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Magic Potion Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Magic Potion Mysteries Books

A Potion to Die For (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Potion in the Grave (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghost of a Potion (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Heather Blake alias heather Webber is an author who has written more than twenty mystery novels. She has been nominated twice for an Agatha award. Apart from writing, she is a homebody, who likes being close to her family, watching competition shows, drinking too much coffee, reading, baking cookies and crocheting. Even tough heather grew up in a Boston suburb; she currently leaves in Cincinnati place with her family.

Blake is one of the best selling authors who have completed more than a dozen novels which comprise of: the Nina Quinn mysteries, Lucy valentine books, wish craft mysteries and magic potion mystery.

Magic Potion Mystery (Series by Heather Blake)

Blake has come up with paramount mystery series. In fact, she blends magic, crime, self discovery and romance successfully. As mentioned above, Healthier Blake has written many books. The following is a highlight of magic potion mysteries:

· Book one (A potion to die for)

This is a magic potion mystery which was first published on November 2013. It has also been nominated for the” armature sleuth RT Reviewer’s choice award.”

Carly bell Hartwell, who is the owner of a magic potion shop, is specializing in love potions. The product of Hartwell is in high demand. According to a local soothsayer, there is a prediction that there is a couple in town that will divorce very soon. The fore told story has made most of the married people in Alabama, hitching post to look for extra matrimonial magic in order to ensure that they get saved. However, Hartley became a public enemy number one when she found a dead man in her shop clutching one of her potion bottles. Initially, Hartley was the most popular potion person. At that instance, the investigation of the murder became a witch hunt. Some serious sleuthing skills were therefore required so as to clear Hartley’s name as well as finding the real murderer. Her potions are really to die for before the whole town was convinced!

· Book two (one potion in the grave)

The book was first published on October 2014. Like “A potion to die for”, one potion in the grave has also been nominated as the 2014 winner of RT Reviewer’s choice award.

The love potions of Hartwell are always on high demand in the wedding capital of the south, Alabama, hitching post among other places. Carley is delighted and surprised when Katie Sue walks into the little potion’s shop. Sue wanted to see her old childhood companion. For more than a decade, Katie has fled her troubled family and hometown. However, she has not gone back for a social visit. Katie settles a score in town when she attended senator warren’s high profile wedding for her son.

Katie Sue is forced to forever hold her piece before having a chance to voice any objections. After carly found her dead friend, she vows to find the killer. Carley found asking himself several questions: will katie’s family take the term as bad blood? Why did the upcoming bride look for a love potion from carley? Were the Calhouns who were corrupt willing to go into detail so as to avoid any scandal? Carley was almost getting closer to the truth. But, there is a very chilly reception being planned by the killer.

· Book three” ghost of a potion”

The ghost of a potion is a magic mystery book which will be published on October 2015. This is a Halloween in: Alabama, hitching post and hartwell’s.

Harwell doesn’t rush to celebrate Halloween because of the ghost which is haunting her at this time of the year. The costume ball which was organized by the mother (Patricia Davis Jackson) of her boyfriend (Dylan) held little allure. Harley agrees to go reluctantly so as to please Dylan who wanted peace between her and the mother.

There is a gossip around town mentioning that Haywood Dodd, who is an architect, will make a big announcement in the party. However, he is found dead with Patricia standing over him as she holds the murdering weapon. Hartley is anxious to clear Patricia’s name and also broke a truce with her. Consequently, she wants to use her snooping skills for finding the real murder. This has made Harley to have very big problems to deal with. Fortunately, ghosts which include Haywood Dodd are flocking for her help.

The wishcraft mysteries by heather Blake

Apart from the Magic Potion Mystery stated. Healthier Blake has also come up with several series of wishcraft mysteries. Some of them include:

· It takes a witch

The wishcraft mystery book was first published on January 2012. Darcy Merriweather has recently discovered that she comes from a long line of witches who has the power of granting wishes by casting a spell. After coming to learn her trade at enchanted village, she finds himself in the middle of a killer investigation.

· A witch before dying

This mystery book was published on august 2012. Darcy took up the job of cleaning up a missing mother’s disorderly home when she was hired by Elodie Keaton. However, Darcy discovered something which was much more disturbing: this was Patrice Keaton’s body.

At that moment, Darcy was determined in giving elodie a peace of mind. This was done by investigation of their mother’s disappearance and death. Over a year ago, Patricia was seen fighting with a charm crafter boyfriend.

· The good, witchy and bad

The book came into the market on April 2013. The book describes Darcy merriweather who is a witch and can grant wishes for other people. Darcy discovers that every rose has its own thorns when she was preparing for a magical florists celebration. Harriette Harkette hires Darcy’s aunt to do a personal concierge service for the celebration. The celebration is cut short abruptly when the cake delivery boy, who was harriette’s former employee of the green house was death. This made Darcy and Harriett tied till the ticket surrounding the murder has been untangled.


The books, whose author is Heather Blake has real characters. It is also simple for readers who have a hard time of putting the book down. Thus, it is recommended for readers to buy and they will enjoy very interesting stories.

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