long after they’re done reading her stories. She is able to capture the raw beauty of the human experience and present it in an accessible way.

In addition to her skill in storytelling, Smith has a passion for creating stories that provide an escape from reality. Her stories are engaging and thought-provoking, and they often tackle complex subjects in an intelligent and accessible way. Smith’s stories often include unexpected twists and turns that keep readers on the edge of their seat. Her writing is filled with insight and emotion, and her characters are complex and full of depth.

Her debut novel, ‘Truth and Other Lies,’ was a coming-of-age story that explores the impact of role models on young women. It draws on Smith’s own experiences growing up in Oklahoma and her prickly relationship with her mother. Smith’s protagonist is able to achieve what she as a woman always she could, creating an emotionally-charged and honest story that resonated with many.

Smith’s stories are always entertaining, and her passion for storytelling is evident on the page. Her stories often tackle difficult topics, but she does so in a way that is honest and respectful. Smith is a gifted storyteller and her work is a delight to read. She has a unique style and her stories are full of life and energy. Readers can’t wait to see what she has in store for them next.

Early and Personal Life

Maggie Smith is an accomplished American writer who has made Wisconsin her home. She cherishes the three seasons the state boasts, and while she has considered relocating to a warmer climate, she is aware of the potential for natural disasters. Most of all, it is the strong connections with her female friends in the area that keep her there.

Her writing career was preceded by her venture into psychology, as well as founding her own art consulting company. Since then, she has become a fixture at writing conferences and festivals, and has even taken the time to mentor emerging authors by doing podcast interviews, teaching, speaking, and providing social media support. Her first published short story was a product of one of these events.

Maggie’s love for writing was sparked by her love for reading. As a child, she was rarely seen without a book in her hands, and her home office is now lined with shelves of novels and writing books. Her husband also gave her a box full of Agatha Christie mysteries he procured from secondhand shops. Aside from books, Maggie is a fan of movies and her hallway is adorned with lobby cards from her favorite films. These days, she finds entertainment mainly through television, where she can appreciate the remarkable stories that are being told.

Writing Career

Maggie Smith kicked off her writing career in 2022 with the publication of her debut novel Truth and Other Lies, becoming an esteemed writer. She hosts a podcast, Hear Us Roar, which can be streamed on multiple services and is exclusive to the Women’s Fiction Writers Association with over 110 episodes. Her short story, ‘The Devil You Know’ was featured in the 2018 anthology False Faces.

As part of her commitment to the writing community, Maggie is a member of the Chicago Writers Association and the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, where she is the Managing Editor of their online literary publication The Write City Magazine. She also frequently attends conferences and uses her influence to assist other writers, particularly those just beginning their journey, through podcast interviews, teaching, speaking engagements, and social media promotion.

Truth and Other Lies

Maggie Smith’s stand-alone mystery thriller, ‘Truth and Other Lies’, was unveiled by Ten16 Press on March 8, 2022. Smith’s debut was nothing short of impressive, captivating her audience with a suspenseful plot.

Megan Barnes had seen better days – she had just lost her job and boyfriend in the same day. When her mother chose to run for US Congress, Megan put her career aspirations on the back burner. But when Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist Jocelyn Jones gave her a chance to join her PR team, Megan quickly rose to the challenge. When an anonymous tweet threatened to ruin Jocelyn’s reputation, however, Megan found herself on the hunt for an online troll and the truth.

Her search for answers soon revealed a darker side of the story and led to blackmail. But Megan had a tough choice to make when her investigation circled back to her own mother. Could she make a career-defining scoop or would it end in a tabloid nightmare? Reviewers have been singing praises for Maggie Smith’s novel, noting the vividness of the characters, especially the complex relationship between Megan and her mother.

The book follows Megan’s transformation over the course of the story, compelling readers to explore the power of secrets and the press. Those looking for a character-driven story are sure to be thrilled.

Its narrative is skilfully crafted, gradually building suspense and captivating readers. The pacing is great and the climax is highly gripping. Mystery and suspense lovers are sure to be delighted.

This book is a must-read for fans of thrillers, mysteries, and political dramas. It is a riveting tale that will keep readers hooked from the very first page. With its engaging plot and relatable characters, this book is sure to appeal to a wide range of audiences. It is an exciting and thrilling read that is sure to keep readers guessing until the very end.

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