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A Woman of War / The German Midwife (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Messenger (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Berlin Girl (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl Behind the Wall (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Resistance Girl (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The War Pianist (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Scandalous Life of Ruby Devereaux (As: M.J. Robotham) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hidden Storyteller (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mandy Robotham
Mandy Robotham is a Canadian, USA, US and Australian Kindle 100 bestseller, Globe and Mail bestselling author.

Mandy had been dreaming of writing a novel since she was nine years old, after reading “Harriet the Spy” and she carried her notebook all around the school’s playground, attempting to look interesting. She found herself wanting to be the writer, more than the spy. While wandering around with the notebook, she was attempting to write a book, which ended up always having the same plot as “Harriet”.

She was waylaid, however, with journalism and kids, which took her to midwifery, which took her even further away from her keyboard for twenty years. Once more, she is immersed in the world of words, having completed her MA in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University.

Now she writes about death, birth, and anything else in between. That’s when she isn’t called out to birth women in the small hours.

Even though she was into her fifties when she achieved it, she never lost sight of her dream, of holding a book she had written in her hand. It was an extremely good day when it finally happened, and she admits to smelling the pages when she handled that first copy.

Mandy gets inspiration from anywhere, since she is a nosy person. She sits on the Tube and wonders about what the people around her do, where they live, and if they have any secrets.

When writing something, she begins a new notebook for each planned book, and hand writes all her ideas, notes, character names, etc. It is her constant companion for when she begins to to write on the keyboard. She knows she’s ready to write when she begins thinking about conversations and scenes with her characters, and then has to stop herself from splurging on screen.

Since she works four days a week, her writing time is precious. If the words aren’t coming on one text, she switches to another for that period. O just work on something else, a monologue or some short story. Anything she can in order to ensure the wheels stay oiled.

During her spare time away from babies and writing, she is a keen gym-goer, knits what her kids call ‘odd things’ (placentas too), and she prides herself on being Jack Savoretti’s number one fan.

Mandy finds she is in heaven while in a cafe with some good coffee beside her, with a buzz of different people as a cushion. She reads each night tucked underneath her duvet, particularly cozy and nice during winter.

The 1960s is her favorite decade in fashion. It is a decade that she would’ve loved to have been a young woman during. The shapes and the colors as well as the total abandon of anything conservative. Nothing was out of bounds. Among her heroes is Mary Quant.

She’s always had an inkling to work in a mortuary, because she is fascinated with the processes that occur after life. It is lucky that she isn’t squeamish.

She draws the most inspiration from Jane Austen, who was so far ahead of her time, a feisty brain during a tough time for all women.

Mandy’s debut novel, called “A Woman of War”, was released in the year 2018. Her work is from the inspirational and historical genres.

“A Woman of War” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2018. Germany in 1944. Taken from the camps in order to serve the Fuhrer himself, Anke Hoff gets assigned as midwife to a member of Hitler’s inner circle. Should she refuse, her family is going to die.

Torn between her hatred for the Nazi regime and her duty as caregiver, Anke gets swept right into a life unlike anything that she has ever known. She also finds that many of the people at the Berghof are equally as trapped as she is. Quickly, she is falling for a guy that is going to make her world much more complicated.

Before too long, the couple is faced with quite an impossible decision, and the consequences might be lethal. Could their forbidden love survive all the horrors of war? More importantly, are they?

“The Secret Messenger” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2019. Venice in 1943. The world’s at war, and Stella Jilani leads a double life. By day she toils in the lion’s den as a typist for the Reich. And by night, she risks her own life as a messenger for the Italian resistance. Against all odds, she has to impart Nazi secrets, smuggle the essential supplies and produce her underground newspaper on her beloved typewriter.

When General Breugal, the German commander, gets suspicious it appears he is going to stop at nothing to locate the mole, and Stella knows that her future might be in jeopardy.

London in 2017. Many years later, Luisa Belmont discovers a mysterious ancient typewriter up in her attic. Luisa, determined to figure out who it belonged to, dives into the past and reveals a story about tale about fierce love, unimaginable sacrifice, and the worst kind of betrayal, ultimately.

“The Berlin Girl” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2020. This is the story of a country right on the brink of war, a woman that puts herself directly in the line of fire, and a world that’s going to be changed forever.

Berlin in 1938. It is the hottest part of summer, and Germany is right on the brink of war. When Georgie Young, a fledgling reporter, gets posted to Berlin, along with Max Spender (a fellow Londoner), she knows they are entering right into the eye of the storm.

Coming to a city swathed in red flags and crawling with Nazis all over the place, Georgie feels helpless, while she sees innocent people getting torn out of their homes. While tensions continue to rise, she realizes that she and Max must act, even if they have to put their own lives on the line.

When she starts to dig deeper, she starts to uncover the horrible truth about Hitler’s Germany. It pulls the pair into a world much darker than she ever could’ve thought.

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7 Responses to “Mandy Robotham”

  1. Sandy Goudreau: 2 weeks ago

    I just finished the Secret Messenger and found it such a thrilling and intricate story! I loved the characters and the twists!
    Thank you so much for your writings!
    Sandy Goudreau

  2. Bonnie: 1 year ago

    Just getting into The Secret Messenger and I hate to put it down. Great historical fiction. I now have a another great author to recommend to my public library patrons who are looking for a great read! Keep them coming!

  3. Janet Flaherty: 2 years ago

    I have read all of your books so far. Giving them 5 out of 5. Just finished “The Resistance Girl”. Loved every minute of it. Really like WWII stories and yours are the best. Thank you for all your research and insights. You do an excellent job as a writer.

  4. navi rednoc: 3 years ago

    Wow! – ‘The German Midwife’ exceptional and a breath of fresh air, if there is such a thing in a country that enacted a Sterilization Law in July 1933, under the Nazis. The opening chapter about childbirth in a camp and the deadly protocol awaiting newborns is both horrifying and stomach-turning. I couldn’t put this book down……powerful reading.

  5. Keith Richards: 3 years ago

    I have only come across Mandy recently but I have already bought and read her four books. When is her next book coming out ?

  6. sandra l williams: 3 years ago

    Just finished Berlin Girl, could hardly put it down. First book I have read of Mandy Robotham looking forward to reading the other books she has written.

  7. Janet Stockdale: 3 years ago

    I have just finished “ the Berlin girl “, it was a great read I couldn’t put it down . I haven’t read any of Mandy Robotham books before but I will read more now .


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