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Publication Order of Magnus Pack Books

Pack Challenge (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Go Fetch! (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Here Kitty, Kitty! (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miss Congeniality (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Magnus Pack” is a series of novels by paranormal romance author Shelly Laurenston otherwise known as GA Aiken the author of the “Dragon Kin” series. Under both names, she has had considerable success and is now a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author. She published her first piece of fiction “Pack Challenge” in 2006 and now has more than fifteen novels in six series. She currently lives on the West Coast and when she is not writing about strong muscled men without shirts, she spends her time preparing healthy food for her family.

Just like many authors, she has always been into storytelling and as a child, she had a particular love for dragons. She was among the very first people to watch “Dragon Slayer” and the first person who sniveled when the protagonist came onto the scene and destroyed all the dragon’s children. As a child, she thought the dragon’s kids were so beautiful even though they were vicious animals especially if they were let to grow and become mature adults. As such, it was a no brainer that when she grew up, she would be interested in writing about dragons. Her first two novels were self-published by a company he established himself. For the following two novels, she showed the manuscripts to the editorial director of Kensington, one Kate Duffy who was fascinated by them. Kate offered to rerelease all her novels but since she had several books in the “Pride” series about to be released, she declined the offer as she did not want to confuse her readers. It was then that Kate offered her a lifeline by offering to publish the novels under the pseudonym, GA Aiken. “Dragon Actually” was published in 2008 and was the first of the “Dragon Kin” series of novels.

The “Magnus Pack” series of novels are intriguing novels that tells the stories of three assertive and strong women. They are paranormal shapeshifting women that talk rough, fight hard, and could be either spy or mercenary hitwomen at any time. They are proactive, fiercely loyal, protective, defensive, and loud even though their bravado often conceals their emotional wounds. “Pack Challenge” the first novel of the series is about Sara who was drinking her normal dose of alcohol at the local and does not know that she is about to be drawn into a very dangerous game. Luckily, she is saved by her friend and a pretty boy who saves her when she is accosted as she tried making out with a stranger in an alley. “Go Fetch” the second novel tells the story of Conall Viga-Feilan, a Viking shifter who was resigned to be single for the rest of his life as he did not believe there would ever be a female strong enough to be compatible with him. But then she meets Miki Kendrick who has a special skill with weapons a, a viper tongue, and IQ that is off the charts and he may just change his mind. “Here Kitty, Kitty!” the third novel of the series is set a week after Angelina meets a hot guy. Soon after his brothers are coming into her store almost every day and then she sleeps and wakes up in a strange room with a tiger. It seems she had been kidnapped.

“Pack Challenge” the first novel of the “Magnus Pack” series introduces Zach Sheridan a man who needed to become the alpha of his pack. What he never needed in his life was a needy female throwing his life out of balance. But he also never saw coming a scarred vicious female who knew how to get his attention and demanded it. Sara Morrighan was living her best lie with a safe job, a nice place to live, and good friends. She thought she had it all until a mysterious stranger named Zach came into town with his motorcycle club in tow. From the time she saw him, she wanted the man for herself. But after a meeting with the man, everything from her strength and body was never the same. What’s up with all the snarling which is very odd for the usually sophisticated woman. Her best friends are asking themselves what happened to their friend though it turns out that her life is going to get even more interesting. Meanwhile, Zach is about to learn that there is someone that could make him go nuts.

“Go Fetch!” the second novel of the series is set six months after the events of the last novel. Conell and Miki cannot keep their hands and minds off each other that they are now doing hand jobs on themselves while sleeping since they are forced to be apart. They are insane about each other and Miki has been backing off from Sara and has not been to California for weeks. But she can no longer avoid Conell anymore and once they meet up the attraction is unbearable for the two love birds. Conell can smell something he thinks he remembers smelling before but he cannot put a finger to exactly what it is. When Miki gets attacked outside the Pack Club, he smells the same scent on her and feels an overwhelming urge to protect her from anything that would cause her harm. Meanwhile, Miki needs to write her dissertation which means she has to head back to Seattle which is when things get interesting. While she does not want him there, Conell follows her intending to protect her from anything and everything. The novel is full of hot pop ice scenes, hot sex, and all kinds of shifters making for a very intriguing story.

“Here Kitty, Kitty” the third novel of the “Magnus Pack” series follows the life and times of Nikolai Vorislav who lives a simple, quiet, and relaxing life as a single man. He never signed up to have a foul-mouthed woman come to live in his house flirt with his stupid brother, eat his food and shoot holes into the walls of the home left to him by his father. But still, he is taken by the lethal tongue, dark eyes, and long legs and he thinks Angelina is the sexiest woman he has ever seen. Angelina is still oblivious of how she found herself in some house full of tiger brothers in Texas when she had gone to sleep in her home in North Carolina. She had woken up only wearing a sheet and while she is certain that she has never liked to mingle with good old hillbilly boys with sexy slow drawls, she seems to have no choice in the matter. To protect her friends, she will have to live with a tiger who is always finding ingenious ways that make her purr.

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