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Betrothal (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quest (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Surrender: A Queen's Honor Short Story (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Ring of Fire: A Mythica Novella (As: Jessa Knight) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
If Angels Whisper (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Metaphorosis, September 2022(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mande Matthews is an American author and was born in Colville Washington in the United States. She is writes Romance, Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy. While a student at a performing arts college for arranging and writing, Mande was greatly influenced by Joseph Campbell’s Masks of God series. Mande’s life-long quest, to create original new worlds for her readers, is founded on her strong desire to understand humanity through myth and legend together with her interest in fantasy fiction. Mande is a hermit at heart and often recedes into the realms of imagination from where she occasionally emerges to face the real world with the help of her companions, her husband and several feathered, furred, and mostly magical friends. Mande Matthews has been influenced in her work by the works of Joseph Campbell, Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, Marion Zimmer Bradley Jo and a several other writers. She is the author of the Shadow Light Saga and the Queen’s Honor mini-series. She has also co authored the Epic series together with Kate Thomas, Chrissy Peebles, and W.J. May.

Bonded is the first book in her ShadowLight Saga series. In the book, Hallad Avarson’s vow to protect a mysterious young woman warrior puts his him at logger heads with best friend Erik, and endangers the life of his little sister Emma. This leads him into a treacherous realm of intrigue and magic. The book opens the deep expanse of the Great Wood forest as the setting sun causes blackness to lurk in the dense undergrowth of the forest. A faint melody can be heard drifting out of the darkened woods. Hallad Avarson is in a tense mood as he strains to hear the voice that is so faint as to be nearly inaudible. He swings his head toward the sound, and listens. He turns to his companions seating on the Green to see their reaction to the singing. Hallad Avarson’s little sister, Emma, seats with her linen skirts splayed on the ground around her, looking up through her thick lashes at her boy friend, Erik Sigtrigson. Erik looks down at her from where he is kneeling, his expression loving, fierce and protective all at the same time. Erik’s younger brother, Rolf Sigtrigson, is pacing around the two courters, playing with a carving knife against a stick. Hallad’s companions did not hear the voice, and are not interested in it. Rolf starts to tell a tale and Emma, with her eyes wide open with interest, beams at the storyteller as Erik moves closer to her. However, only the voice in the forest is sounding in Hallad’s head. The melody has grown louder, and it is a female’s, full and rich, but too beautiful and unearthly. Despite himself, Hallad takes a heavy backward step toward the voice. Though he longs to relax with his friends he feels he cannot because he is the godhis’s son and must be responsible and on guard. He goes to find the source of the voice. Out of the distance a howl of a wolf rises and Hallad fumbles for an arrow and he prepares himself to shoot. The baying lingers as if coming from another realm, clogging the air. Hallad scrambles through the forest and drops his bow. A long limbed woman appears from the edge of the still waters of prophetess cove and faces him. She looks at him and he is held prisoner by her gaze. He realizes the woman is a warrior. His companions soon arrive, carrying torches, and they are startled by the beautiful naked woman. Emma addresses the stranger. The stranger doesn’t respond to Emma. She dresses in fluid movements and pick up her sword and makes as if to attack Emma. Erik springs to Emma’s defence. Hallad shoots the stranger with an arrow. Emma goes to dress her wound. A scuffle soon ensues as the stranger tries to take Emma hostage. As Hallad thinks of what to do, a strange chill blasts into the clearing at the prophetess cove and freezes them. An unseen force holds them tightly as they watch Emma gradually disappear into the darkness.

Broken is the second book of the ShadowLight Saga series. In this book it is at the dawn of the age of silence, an age when silence will pervade the lands. It is an age yet to come and one that is feared. Though prophecies have dawned, relationships forged and heroes bonded, all this can be broken as the shadow moves into position for the battle of Astrid. The book opens in the dark hours of morning at the Palace of Glitner. Astrid moves quietly down the hall careful not to wake her twin brother Hallad. She remembers the cheers from the crowds in the streets the night before as she and Hallad walked through Glitner streets. The people had gathered to witness the arrival of the Guardian and the svenna, titles that foretold Astrids and Hallads future and ones which they, Hallad and Astrid, still could not understand. After their entrance into the city the first of Glitner, Revanna, had escorted them back to the palace and shown them their quarters. The palace glowed white in the sunlight with towering turrets and at night there was music, but the palace didn’t feel warm to astrid. Even though the first maintained it was for their safety, Astrid felt imprisoned. Still engrossed in her thoughts, Astrid reaches the quarters where Rota, Emma and the other warriors of the Lion clan were sleeping. Her desire being to touch her sword and practice with it. They had been asked to surrender their weapons upon entering the palace as a promise to keep peace in the land. Astrid wanted to practice with her sword and she did so with Rota till Hallad interrupted them. A massive crowd shouting outside the palace grounds alarms them and they try to find a way out ot the palace without success. The crowd was protesting, accusing Hallad of being an imposter and not the real Guardian. The protest is soon broken up by the palace guardians. The silencing charm used by the palace guardians affects Astrid and she finds difficult breathing. She is soon transported to the grounds in front of the palace guardians. Her appearance weakens the palace guards singing charm allowing her to breath. But the palace guard resume their singing charming in an attempt to punish the sturborn protesters, and in so doing deeply affect Astrid who struggles to breath as the charm is drawing air from her lungs. Hallad rescues her by carrying her back to the palace using a shadowwalk charm. Meanwhile Emma and Erik are in their room oblivious of the commotion outside. Revenna , the first on confronts Astrid for attacking the palace guardians and Hallad defends her. Revenna decides to test Astrids abilities and skills in shadowwalk and touch of the mother to be sure she is up to the tasks ahead.

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