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Apocalypse Z (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Days (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wrath of the Just (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Last Passenger (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Only She Sees (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Manel Loureiro is a Spanish author from Pontevedra, Spain best known for the writing of the survivalist fiction series “Apocalypse Z”. Loureiro went to the University of Santiago de Compostela from where he studied for a law degree. Before he become a full time author, he worked as a lawyer and journalist working for several TV stations in his native Spain. After college, he went on to work on Television de Galicia, where he appeared on screen and worked in directing and writing. In addition to his fiction writing, he still writes for the Spanish edition of GQ Magazine, Cadena SER, World.3, ABC.2 and several local dailies in his hometown of Pontevedra. The popularity of his “Apocalypse Z” series of novels has earned him comparisons with Stephen King, as he has been variously referred to as the Spanish Stephen King by several media outlets including La Voz de Galicia. The first novel of the “Apocalypse Z” series was “Apocalypse Z’ published in 2007 and later followed by two more titles in the series to make for the popular trilogy. The novels not only became commercial successes, but also earned the author critical acclaim form the likes of El Confidencial

Manel Loureiro’s first novel is generally regarded as a horror thriller. It has to be noted that the novel was given birth to in a blog that Loureiro used to pen during his leisure time. The endeavor to publish a series of chapters online became a phenomenon as more than a million people downloaded and read the novel online. With so much success online, Manel decided to publish the novel that immediately rose up the charts to top the bestselling charts. The following novels in the series “Los días oscuros” and “La ira de los justos” translated into “Dark Days” and “Wrath of the Just” have become massive bestsellers in his native Spain and across the world once they were translated. In addition to achieving massive popularity in Europe, Loureiro remains one of the very few authors that have successfully cracked the American market both on digital and paperback platforms. His novels in the “Apocalypse Z” series have been translated into nearly a dozen languages and published in twenty countries in the US and Europe.

“The Apocalypse Z” series of novels by Manel Loureiro is a post-apocalyptic and survivalist novel about a man and his best friend a cat, and the friends they make along the way. The world is crumbling around the lead protagonist after Russia released a devastating virus that killed everyone that came into contact with it. As is often the case with global apocalyptic events, the news media have vague reports that leave more questions than answers with their reporting. The pandemic is spreading like wildfire with people across the globe falling to the debilitating virus. The author writes of a world in which the communication and transportation systems are failing resulting in people doing the unthinkable such as resorting to cannibalism. Meanwhile, the people infected becoming a dull cacophony of stumbling groaning zombies roaming the streets looking for people to kill. What makes these novels so unique is that the lead is driven by the need to always keep on moving even as he knows very little about the world around which he is traveling. He survives purely on his on the job training and instincts that enable him to abandon the familiar home, to try to find a community of survivors in a wild gone to the dogs.

Over the course of the series, the lead teams up with a variety of characters ultimately ending up in a survivalist colony. Manel Laoureior brings in a new twist by introducing a religious angle as the lead and his troop fall into the protection and control of a religious fanatic, who runs a colony composed mainly of escaped convicts. The stories chronicle just how twisted people can be in their religious fervor and racism in an effort to survive. It is a hair-raising trio of stories that culminates in an exciting and explosive finale in the last novel of the series. Unlike many survivalist novels, Loureiro makes his novels different through his exceptional detailing that make for a queasy stomach and agape mouths for his readers. While the lead character is often right, there are many times he does the right thing that gets him into tough situations together with his cat and friends.

“Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the End” the first novel of the Apocalypse Z series opens to a mysterious incident in Russia that is soon forgotten by the media houses. What everyone does not know is that what has happened has the potential to destroy humanity. A virulent virus has infected the dead and brought them back to life threatening modern civilization as we know it. Humanity is on the precipice when a young lawyer that recently lost his wife decides to document what is happening in his world as a form of therapeutic medication. His blog would become the last record of the last days of humanity’s reign on a doomed planet. It looks like this is going to be the end of the world and governments are putting in motion plans to stop mass panic, establish safe havens, and stop the zombie virus. The efforts of the governments prove futile and it is soon every man for himself, as people use their survival instincts to make a last stand against a seemingly unassailable enemy.

“Dark Days” the second novel in the series follows from the events of the first. The lead protagonist his cat and his friends are traveling to the Canary Islands where they have heard that the infection is yet to reach. Alongside him are Cessna Pilot Prit, his sister Cecilia, and Lucia his seventeen year old girlfriend from the end of the first novel. But things go haywire when they arrive in the Islands and into safety, only for Prit to be charged with a crime he is innocent of. It seems that someone is determined to use his best friend to make him go back to the lands full of zombies, where it has been rumored that a fine medicine may be available. His most trusted and closest confidants have betrayed him forcing him to go back to the chaos and melee of the world he left.

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