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Mandasue Heller is a British author born in Cheshire of The United Kingdom. In the year 1982 she moved to Manchester. Most of the childhood time of the author Mandasue Heller was spent in appearing in pantomimes and plays, performing as a character in am-dram productions, and for an Old Tyme Music Hall troupe she was working as a singer. The love of the stage was running through the veins of Mandasue Heller and this went along through her adulthood also. She started to make tours to the club of working men at the age of 18. Missouri Sunshine was the name of her country and western band at that time. Later, during that time she joined Equity and started appearing regularly in shows such as Boys From The Blackstuff, Albion Market, Coronation Street, Watching, Brookside, etc. When in the 80s, after moving to Manchester, she began working on the scenes of the underground music, having a part in an original rock band, and singing as a part-time in many blues, jazz and soul bands. In the 90s, she quit singing temporarily because of a certain illness. During this time, she began directing her mind towards writing. While in Manchester she spent the first 10 years of life in the notorious Hulme Crescents as the backdrop. She used Hulme Crescents in many of her novels to describe some real-life incidents.

Among all her writings the first one was based on a real-life incident that happened to author Heller. One day she was sleeping in her house along with her son in her arms, who was 10 weeks old at that time. A man broke into her house and attacked her with a claw-hammer. The attacker hit author Heller on her head and this fractured her skull and a 5″ gash was left behind. It was not the physical effects that affected her most, but the psychological effects. She was in a great trauma and couldn’t escape from it. The incident was having a hold on her and she thought writing about it would help her get rid of it. After finishing her work, she didn’t publish it as it was too personal and she couldn’t see anybody else reading it. But the positive thing that came out of this was that she started enjoying the process of writing. Soon she started writing about fiction and Hodder & Stoughton published her first novel titled ‘The Front’ and since then she has written 13 novels and is working on her 14th book. Mandasue Heller now has 3 fully grown children and has 3 grandchildren. She still lives in the city of Manchester and spends quality time between family and books and along with Wingrove Ward, her musician/producer partner she writes and records music albums.

Among all the novels written by the British author Heller, one of them is titled ‘Forget Me Not’ and is published by Not Avail on 1st June, in the year 2003. The story in the book is about the place called Westy Lane in the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom. It includes a serial killer who is hunting the people of the city and a tiny blue flower is left by him every time on the bodies of the people he kills. Lisa Noone is the main character of the book, who is twelve years old and lives with her mum near Westy Lane where all the murders are happening. Her mother, Pat is a prostitute and the court gives her a suspended sentence. Pat has a boyfriend, but his profession is also as a prostitute. Pat is also having a habit of drugs. Lisa’s best friend is trying to get a bit friendly with her boyfriend and this causes Lisa to fall out with her friends. After some time, her boyfriend tries to rape Lisa along with his mate, but she is saved by an old man from that incident. Lisa starts to like this man after this incident, but she doesn’t know that this man is the real serial killer, who is killing people across Westy Lane. Soon the mother of Lisa is attacked by the serial killer that leaves her seriously injured and Lisa is kidnapped by him. This causes the police to go on a man hunt to find the killer and reach in time to save Lisa. The thing in this story is that usually serial killers don’t look like as a killer. They act just like normal people and it is very hard to recognize them. The ending of the book is very good and happy and people became fond of this novel because Mandasue Heller gave a realistic story of the Hulme Crescent.

Another novel written by author Heller is titled ‘The Charmer’ and is published on 1st October, 2005 by Hodder & Stoughton. The story involves a main character named Maria Price, who became orphan at the age of 11. Late,r her father’s sister dies whom she never met and fortunately Maria became the heir of her fortune. She inherits 3/4 million pounds and a big house in Manchester’s best part. Since she became orphan at a very young age, she thought of not having any family member again in her life. She starts working in a school assisting teachers. Later she meets Joel Parry, who is very charming and a handsome young man looking for a place to stay. After some time, Joel moves into the house of Maria and starts spending Maria’s money. Maria doesn’t know that Joel is a drug dealer and is running from Psycho and his gang because of some wrongly went drug deal. Joel Parry is a bit of a woman’s man and he disappears at one stage. In order to have information about Joel’s whereabouts, Psycho starts beating and raping people, to make them talk, but nothing happens as they don’t know anything about him. They can’t even report the incident to the police as Psycho will then kill them. As Maria is young and has a lot of money, fooling was very easy for Joel. He starts stealing Maria’s credit card and pays for the drug deals. But at the end of the story Joel gets a sticky end.

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