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Magic & Mixology Books In Order

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Publication Order of Magic & Mixology Books

Magic and Mixology is a cozy mystery series with magic, witches, and a sprinkle of romance. Some of the books can be read as standalone, so you’ll not have to read them in order. The main character in the series is Lily Locke, a coffee mixer who has never known she is a witch and that she has a family elsewhere.

Hex in the Beach
Hex in the Beach is the debut in the Magic and Mixology series. Marketing guru and amateur mixologist Lily Locke find out that her skill for making drinks comes from her witch heritage. It’s a heritage she has never known her entire life and doesn’t believe it until she’s taken to that world.

Everything changes after Lily’s assistant bring a strange quiz with ‘A magical Assessment for Normal folks.’ There is also a promise of a place she has never known existed. When Lily loses her job after her presentation goes live on screen, she is visited by two strange ladies claiming they are her aunts and want to take her to her magical island for witches.

The remarkable departure to the world is the only thing that convinces her for sure magic exists. After a great show of witchery, she agrees to go with them to this land, where she finds out about her biological family. It appears to be a place that can change lives and make a difference as she steps into the role she was meant to fulfill.

Lily Locke has never thought that wizards and witches are real. Being a rising star at a marketing agency in Minneapolis, all she knows is that she is an excellent ninja and a coffee maker expert. She’s also in the middle of getting the biggest promotion she has always hoped for.

She has to admit that she’s a witch and believes that the tall, mysterious man who agrees to help her is entirely focused on business for now. Things get weird, with a secretive and charming ranger becoming her guard.

When a body turns dead and Lily becomes the next victim, she must have faith in her powers and allow his newfound friends to help her. It’s the only way she can survive the magical island located far from Lake Superior’s waters, far hidden from the humans.

Most witches are satisfied with the place; however, a group known as Faction wants to wipe out all humanity. Lily leaves her human life due to curiosity after being informed she is the new Mixologist- a witch specializing in brewing potions for the others.

She is always expected to stay strong, but now the faction group wants her to work for them and is ready to do anything to capture her. The novel is filled with a splash of magic, witches, and some sprinkle of romance. The characters are interesting and will keep you entertained throughout the book.

Witchy Sour
Witchy Sour is the second novel in the Magic & Mixology series. Lily Locke is not yet used to her role as the Isle Mixologist after strange things began happening to her, and she is still learning to be a Mixologist as she studies her past and future position on the Isle.

She is determined to find the answers she has been looking for, even when everything turns against her. Her vampire cousin is dealing with severe blood spell issues, and the main ingredient of the antidote can’t be found.

In the meantime, Zin is training hard under the supervision of Grandmother Hettie so that he can break into the male-dominated ranger security force.
On the other hand, Lily’s world has been turned after her Ranger X breaks the island’s rules, driving her insane and leaving her in panic. Dangerous potions, hooded strangers, and increasing romance threaten to ruin everything that Lily has always worked to achieve.

She wanted to remain focused even when the threats and distractions kept increasing. Lily finds it hard to keep focused on anything with her spell book stolen. After a body is found lying on the beach, Lily is up to catch the killer before real battle surfaces. Can Lily can to the bottom of it before it gets to her?

As the cloaked men show up, Lily’s left in a panic as she looks for her missing book and figures out her love life. In this second installment, love blossoms as secrets are unveiled, and magic thrives.

Jinx and Tonic
In this third installment, the story focuses on the ranger candidate and the trials. It is an honor for one to become a ranger, and the test isn’t done by the light-hearted. The time has come, and the trials will happen as the celebrating parties come to the Isle as the candidates try to prove their abilities to own the title.

Lily is back and better than she was in the first novel when she knew nothing about magic and Mixology.

There are lots of drinks and dancing as the stage is set for the series of events, but this doesn’t go for long before everything changes. It’s said that a dangerous criminal has fled prison, and it appears there will be a tragedy striking soon.

There is chaos all over the Isle because of the inhibited black magic, and there is only one person that can help in the situation. Lily is expected to come out and help as the Island’s Mixology. The long-prisoned woman named Puppeteer has started using blood magic on the ranger candidates, and Lily has to get to its bottom.

She is forced to keep some secrets from Ranger X as she decodes decade clues. However, everything doesn’t go well as she is pushed to the edge of her ability. Using help from her new boyfriend, the core, and her family, Lilly has to do whatever she can to stop the escapee from ruling the island before the clock stops ticking.

She is all the hope there is, and if she can’t do it, nobody else will. Can Lily and her team succeed in stopping Puppeteer from taking over the island? Lily and Ranger X’s relationship is special as it keeps growing stronger and better.

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