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Mallory McDonald Books In Order

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Publication Order of Mallory McDonald Books

Mallory on the Move (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Back to School, Mallory (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mallory vs. Max (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Happy Birthday, Mallory! (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Business with Mallory (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mallory on Board (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart to Heart with Mallory (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honestly, Mallory! (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Campfire Mallory (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Step Fourth, Mallory! (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red, White & True Blue Mallory (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Happy New Year, Mallory! (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mallory Goes Green! (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mallory in the Spotlight (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mallory's Guide to Boys, Brothers, Dads, and Dogs (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mallory's Super Sleepover (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Oh Boy, Mallory (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mallory McDonald, Super Snoop (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mallory and Mary Ann Take New York (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Play It Again, Mallory (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three's Company, Mallory! (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mallory McDonald, Baby Expert (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Game Time, Mallory! (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Change is in the Air, Mallory (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Road with Mallory (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
High Five, Mallory! (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Super Sitter (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mallory Makes a Difference (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Mallory McDonald series is a well known series of famous books based on the children’s books genre. It is written by one of the noteworthy authors from America named Laurie Friedman. This series consists of twenty five books in total, which were released between 2004 and 2016. All the books in the series are narrated by Tamara Schmitz. She says that she is also a great fan of author Friedman. Each and every book in the series features the happenings in the lead character’s life, who is known as Mallory McDonald. This character is depicted as a young girl who goes to school. The other important characters described by author Friedman in the series include Max, Mary Ann, Winnie, Joey, Colleen, Frank, Mrs. Daily, Pamela Brooks, Mr. Knight, Taylor, Carine, and C-Lo. Mallory likes cheeseburgers very much and considers them as her favorite food. She likes cats as pets and has named her own cat Cheeseburger. Her best friend is Mary Ann, and Joey Winston is the second best. The favorite color of Mallory McDonald is purple. Max is Mallory’s brother, who has a pet dog named Champ. Mallory says that she wished to have an older sister, but instead she has Max, who she regrets calling her brother. Max does not treat Mallory well and always keeps things messy around him. He likes to play baseball. Max holds a secret crush on his neighbor named Winnie and Mallory knows this from his behavior when he is around her.

Mary Ann and Mallory consider themselves to be lifelong friends. When they were very small, they liked to do similar things. Both of them enjoyed getting dressed in the same costumes on the occasion of Halloween. Even their tastes in chewing gum are same. Mallory thinks that she and Mary Ann have started doing different things off late. But, they still like to paint their nails with same color, say things 3 times, and watch their favorite show, Fashion Fran, together. Winnie and Joey Winston are the neighbors of Mallory. Joey is nice, funny, and likes to tell jokes. He is good at skateboarding, soccer, and training dogs. Winnie is a couple of years older than Mallory, but she believes that she is in her late teens. Mallory thinks of her as quite a mean girl. She likes to read magazines of the latest fashions and also dress in the same way. The parents of Mallory are Sherry and Harry McDonald. Harry is the owner of a paint store, while Sherry works as a music teacher at Mallory’s school called Fern Falls Elementary. Mallory likes them when they allow her to do whatever she wants, but the problem is that they hardly let her do what she wants. Mallory’s parents make her go to bed very early, which she thinks is not good for a kid of her age.

Colleen Martin is the mother of Mary Ann and Frank Winston is Joey’s father. Mallory considers them as nice people, but the problem is that they have officially declared themselves as a couple and so their children now spend most of the time together, excluding Mallory. Mrs. Daily is the 3rd grade teacher at Mallory’s school. She likes it when the children in her class remain quiet. Mrs. Daily always keeps a green color plastic frog on her desk, called as Chester. When she taps on its head, it makes a croaking sound, and that is when the kids know that they have to be quiet. Mrs. Daily writes articles in the school’s newspaper. Pamela Brooks is the first kid whom Mallory met at her school. She is very smart, likes to play violin, stay out of trouble, and find a solution to the problems. Mallory does not always listen to Pamela and regrets about it on many occasions. C-Lo is the new boy in school whom Mallory McDonald finds very cute. But, he seems to like Mary Ann more than Mallory. Mr. Knight is a teacher of 4th grade at the school. He is very strict and only likes those kids who follow his rules. Carine and Taylor are the camp friends of Mallory.

One of the initial novels released in the Mallory McDonald series is titled as ‘Heart to Heart With Mallory’. This book was published in the year 2006 by the Carolrhoda publication. In this novel, it is shown that the Valentine’s Day is very near and everyone else seems to have gone crazy with love, except Mallory. She is invited to a party next door on the occasion of the Valentine’s Day. Mallory gets to know about a rumor that makes her shocked. It seems that the father of her next door neighbor is going to propose the mother of Mallory’s best friend. This news makes Mallory wonder what would happen if the two of her best friends will become siblings? And where is she going to fit in such a scenario. To make the matters worse, Mallory begins to get gifts from a secret admirer. It makes her think who could be the person sending her presents. Due to these events, Mallory begins to feel that everything is changing around her and it has raised a lot of questions in her mind about love, friendship, and life. As could not find anyone to share her thoughts with, Mallory decided to turn to her personal diary to search for the answers.

