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Malcolm Rose is a prolific novelist of young adult suspense fiction most of which makes use of science in resolving some interesting quandaries.

Born in Coventry, England in 1953, he initially began penning his manuscripts as a hobby while he was at York University doing his doctoral degree in Chemistry and working as an instructor.
Writing was something of an escape from his job teaching chemistry and he never imagined that it would one day become a full-time career.

While he was at York University, his then-girlfriend who was doing a children’s literature subsidiary course read one of his manuscripts and told him that it was so good that he should consider getting published.
By then, writing was nothing but a hobby and he never believed a chemist would ever be good as a fiction author. Nonetheless, he joined a writing club where he learned how to submit manuscripts and become published.
He published “Rift” his debut work of fiction in 1985 and now has more than forty works of fiction in addition to contributing to series by other authors.
When his writing became very successful, he quit his job in science to become a full-time author.

On his website, Malcolm Rose has often written about his dual life as a novelist and scientist. He believes that there is a lot of overlap in what he does both as a chemistry instructor and as an author.
As a scientist, he mixes chemicals lets them stew for a bit, and then observes the reaction.

As an author, he typically follows ruthless criminals who go on murderous rampages. In a sense, he combines different characters, adds in some conflict, and just like a chemist he sits back to observe the reaction.
Until 1996, he lectured about chemistry at the Open University of the United Kingdom. Working as a researcher, he used to do all manner of research in the analysis of drugs, and sudden death infant syndrome, even as he taught organic chemistry.
While he had always loved stories and storytelling, it was a job with crazy hours and he hardly had any time for anything else in his schedule.

As such, he used to do most of his writing when he got home in the evenings where he used to write well past midnight. It is for this reason that he believes that some of his best scenes are usually set on dark nights.

Having picked up his pen and cast aside his test tubes, Malcolm Rose is now a full-time author. He is mostly known for his crime and thriller fiction novels as he highlights how forensic science can be found in most police investigations.
As for the inspiration for the novels he writes, he gets them from several sources. Rose gets some of it from magazine and newspaper articles which inspired “The Secret of the Dead” while “Flying Upside Down” was inspired by reports of teenage suicides.
Science such as the bad guys using explosives and poisons and the good people employing forensic science inform most of his crime fiction novels.

“Framed” by Malcolm Rose is a futuristic novel that comes with deadpan humor and a thrilling plot that has been compared to the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz.

It tells the story of 16-year-old Luke Harding. He is a recently qualified forensic investigator who is charged with working on the homicide of Crispin Addley a fellow student discovered with an arrow in his heart.
The robot Malc whose technological proficiencies include scanners, lasers, X-rays, and a massive database that is capable of cross-checking facts in the fastest time ever will help him in his investigation.

We follow Luke as he has an interesting career that sometimes involves saving the world and solving crimes.

The work is set in an England of the future where the infrastructure has been neglected for so long that vines and trees have created something of a jungle in between the brick and concrete structures.
There is crime all over the city and Luke frequently finds his life in danger.

However, working with Mlc his trusty sidekick, he manages to infiltrate the visionaries, a dangerous cult whose use of violence and views of medicine to accomplish their goals make them the number one suspects.

Malcolm Rose’s “Lost Bullet” is another interesting addition to the “Traces” series.

Forensic investigator Luke Harding and his robotic sidekick are working in a London that is full of wild animals and has fallen into disrepair. Amid the chaos, there is a war raging between white and brown people.
At some point,Owen a white boy is shot and taken to the hospital to get some help. But his doctor is shot a few hours after treating him and there is a suspicion that this could be a continuation of the white vs. brown war.
On the other hand, could she have been murdered for being a medic? Or maybe it is just a random crime that has recently become so common in London.

The bullet has been lost in the rain and for Detective Luke Harding, the only way to get to the truth is to infiltrate London’s most secretive organizations.

It is an interesting work of fiction that asks you to reexamine your moral that comes with all manner of twists and turns set in an ominous and haunted London.

“Roll Call” by Malcolm Rose is a fascinating work of fiction in which Luke Harding the detective has to investigate murders. They are believed to be done by the same killer since all three victims were named Emily.
Luke and his trusty robot are struggling to make headway in their investigation given that the homicides happen in the cold winter and they cannot find any physical evidence.

However, Luke meets a homeless girl while on the job who is also named Emily. Soon enough, the girl goes missing and he thinks it may be connected to the previous three murders.

Combining technology, suspense, and forensics, it is an intriguing mystery that will have you engrossed all the way through.

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