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Publication Order of Magic Thief Books

Sarah Prineas is a renowned American fantasy writer who is best known for the Magic Thief book series. Prineas currently resides in Iowa with her husband, John Prineas. Before she became an author, Prineas worked for the honors program at the University of Iowa. Her husband still works at the University of Iowa and is a Professor in the Department of Astronomy and Physics. John and Sarah Prineas have two children. Originally, Sarah Prineas is from Lyne, Connecticut. The author’s very first novel was published in the year 2008 by Harper Collins in the US, and was titled Magic Thief. By June 2008, the book’s foreign rights had been sold to more than thirteen rights. The second book in the series was released in the year 2009, while the third book in the series was released in the year 2010. In the year 2008, Prineas donated her books to Nothern Illinois University department of Special Collections and Rare Books.

The Magic Thief Book Series

The Magic Thief is one of the most elegantly written juvenile fantasy novels. The story revolves around Conn, a young thief who pickpockets a powerful stone which allows any wizard to unleash exceedingly great magic known as the Locus Magicalicus. Due to the fact that the stone did not strike Conn, is one of the main reasons that the wizard decided to take Conn as a servant. Con thinks he is being taken to be an apprentice. However, the wizard has other ideas in mind. Just as Conn is, the wizard is also notorious in his way. More than twenty years ago, the wizard, Nevery was accused of planning to kill the Duchess of Wellmet. Thus, Nevery was forced to run out of town because the soldiers would have ended up killing him.

Twenty years later, Nevery is once more drawn to his old city because the magic powers of the city have been drying up. Nevery decides to use the predicament that the city was facing, striking a deal with the Duchess so that he could be granted amnesty. Despite the fact that the relationship between some of the characters was somehow predictable, were still steeped in tradition; thus the reader ends up knowing what to expect.Some of the most outstanding characters in the Magic Thief book series include Connwaer, Nevery, and Benet. Connwaer is an exceedingly young boy who was brought up on the wrong side of town. Connwaer mother passed away when he was still exceedingly young.

Thus, he is forced to find food for himself in the neighborhood. Apart from having a strong will, Connwaer does not lie and is always more than eager to learn. Apart from Connwaer, another significant character in the book is Nevery, an old wizard, who more than twenty years was exiled from the city of Wellmet. This was mainly because he blew up his house and also a section of the palace. From time to time, he has a bad tempered and tends to walk with a cane. Nevery believes that not everything is always how they appear to be. Benet is also another significant character in the novel. He is the hired muscle for Connwaer and Nevery. Despite the fact that he is much more than a hired bodyguard, we still get to know that he has exceptional knitting and cooking skills.

The Magic Thief is back one again and this time around he is looking for a locus Magicalicus. After blowing the Heartsease to the Smithereens, Connawear had been exiled from the city of Wellmet. Thus captain Kernn together with the city’s army were on the constant lookout for Connwear. However, the gutter boys have never been caught, and they are usually safe far away from the guards. However, one cannot be on the constant lookout for the minions. Due to the fact that Connwear was a gutter boy, he had been taken into captivity by the minions. They took him to the dusk house ruins, where the city’s magic was preparing itself for something big. A predator magic was coming from the city of Wellmet after it had successfully destroyed the city of Desh in the second book.

Connawear and Nevery were ready. However, the Magisters were not in agreement with Nevery and Conn. They could not fathom the idea that magic was a living being. Thus Conn and Nevery’s last hope was to find a spell that they will use to assist Conn in finding a new locus stone. It does not take long before the spell works. It takes Conn to a region far away from Wellmet. However, it the middle of an exceedingly long journey, an exceedingly huge dragon picks up Conn and takes him towards the dragon mountain. On the dragon mountain, Conn finds the locus stone. Unfortunately, the stone is eaten by a baby dragon. While on the mountain Conn makes the discover that all the dragons will eventually die and once a dragon is dead it turns into magic. Eventually, the magic turns into a city and ends up protecting the city as well. Thus, Conn decides to kidnap Pip and takes him back to Wellmet. When the predator magic is just about to arrive, the Magisters decide to sentence him to death

The predator Magic finally arrives and takes the entire city by surprise. After a day or two, Conn manages to gather his strength and decides to face the predator magic. He goes head and does an epic thing. With that said, at the end of every chapter in this book, there is an occasional letter which have a secret code. You will have to encrypt the secret code using these letters and Conn is exceedingly smart and also hard to catch as well. There are super interesting points such as the dragon cave or when Connwear is slipping out or when the predator magic arrives. With that said, Found is a super-fast and light read that is full of extremely entertaining characters. The protagonists have been well developed and they felt life like. Connwear was an exceedingly interesting character who was more than willing to do what it takes to save his town.

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