One of the other books published initially in the series is titled as ‘Campfire Mallory’. It was released in the year 2008 by the Carolrhoda publishers. The opening scene of this book shows that it is the summer season and Mallory is gearing up for her first sleep away camp. At first, she appears to be a little bit nervous. But, her best friends Joey Winston and Mary Ann are also going with her and they persuade her by talking about how much fun they are going to have at the camp. However, things do not go as they had planned as Mary Ann and Mallory get placed in separate tents. Soon, Mallory befriends another member of the camp named Carine. This girl always wants to stay by the side of Mallory in order to make sure that she does not get any problems in the camp. Even though the intentions of Carine are not bad, she keeps getting both of them in trouble all the time. Thinking of her as a good girl, Mallory keeps giving her second chances, but every time she wonders how many chances does she require to give Carine before she starts doing things in the right way.

The Mallory McDonald series is a series of popular Children’s books written by the award-winning American named Laurie Friedman. There is a total of 25 books in the series published between the years 2004 and 2016. The novels are illustrated by Tamara Schmitz, who herself is one of the fans of author Laurie Friedman, and feature the events in the life of the main character named Mallory McDonald who is a young school going girl. The first novel of the Mallory McDonald series was published under the title ‘Mallory On The Move’. It was released in the year 2004 by the First Avenue Editions publishing house. The plot of this novel deals with the difficulties involved while shifting places and this is exactly what happens in the life of Mallory McDonald when her family changes the place of residence. She says that everything changes in your at such times, such as your neighborhood, your house, your town, and the most important of all, your friends. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Mallory McDonald is just a small girl of about eight and a half years old. When she is told by her parents that they are going to move and she too has to come with them, she becomes extremely mad at them.

Mallory says that it is not fair at all given that she has all her contacts in her current town. She tries to explain to her parents that she cannot leave and go away from her friend Mary, who was her only close friend in the whole world. If she will change her place of residence, then who is going to paint the toenails along with her and make scrapbooks. Also, who is she going to share her secrets with. But, her parents do not listen to any of her excuses and eventually move from there. And so, when Mallory McDonald reaches her new residence located on the Wish Pond Road, she finds that things are quite terrible there. She finds the girl living next door to be quite mean and even her own room in very small. However, there is also a boy named Joey living in her neighborhood, who is not like the other mean kids around her. Joey does not get involved in painting toenails along with her, but he cracks some very funny jokes, helps her with teaching tricks to her cat, and also helps her with learning skateboarding. Eventually, Mallory McDonald goes on to like her new place so much that she tends to forget the friendship pact that she had made along with Mary Ann, which was not to make friendship with a boy living next door. As a result, the situation becomes extremely difficult for Mallory when Mary visits her at her new place. She wonders what to do in this situation and seems to be in a dilemma over choosing between her new friend and her close friend from her childhood days.

The second novel of the Mallory McDonald series written by author Laurie Friedman was published under the title ‘Back To School, Mallory’. It was released by the Carolrhoda Books publishing house in the year 2004. The plot of this novel continues to depict the happenings in the life of the main character named Mallory McDonald. It deals with the idea of how hard a kid feels while going to a new school. However, in this novel, the situation becomes even harder for Mallory McDonald because she finds out that her own mother is the new music teacher at her new school. She believes that the kids generally take their notebooks, pencils, and other reading materials to school along with them but not their mother. And so, Mallory begins to think that she has been doomed because of the new turn of events in her school life.

As she has not even started her first day at her new school, she wonders how she is going to deal with it throughout her school life. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that the summer holidays are getting over and it only means for the eight year old Mallory McDonald that she has to begin her schooling at her new school. As the school is totally new for her, things are not going to be the same like her previous school, especially because she has to deal with all the new kids over there. And to make the matters worse for her, she is going to be accompanied by her mom too, as she is going to be the new music teacher at her new school. Mallory McDonald thinks that things are not going to be any worse until she experiences her first day at school. She is made to sit along with another girl named Pamela, who always seem to say the right things and also steal her ideas. There is also her neighborhood by named Joey who seems to be extremely busy with his old friends and does not seem to have any time for Mallory. And on top of all the difficulties she has to face on her first day at school, Mallory gets picked up to play the role of an eggplant in the school festival called as the Fall Festival that is going to be organized by her mother. It becomes so hard for her that she begins to think that life has been pretty unfair for her.

In the end, Mallory McDonald is not able to decide whether she should her new school and Pamela, one more chance or leave them once and for all. The novel proved to be an exciting read just like the first novel of the series. It was very much liked by the readers and the fans of author Laurie Friedman. Even the critics and the fellow writers of author Friedman praised her for her dedicated efforts in writing down this interesting novel. Her unique style of writing was liked by a number of children who enjoyed reading the book a lot. This helped author Laurie Friedman to receive a lot of motivation and encouragement for writing the other novels of the series. Due to this, the series is still going on and she is about to publish her latest novel of the series any time soon in the coming days of the year 2016. The success of this novel has also helped author Laurie Friedman to write the novels of other series as well.

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