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Publication Order of Make Her Mine Books

My Best Friend's Brother (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Billionaire With Benefits (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Boss's Sister (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Best Friend's Ex (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Best Friend's Baby (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alexis Winter is an American published author known for writing romance. She loves to write contemporary romance stories and share the passion she creates with readers all over the world and to write stories featuring characters that are alpha males, billionaires, and the independent women that they end up falling for.

Alexis frequently writes and when she is not busy that she can be discovered somewhere traveling, going on adventures through the Rocky Mountains, hanging out and petting her cat, or having a nice glass of wine. Readers that are fans of the romance genre will love her books and join the many fans of this writer! She loves to provide happy endings so that readers can not only enjoy the ride along with her featured characters but have it all work out for the better in the end.

Alexis Winter is the creator and the author of the Make Her Mine series of fictional novels. These romance stories first became available to readers with the publication of My Best Friend’s Brother, the first book in the series, in 2019. This sizzling series features characters that are trying not to give into their passion, but may not end up succeeding. If you love romance or you are looking for a new romance series to check out to get you into the genre, give these books a try!

My Best Friend’s Brother is the first novel in the Make Her Mine series by author Alexis Winter. In this debut story, readers get to meet Damon Strickland and Jazz for the first time.

Jazz has always harbored a kind of crush on Damon, and now things are about to get complicated because she is working for him. He’s been the older brother to her best friend for so long and was sort of off limits because of that fact. But Jazz has always known that she’s been attracted to him, even if she never acted on it. After all, whenever she has a fantasy he always somehow seems to make an appearance.

Now he’s definitely off limits, because nothing is more unprofessional than having a fling with your boss. It certainly would make you look like you might be the receiver of favoritism to the other employees if they found out. But Jazz can’t help but notice that her boss has still got the good looks that used to make her swoon. The athletic build, the broad shoulders, the self-assured smile. When it comes to how tempting Damon is physically, absolutely nothing has changed.

Jazz is just going to have to do her best to try and focus on the job she needs to do instead of his large hands or handsome face. Maybe they would pick on each other when they were younger, but things have changed. She’s no longer a little girl that annoys him, and he’s no longer completely the same cocky kid that didn’t want anything to do with her.

Jazz knows deep down that she shouldn’t be thinking about this. She knows that the guy has dated his fair share of women. He’s surely left more than a few of them with some broken hearts to mend. On top of the fact that he might be a player, she’s risking her job, her relationship with her best friend, and her reputation by even considering her attraction to him. But she can’t help it. Even after all of these years, that crush is still there.

When Jazz discovers that the crush is mutual, it’s instantly a rock and a hard place. She’s so attracted to him, but on the other hand, there’s so much to lose. Can she risk indulging in Damon or is too much on the line? Would her best friend ever forgive her? Read this romance novel to find out what happens!

Billionaire with Benefits is the second novel in the Make Her Mine series by Alexis Winter. Bennett and Maddie make their appearances in this romance novel for the first time. Check this story out and see what you think!

Maddie is at the gym taking a boxing class and Bennett is the instructor. She thinks that he’s really attractive, but when she goes in to flirt with him, she realizes that he’s also her boss. She never saw that one coming. So when she discovers that the guy is actually really close with her brother, it’s a double whammy of surprise.

The next Monday when Maddie walks into his office, the embarrassment is cemented. She has never felt so mortified in her life. It’s clear that they have to transition out of this awkward stage into something more. She just never thought that the something more would be the two of them hooking up.

Bennett is tall and built out of pure muscle and she’s just blown away by the chemistry between the two of them. While Maddie tried to avoid getting into something like this, she’s been doomed from the start. Ever since the two of them kissed and she felt his body up against hers, it’s been over. She’s lost any sense of needing to have restraint.

The two of them come up with some ground rules for getting together. They agree that as a couple, they shouldn’t have feelings or let them develop. They’ll keep their relationship a secret from the world, and most of all, there are no commitments involved here. Everyone is free to come or leave as they wish.

It was all a lot of fun until things started to change. Maddie knows that Bennett is actually risking a lot to be with her. She’s starting to wonder whether the appropriate thing to do might be to just end the thing cleanly and move on. She doesn’t want him to ruin everything just for her. If she lets him, he just might.

Can Maddie do what she believes to be right and leave him for good? Or has her heart already gotten her into more trouble than she knows? Read this steamy romance book to find out what happens in the end!

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