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Malory Towers Books In Order

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Publication Order of Malory Towers Books

First Term at Malory Towers (1946)Description / Buy at Amazon
Second Form at Malory Towers (1947)Description / Buy at Amazon
Third Year at Malory Towers (1948)Description / Buy at Amazon
Upper Fourth at Malory Towers (1949)Description / Buy at Amazon
In the Fifth at Malory Towers (1950)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last Term at Malory Towers (1951)Description / Buy at Amazon
New Class at Malory Towers (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Malory Towers:

The Malory Towers has astoundingly continued to remain as one of the most well-liked and best-selling series, and has never turned out to be obsolete among girls right from the year 1946 when the first book was published till date. The original series comprises of 6 books by the famous British children’s author Enid Blyton.

Overview of the Series

Malory Towers refers to a girl’s boarding school situated at Cornwall by the sea. The series revolves around its vital character – the 12 year old Darrell Rivers who is filled with enthusiasm and excitement upon her arrival at Malory Towers. She dreams of turning out to be one of the success stories of Malory Towers as a result of the inspiration from her Headmistress Miss Grayling.

But unfortunately, she had to travel through a rough road ahead. Her bad temperament lands her into unpleasant circumstances and she finds it intricate to even find a true friend of hers. The series also throws light on her fellow mates and their attitude with her.

It traces the boarding school experiences of the girls through 6 years as they work their way through their confrontments, accomplishments and displeasures. It also excites the readers to find out if these unruly girls turn out to be fine, motivating women in the future or not.

More About the Key Character Darrell

The key character in the series is Darrell. She is a go-getter and does not settle until she does her best. Academically she performs low when she is in the bad company of Alicia. Most of the incidents in the series are viewed from her perspective. Her best friend was Alicia through major part of the first book until she has clashes with her. Sally then becomes her new best friend.

Darrell is pictured as someone with a bad temper, but also possesses the ability to have it under control. She develops the aptitude to apologize to whomever she loses control upon realizing her shortcoming, even when she was wronged. She was talented in writing lyrics and stories. She grows up to be the head girl of the entire school by the time she is in her sixth form.

Other Characters Involved in the Series

It encompasses varied characters such as the reliable friend of Darrell named Sally Hope, the rebellious Gwendoline Mary Lacey, the younger sister of Darrell named Felicity Rivers, the kind and timid Mary Lou, the bright and competitive Alicia Johns, the artistic Belinda, Wilhelmina Robinson known as Bill who loved horses, the shrewd Jean, etc.

Description of Book 1 in the Series – First Term at Malory Towers:

The author introduces readers to Darrell in this first book as a new student who arrives at Malory Towers boarding school and many of the other important characters. Darrell feels puzzled in her first term, but very soon joins the bad company of Alicia Johns. Her first term is filled with highs and lows. A girl named Sally Hope dislikes the joyous family life of Darrell, and therefore she does not remain in good terms with Darrell.

A bullying event occurs at the swimming pool at Malory Towers boarding school due to which Darrell loses temper and slaps a girl named Gwendoline Mary Lacey who was unruly. Darrell who was once admired by the other girls startles everyone due to her bad show of temper. But then she wisely handles the situation by apologizing after realizing her mistake and wins back her popularity and respect among others.

During the half term, Sally continues to be infuriating causing Darrell to push her accidently and thus she slips away. During supper time when Sally does not turn up, Darrell learns that Sally had suffered severe stomach ache and was taken to the san. She assumes that she was responsible for Sally’s condition and feels guilty for not taking ownership towards her actions. She changes her attitude and tries to be kind to Mary-Lou thereafter.

Sally’s health is restored by Darrel’s dad and she is at ease when she realizes that she was not responsible for Sally’s condition. Very soon Darryl and Sally become friends. The end of the term contains events such as mean tricks played by Gwendoline on Mary-Lou. At some point of time, Darrel is suspected by others to be the culprit¸ but it is averted due to the courage of Mary-Lou. As a result¸ the girls offer an apology to Darrell for suspecting her. By the end of the term, Darrell had made two friends namely Sally and Mary-Lou, and she also performs well in her exams.

Description of Book 2 in the Series – The Second Form at Malory Towers:

Darrell gets promotion to the second form after completion of the first four terms in the first form, and she meets many new girls in North Tower. The other new girls in this form include Belinda Morris who is very good at art, Irene who is a musical mastermind and becomes a good friend of Belinda, Gwendoline who partners with Daphne Millicent Turner, Ellen whose temper causes issues in the form and Jean who attempts to sweet-talk Ellen but is ignored by her.

Certain other incidents take place in this form such as Ellen falling sick and missing class followed by her efforts to take a look at the test papers prior to the exams, and jewellery and purses being robbed in North Tower by someone. A series of events occur such as Ellen being suspected by Alicia for snooping about the desks in the classrooms, and Daphne finally confessing to the girls that she was the one who robbed their possessions. Daphne saves the life of Mary-Lou resulting in her forgiveness by the girls for her theft. Daphne and Mary-Lou become good friends at the end of the term.

Series Details

The original series has 6 Malory Towers books written by Enid Blyton between the years 1946 and 1951. In addition, there are 6 continuation novels authored by Pamela Cox which were first published in 2009.

The original 6 Malory Towers books written by Enid Blyton are First Term at Malory Towers (first published in 1946 by Methuen), The Second Form at Malory Towers (first published in 1947 by Methuen), Third Year at Malory Towers (first published in 1948 by Methuen), Upper Fourth at Malory Towers (first published in 1949 by Methuen), In the Fifth at Malory Towers (first published in 1950 by Methuen) and Last Term at Malory Towers (First Published in 1951 by Methuen).

Six more books written by Pamela Cox are New Term at Malory Towers, Summer Term at Malory Towers, Winter Term at Malory Towers, Fun and Games at Malory Towers, Secrets at Malory Towers and Goodbye Malory Towers. All of them were first published in 2009 by Mammoth.

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