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Magic Kingdom of Landover Books In Order

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Publication Order of Magic Kingdom Of Landover Books

Magic Kingdom for Sale—Sold! (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Unicorn (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wizard at Large (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tangle Box (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witches' Brew (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Princess of Landover (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Magic Kingdom of Landover Series by Terry Brooks is a book series made of six fantasy works, which follow the escapades of an ex- trial attorney known as Ben Holiday and a vast collection of enemies and friends he comes across after becoming king in a magical kingdom. The novels’ location is centered in a fictional world called Landover, which is a small densely populated world with all sorts of magical and fairy creatures. On all sides, Landover is surrounded by fairy mist that links it to the rest of the worlds, like Earth. The small rural kingdom is densely populated by mythical creatures such as kobolds, gnomes, humans, and several other fantasy animals.

In Landover, the language of communication is known as the Landoverian. The central character, Ben Holiday can speak by magical means. Although the rulers are answerable to the king, they are allowed to some degree of sovereignty. Also inhabiting Landover are the witch Nightshade and the dragon Strabo. A magical knight known as the Paladin protects Landover. In the absence of a laudable leader, the Paladin vanishes and Landover falls victim to a physical decay referred to as ‘the Tarnish,’ which gradually spreads from Sterling Silver, the king’s castle, to the rest of the realm. The Strabo and Nightshade are very powerful, and the Paladin is among the few magic that can compare to their power.

The Magic Kingdom for Sale-Sold! (1986)
The Magic Kingdom is the first novel in the Magic Kingdom of Landover series, and is about Ben Holiday, the main character and also how he discovers an advertisement, offering kingship to Landover, a magic kingdom. He receives a magical medallion that transports him to the kingdom. Immediately after Ben’s arrival in Landover, he discovers that the kingdom has not had a true leader for more than twenty years. The king’s last son was reluctant to assume the throne and instead he together with the court wizard, Meeks, opted for Earth.

Ben Holiday has four loyal subjects; the court wizard, Meeks’ half-brother, the court scribe, Abernathy and two others. Creatures known as Kobolds, Parsnip and Bunion serve Ben. His coronation is barely attended, so he opts to travel the land and talk to local rulers. Most of the local rulers agree to serve him, only if he manages to get rid of Strabo, a dangerous dragon that wrecks their countryside. Eventually, the lord of Abaddon challenges Ben to a battle for the throne, a fight Ben wins thanks to his medallion.

The Black Unicorn (1987)
The Black Unicorn revolves around Wizard Meeks and his efforts of extorting control of Landover from Ben Holiday. After returning to his old world, Ben Holiday finds out that Miles is doing okay. He suspiciously heads back to Landover where he finds Willow still missing. Meek manages to attack Ben at night where he casts a glamour that makes him resemble Ben, and Ben resembles a common peasant. Ben is unable to recognize his identity and is thrown out of the castle. Dirk recognizes Ben Holiday as the High King and helps him organize a meeting with the River Master, Willow’s father. Meeks’ army of imps captures Willow, Questor, and Abernathy. Ben later finds out that the only way he can overcome Meeks’ spell is by conquering his self-deception. An intense magic battle between Meeks and the unicorn erupts, and finally, Meeks is vanquished.

Wizard at Large (1988)
Abernathy is transported to Earth accidentally by Questor’s ill-conceived spell. Upon his arrival, Abernathy finds himself in Michel Ard Rhi’s menagerie who turns out to be a former Landover prince banished from the kingdom years ago. Ard Rhi now leaves in Washington where he is a renowned millionaire and keeps a collection of magical items in his castle. Abernathy is exchanged as Ard Rhi’s magical artifact, and a weird bottle appears in Abernathy’s place in Landover. Filip and Sot manage to steal the bottle and Ben Holiday, chases them together with Bunion, Willow, and Questor. Later, Ben and Willow travel to Earth using Questor’s magic to locate Abernathy. Questor finds out that witch Nightshade has the stolen bottle. He convinces the dragon Strabo to fly him to Earth where he rescues Ben Holiday from the police station, who finally restores order in Landover.

The Tangle Box (1994)
The Tangle Box is the 4th novel in the series. Horris Kew, an inept old wizard releases an evil creature known as Gorse by accident. Gorse soon imprisons Ben Holiday, the witch Nightshade and the dragon Strabo in a device called the Tangle Box. The three have to figure out a way out of the box. Meanwhile, the rest of the kingdom has to find a way to overcome Gorse.

Witches’ Brew (1995)
The Witches’ Brew is Magic Kingdom of Landover series’ fifth novel. A usurper claiming to be from a different world comes calling for the abdication of Ben Holiday from the throne. He starts sending magic, evil creatures against the High King. Meanwhile, Mistaya, Willow and Ben Holiday’s daughter is kidnapped by the Nightshade. The Nightshade carries out this act to subvert Mistaya and use her inherent magic. On the other hand, Abernathy and Questor are stuck on Earth leaving Willow and Ben Holiday alone with the new threat.

A Princess of Landover (2009)
Ben Holiday, a mere mortal and Chicago attorney turned king of the enchanted Landover, comes to grips with extremely wicked witches, diabolical conjures, fire-breathing beasts, and scheming barons. Together with his sylph bride, Willow, Ben sends his teenage daughter to a girls’ prep school. The daughter turns hugely rebellious and is indefinitely suspended from school. She resumes to her real education where she learns sorcery from Questor Thews, the court wizard.

Back in Landover, her father, Ben Holiday is extremely frustrated and hopes that the gifted princess learns some responsibility. He goes ahead to declare her grounded until she succeeds in renovating the royal library, which is long forsaken. Horrified by the prospect of retrieving a king’s payoff in moldy books and mortified by the word that Lord Laphroaig, a repulsive local nobleman, seeks her hand in marriage, Mistaya decides to run away from home.

The seventh novel in this series is scheduled to be the last. As of 2015, the book is still untitled. Without a doubt, Terry Brooks is a gifted novelist who delivers engaging and well-researched stories.

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