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Publication Order of A Man of the Month Books

Man of the Month is a series of contemporary romance novels by Julie Kenner. Kenner is a Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, New York Time and International bestselling author. She has written short stories, novellas, and novels in romance, suspense, and paranormal genres. While she is for the most part known for her international bestselling and award-winning erotic romance such as the “Most Wanted” and the “Stark” series that went as high as second on the New York Times bestselling list, she has been very successful in other genres too. Some of her very best novels have been in the paranormal mommy lit, urban fantasy, “chick-lit” suspense, contemporary and paranormal romance.

JK has received praise from many book reviewers including Publishers Weekly who have called her an author with a flair for eccentric characterization and dialogue. RT Bookclub called her an author that cornered the niche with dominant and sinfully attractive antiheroes and the women that fall for them. She has been the finalist for the prestigious RITA Award from the Romance Writer of America and finally won it with “Claim Me” in 2014 and “Wicked Dirty” in 2017. Kenner’s “Demon Hunting Soccer Mom” series is being developed into a television series. As it stands there are more than 3 million of her novels in print in more than twenty languages. In her previous life she worked as a lawyer on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals where she specialized in entertainment, civil, and First Amendment cases in Austin Texas, Irvine and Los Angeles in California. She currently lives in Texas with her husband, two children, and their two cats.

“Man of the Month” by Julie Kenner is a series of romance novels that may be read as standalone with guaranteed HEA. Each novel has its own romance trope such as secret baby, second chance romance, friends to lovers or billionaire bad boys among others. Nonetheless, Kenner writes such beautiful and intriguing love stories that one cannot afford to miss even one. The Man of the Month series ask the question Who’s Your Man of the Month? And then proceed to present a handsome magnetic man who goes ahead to capture the heart of a heroine. At the start of the novels, a group of friends comes together to save their beloved hangout from getting shuttered. A new and very hip bar opened a few blocks away and it is taking business away from their beloved hangout. They decide to fight the competing bar using a very unconventional technique. They set up a “Man of the Month Competition” and get bare-chested, six-pack ab, broad-shouldered hot local guys to audition to become man of the month. But the stories are not only about saving their favorite bar as things heat up when the men meet their flirty sexy female counterparts. Interconnected from one book to another, they are compelling reads that are worth the wait every few months when they are released.

“Down on Me,” the first novel of the Man of the Month series introduces three friends who partner to save the Fix, their favorite bar. Brent, Jenna, and Reece had been friends for decades and have gone through the good times and bad times together. They have supported each other through family hardship, dating disasters, moves that separated them and ultimately getting back together. But none of the friends have ever had to deal with the intense attraction that Reece and Jenna have and can no longer deny. As they come together and design strategies to bring back the crowd into The Fix, Jenna suggests that they set up a Man of the Month contest, a concept she first saw in Austin, LA. The contest will involve the sexiest and hottest men in town competing for a slot on the calendar shoot. The results are beyond their expectations as Mr. January is a blast that corrects the trajectory of the bar towards recovery. Meanwhile, Jenna and Reece are finding that a new emotion has replaced their friendly feelings – lust. They have been fighting their feelings for a while but this is a new struggle that threatens their friendship yet is so hard to resist. Neither, believes that they can make it a long term relationship but a surprising occurrence means they have to make a huge decision.

“Hold on Tight” the second novel of the series is the story of Spencer and Brooke that has a Romeo and Juliet type of feel. Brooke owns a Commercial Renovation Company but her parents do not approve given that they expected her to follow in their footsteps to become either a lawyer or doctor. Spencer had lived in a trailer and came from nothing and learned construction from his father. Brooke and Spencer had met and fallen in love though her family hated the match. While planning for a life with Brooke, Spencer became a master at his craft becoming one of the best construction and renovation experts in town. He was soon approached by a network to star in a television show and he could not be happier. He was looking forward to saying his vows until Brooke broke his heart by calling off the engagement and moving away. Spencer continued to work on his network show until his investment manager and friend is involved in some unsavory dealings that put Spencer in the red. Spencer is forced to leave his show and the network even as he still has one season on the contract left. After several months back in Austin, he runs into Brooke his ex-fiancé who informs him that he is trying to get a network to do a reno show on their favorite hangout, The Fix. But the network will only do the show if Spencer is in it. Spencer is not interested but the network insists that if he is to finish the other contract he needs to do the new contract with Brooke. The network knows of their history and wants the drama to light up both shows.

“Need You Now” the third novel of the Man of the Month series is a friend to lovers story of Cameron Reed and Mina Silver. Mina Silver is finding her feet managing the operations of “The Business Plan” a rehab show and The Fix on Sixth. She had always wanted to become a Hollywood star and does not wish to start a long term relationship, particularly not with her brother’s best friend. But Cameron Reed is calling to her heart and has a lot of plans the most important of which is to seduce the sister of his best friend. The attraction between them has been building since they were childhood friends. They have always had each other’s backs and nothing has changed much over the years. It is not long before they go from friends to friends with benefits and then Mina puts a brake on things. Cameron wants to take things to the next level, but Mina has her Hollywood dreams and does not believe she will be in town for much longer. Things get more dire when her plans for Hollywood move faster than she had anticipated. She does not want to risk the heart of the man she has come to love or her own when she is so uncertain of the future.

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